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I’m getting so many calls lately from people feeling really desperate and obsessing over the one that got away. They drown in the drama and the heartaches acting  like their life depended on this person. They are miserable, angry, depressed, vengeful and negative. They always want to go back to the one who abused them the most. They are in denial of their love addictions. They constantly keep repeating the “what if” scenario. They continue to want to know what this person is doing, who they are with, long after they are clearly gone. I understand where they are coming from and why they are feeling that way. 

 I do not advertise myself as a fairy godmother. Yet people always come to me as a psychic thinking I can wave my magic wand and change their lives into whatever  “paradise,” magical fantasy or anything else than where they are right now. 

I find it disturbing that people expect and project that a “Fortune teller” psychic or anyone else has Godlike powers with which they can  manipulate others to do their bidding. This type of desire is selfish. They want a “curse” removed. They want a spell to take away their “bad luck.” They want to burn a candle to improve their luck or make someone love them.

I consider all of those activities to be unethical, black magic, negative energy and the oldest cheapest form of snake oil sales. That is what gave gypsies and fortune tellers a bad name in the first place. The gullible who want to believe in these hoaxes have plenty of fake “psychics” spell casters” love magic fortune tellers and pseudo-shamans manipulators who serve those who want to manipulate things. 

Guardian Angels Tara Greene

I totally agree with those who think that kind of psychic is fake because it is. People confuse me with  TARA-Medium a total hoax and all the affiliated sites who Phish and promise luck changing. 

You see it is all about the law of attraction and homeopathy. Like attracts like. 

Sorry to disappoint you and smash your illusions.. But no one has the power to MANIPULATE others or change the karma in your life. This is sheer unconscious, superstitious, irresponsible, immature thinking, which is based purely on ego, on the surface and has no depth. Yes everyone wants to be happier and to have love and health and joy in their lives.  But no one can give that to you except you by choosing to change your consciousness and your behaviours. You have the power and the authority. 

It’s so much easier if someone else could change your life isn’t it? The keyword is CHANGE.

Most people feel totally disempowered, and are made to feel that way by  religion, school, and their cultures. Most people are conflicted and cannot think independently and suffer from lack of self-love. 

The real magic is very real and it takes work, dedication, responsibility.  Only you and you alone can change your life.  We each have our own karma and lessons that we need to learn from in our lives.The point is to learn these lessons and grow and move on. 

All of it is experience that we volunteered for.  Life is like a big amusement park. We like the happy rides up,the fast exilerating spins, the tunnel of love and the house of horrors too. Yes it hurts, our hearts break. Sometimes failure is exactly what we need to go through to grow. Suffering, depression, and loss are the path. Death is necessary for life to exist.

See your life as a transpersonal journey. You are not just your ego, job, gender, religion,  identity and bag of bones you may think you are. You are so much more.  

What you resist persists. What you resist is where the real work is. 

This Pisces energy heightens the emotion of all these addictions, delusions, illusions and escapism Also the possibility of Transcendance.

Use this intense Pisces energy with Saturn in Sagittarius bringing down the truth to face your issues head on and not blame others. It’s so easy for the mind to create projections of whatever your own psychological and spiritual wounds are.  

My role as a psychic is to be an intuitive coach and offer therapeutic advice. Therapy means to make whole. I use the magical symbols of the Tarot archetypes, the planets and my clairvoyant abilities to help mirror your own blind spots and to help you seek ways to improve your life. I seek to help you empower yourself.

Call on your Guardian Angels to help you and teach you.  You are much stronger than you think. 

Inspirational Card of the Day

Death, Tarot card reading Tara Greene

Scalpini Medeiaval Deck #13 

How appropriate.

Pisces the last sign, symbolizes Death and rebirth. Saturn is also Death, called the Grim Reaper, doing a Dance Macabre. Death is good, and always symbolizes rebirth, resurrection, change, letting go. This ancient Tarot symbol shows death dancing in a Shiva like pose. The Lord of Destruction is also the Goddess of Birth Shakti.  The heads symbolize the severed ego necessary to transition through death of all types. Surrender what your ego wants into a prayer of allowing the Divine to guide you to the Light of rebirth. 

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5 thoughts on “Allowing, trust, angels,inspiration

  1. I really feel for you Tara. That was the big reason I stopped doing psychic guidance readings. TOO many and for TOO long are stuck on the person from their past. you’d be surprised on how many do not ever get pass it or to even think about letting go.

    Very common, and it’s unfortunate. probably be best to say, yes, the person you’re inquiring about is now very happy and has moved on. etc.

    I have no regret with my decision to leave it behind (psychic reads) it helped me to tune into my own business, and well, that’s the way it should be.

    you can be your own best psychic and without others crowding in inside your brain. lol



  2. You go Tara! Hope you will attract some great and motivated and self-reliant and independent clients soon! Annemarie

    2015-01-30 11:24 GMT+01:00 Tara Greene,Tarot, Astrology, Psychic & everything you need :

    > Tara Greene posted: “I’m getting so many calls > lately from people feeling really desperate and obsessing over the one that > got away. They drown in the drama and the heartaches acting like their > life depended on this person. They are miserable, angry, depressed, > vengeful and “


    • hi Annemarie
      As my name ranks higher on Google I attract a wider audience. Astrologer Jeffrey Wolf Greene- who is no relation, said 90% of the population is in the Herd state. So even though many people are becoming more conscious, many still don’t understand this principle of individuation, as Carl Jung calls it. I have to remain true to my principles in how I offer my work. Some people don’t get it. That’s ok. It was just a heavy week of this kind of energy. Most of my clients are very aware and highly self-motivated people who i have consulted for for over 10 years. Its also all the pressures from the uranus-Pluto squares making people more fearful and panicked and not knowing what it really means for them. I never blame anyone for where they are at in their lives. They simply need to become aware of their own power and responsibility.
      thanks for the well wishes.


  3. So well said Tara. I can so relate to so many people I know who feel so stuck. Who have the brakes clamped on their lives. The liberation in understanding our own dynamics and moving forward is a great gift. The depth of one’s anguish is the depth of one’s joy, peace.
    Being empowered means once you move forward you cannot go back to having the blinkers on. Thank you for your article. A very apt read as always xx


  4. thank you Jo. I wasnt sure how this article would be heard. As an empath I feel for all of my clients.I have to have huge boundaries up when I read for clients who are in terrible financial, relationship and other types of trials. The Venus Pisces energy right now also brings out the i love to be a martyr syndrome. empowerment is always the way I have worked. I would never “do it for you” that would be insulting to me. Thanks for your response.


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