Saudi Arabia, predictions from Tara Greene

King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, the biggest producer in the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, passed away January 22 at age 90. King Abdullah was a U.S. ally who fought al-Qaida and sought to modernize the ultra conservative Muslim kingdom, even nudging open greater opportunities for women.

Kingship in Muslim dynasties tends to pass between brothers. Who should inherit? Ottoman sultans used to solve this problem by murdering their brothers. Not easy if you happen to have 45-odd male siblings, as was the case for the five succeeding sons of Abdel Aziz bin Saud, the founder of Saudi Arabia.  Abdullah is being succeeded by his 79-year-old half-brother, Prince Salman who is 78 and ailing.  A royal decree appointed his youngest surviving brother, Muqrin, born in 1945, as second in line to the throne after the crown prince.

Saudi Arabia is in the midst of crashing oil prices and having to confront Iran as well as fighting against Muslim extremists allying itself with the U.S. and other countries. The 2nd largest Arabic country, 30% of the world’s oil supplies originate here as well as the most beautiful horses.

So lets look at The Astrology Chart of Saudi Arabia. 

Saudi Arabia astrology Tara Greene

Chart for founding of Modern Kingdom Saudi Arabia

S.A.’s Sun is at the 29th degree of Virgo, the “most critical” of critical signs. Virgo rules the harvest, analysis, perfection, organization. With Mercury and the South Node also conjunct in Virgo, it appears their heritage is of  perfect duty and  wise decision-making. Virgo is the 6th sign, and the 2nd earth sign, traditionally relates to  practical resources, health, animals and certain Arabic countries according to Rex Bills. Virgo governs Baghdad, Assyria,  Turkey, and Los Angeles, Brazil and Jerusalem, Israel. 

Of course one of the richest oil-producing countries in the world would have a prominent Neptune, which it does. It’s in Virgo conjunct Jupiter [ expansive} in its 3rd house of communications. Jupiter also rules religion and Neptune spirituality which shows the importance of keeping a deeply traditional religious culture. 

Moon at 27 degrees Gemini in the 12th house is conjunct to the Pole Star. Everything revolves around Saudi. Even if its true sensitive,home connected emotions are well hidden. It has secret activities and powers in the world. 

The Moon symbolizes mother, women, intuition and feelings which are kept very removed from sight. Women are limited and restricted, they are the dirty secret. The Moon is literally in a harem, sequestered away but unconsciously the source, no matter how repressed. 

A Cancer Ascendant @ 2 degrees from the United States Sun at 13 degrees, shows why the two countries have collaborated.  Pluto at 23 degrees Cancer in the 1st house makes it a rich and powerful country, with power being held in very tight control. 

 Pluto is opposite Saturn in Capricorn Retrograde at 28 degrees in the 7th house of all “others”   indicating a very strict Patriarchal history. Pluto and Saturn are in a Cardinal T-square to Uranus at 22 degrees of Aries in the 10th house of worldly fame. Very interesting. Saudi Arabia was born with the kind of energy that is being re-formed now. Uranus symbolizing revolution, freedom, independence, new technologies, electricity, higher thought. No wonder it has been more forward thinking. 

Venus is at the 15th, the most powerful degree of Leo in the 2nd house of resources. Yes royalty, big wealth, we are Kings.

Mars is in early Leo in the 1st house of self-identity. Like their flag, this shows they are a nation of fighters, militant, macho, always on the defensive. The country identifies as feeling divinely empowered.  Mars is conjunct Pluto and opposing Saturn. This is a very heavy, conservative Plutocracy, Oligarchy, heavy-handed, controlling place.

Chiron at 28 degrees Taurus is conjunct the 7 weeping sisters, and I have taken the symbols of Astrology literally lately and they work! Women weep behind the curtains because they are disempowered.

The North Node or highest spiritual goal is in Pisces,ruler of oil, illusion, delusion, debt, spirituality in the 9th house of foreigners, higher education, freedom, religious tolerance, teachers.  Saudi must aim to be more inclusive. Pisces is the sign of Oneness.

2015 and beyond

Saudi Arabia is being transformed by Uranus and Pluto on its Ascendant/Descendant squared by Uranus now. A new identity and way of relating to the world is occurring.  

Saudi will have its Uranus Return which only happens once very 84 years. It starts in October 2015 and becomes more powerful in 2016. It is a harbinger of rebirth, revolution, freedom, big changes, new technology, innovation, breaking with the founding of the country.They may be much bloodshed. I see it as fundamentalists vs. liberation.There will be reformation, fomentation.

Uranus will be squaring the country’s Pluto in 2016. This will really rock the boat. Uranus is in for power plays, espionage, attack. 

Chiron, the wounded healer comet is conjunct to Saudi’s North Node this year. They will be feeling vulnerable, insecure, adapting to survival mode. This only happens once every 50 years.

Jupiter will enter Virgo on Aug 11 and will conjunct Neptune Jupiter south Node and Mercury by the end of 2015 and into 2016. Jupiter expands, but it can also be too much of a good thing. Jupiter symbolizes foreigners, justice, education, honesty. Saudi may have to diversify its products and change the way it communicates.

Saturn in Sagittarius will be squaring Neptune and Jupiter in 2015 which is Saudi’s fortunes. Neptune rules debt, even though they have been made super rich by America using its’ oil, they may have blown it all. 

Saturn will Retrograde back to 28 degrees during the summer of 2015 and be directly opposite Chiron in Taurus. This falls in the 5th house  indicated definite limits on self- expression. Chiron/Saturn is wounds of the father, so there may be huge infighting. Saturn will enter the 6th house of lean times, hard work and discipline. 

Neptune is almost now opposed to the natal chart at 8 degree s of Virgo from the 9th to the 3rd houses. Neptune rules oil and the 50% drop in oil prices in the last 6 months is almost unheard of. The party may be over! Neptune rules debt and illusion. You’d think they would have shored up some dollars for a rainy day. But you know how often it rains in the desert. 

Saturn will be opposing the countries Natal Moon in 2017 which indicates tough times and a sense of retreating or having hidden agendas in the world, of being like the Hermit.  

What do you think?

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17 thoughts on “Saudi Arabia, predictions from Tara Greene

  1. did you know that your links – Starseeds comes up with a musical group and “not of this earth” brings up Robbie Robertson – is that intentional or just an error?4


  2. The Saudi Arab King????? you have any idea what a corrupt dictator he is?

    women are beheaded for driving without a Burka

    I don’t know why you choose him, but he makes me sick, he was a horrible dictator.

    you don’t need a astro chart to explain that do you?


    • hi MArie
      I wasn’t talking about the King I am talking about the Country and what I see happening to the country which concerns us here i the next few years.. Yes it is corrupt as are most world governments.. Yes it is horrible for women. they have sharia law. Well he was more of an ally then an enemy. We used him, they use us. A two way street. I am just telling like it is.


      • They will continue with their Sharia Law under a new Arab Leader.

        They are behind most terrorists attacks. They’ve been accused of funding the gov’t of Gaza “Hamas” and funded ISIS with weapons to oust the Assad Regime of Syria.

        Their primary goal has always been to destroy Israel and it’s people.

        I would not call The King or his country Saudi Arabia an Ally


      • Yes, they were ushered out after the 9/11. 18 out of the 20 men that flew the airplanes into the towers were Arabs. so yeah, that would make sense to usher them out quickly.


  3. I wasn’t sure where to post a new message to you, Tara, so hope you don’t mind my posting here:

    Have you ever done (or could you prepare) an astrological reading on Madeleine McCann, the little girl that disappeared on a family holiday in Portugal?
    Personally, I’m in the camp of those who believe that the parents are responsible for, and directly involved in, her death because that was my gut reaction on watching their first (weird) speech to camera outside the holiday villa.
    They have made a lot of money off the back of their child’s ‘disappearance’ and have received high-profile protection, for some reason (?). Seeing as you cite 2015 as the year of Justice and exposure of secrets, I truly hope the truth of this case is revealed and Madeleine is given her rightful justice.
    Your insights would be appreciated.


      • I also would love to hear about this case too. however, I’m in the camp that believes it was not the parents. How did the parents make a lot of money off of her disappearance? makes no sense really to even think that. you think they plan for her to be kidnapped and make tons of money from the News Media?

        If this is the year for justice and exposure of secrets (I thought 2014 was all about justice/truth) then I’ll be looking forward to that, and seeing the likes of Donald Trump fall off the earth.


  4. Hi Marie,

    Thanks for your input.

    I didn’t say I believed the parents had kidnapped her.
    I had a psychic revelation, which I didn’t wholly trust at the time, but which was vindicated by a report from a nationally trusted source shortly after. I’d rather not comment further until we hear what Tara reveals astrologically. However, to address your query about the money, the parents have been lavishly funded by the public purse and that is widely documented.

    This case aside, I think the world is waking up to corruption at the highest levels and within organisations we have been indoctrinated to trust, so naivete in these matters is becoming less of an excuse. I believe we have a responsibility to be informed, open-minded and to question.


    • Thanks Plutus for clarifying your thoughts on the disappearance of the little girl. Yes, I do recall the public funded their purse looking for the suspect and I think because the case ran cold, and European police are not exactly on the up and up. Sloppy investigations, mishandling of paper work, and not following through.

      I still do not feel it’s the parents in this case. There have been other cases such as Casey Anthony, where I knew the Mother was guilty. another case, a South Carolina woman claimed she was car-jacked with her two small toddlers left in the backseat and the car was later found at the bottom of a lake. during her dramatic speech before the public, I knew immediately she was lying and killed her kids.

      In this case, I am sensing that Madeline was abducted by a couple and was sold to a children’s porno ring. This eerie couple followed the family for days and snatched her.

      Recall the little girl with last name “Benet” a Princess who starred in Beauty pageants? she was abducted by a man who was a family friend, and it was not the parents.

      The first people the police look at are the immediate family members…

      I would be interested in hearing your vision. psychics do see things differently and we don’t all rhyme or sing the same tune.

      Blessings, Marie


  5. Hi Marie,

    Although I am not familiar with the cases you mention, you make some very valid points, and while none of the eventualities is a happy one, let’s hope your instincts are correct so that the parents are vindicated.

    The loss of a child is devastating enough without the added burden that, as parents, you are suspected to be implicated in the loss.

    I am certainly not confident enough to describe myself as a ‘Psychic’ but I do get psychic flashes, guidance and (more commonly) predictive dreams from time-to-time. In this instance, I replicated an inspired action that I took in the case of missing Sara Payne (another British girl whose mother created worldwide media attention on her daughter’s disappearance some years ago). The rather cryptic answer I received proved to be alarmingly accurate once the case was resolved, so I decided to follow the same protocol in Madeline’s disappearance but this time felt less confident in my result. That is, until I later discovered that an investigative procedure that had been undertaken with scant or nil media coverage had produced the same result. It was something of which I had had no knowledge at the time and, indeed, I suspect, that most people today are unaware.

    I would not dismiss the idea of the involvement of a child porn ring since these are prevalent and, certainly now in the UK, are coming to light in the media. The big issue and question are the identities of the people behind these rings, which, if linked to the UK alleged, would explain why a big cover up and diversion in this case would be necessary. (Smoke and mirrors). It would also explain why Britain’s top detectives who – perhaps, unlike their European counterparts, whose competence I am not equipped to comment on – are wizards at solving the most difficult criminal cases, have become notably ineffectual.

    Poor Madeline! However you perceive it, she is a pawn (excuse the pun) in someone’s depraved game.

    Once Tara has posted her chart, I will reveal my ‘result’, which doesn’t directly implicate the parents but makes it highly probable that they are, at the very least, involved. For me, this isn’t about my being right or wrong. It’s pure curiosity about the fate of a missing child that is in danger of fading into historical oblivion without justifiable resolution.


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