Super consciousness Mercury Retrograde, Re-imagine

A Mercury Retrograde in Aquarius starts today Jan 21- Feb 11..

Re-imagine everything!

This is a super consciousness re-wiring of our minds to imagine a new collective Higher Hive Mind . re-imagining a future with equality, freedom and co-operation. With many wishes hopes and dreams for all. That is the old 11th sign/house meaning. Rx is a good thing.

It will be exceptionally strong. Be forewarned. Especially for all you AIR SIGNS- GEMINI, LIBRA and AQUARIUS. Aquarius rules the Net so especially major hacking time!!!

LEO’s at the opposition also get particularly nailed. As do the other Fixed signs- Taurus and Scorpio.

 Everyone feels the Mercury Retrograde of course. Capricorn and Pisces being the next signs to Aquarius, may tend to feel it in subtler ways. It would be good to keep track of that. Of course Capricorn’s, like my husband says.”now don’t go making a crutch of this.”  He was born on a Mercury Retrograde so for him and all of you Mercury Retrograders, these times are most beneficial for you.


If you are born during a Mercury Retrograde and 33% of the population is. You are in your Zone during Mercury Retrrogrades. So make the most of it. Don’t know if you were born that way?  Get your astrology read:


Aquarius Retrograde Tara Greene

Leonora Cannington La Maja del Tarot

 Pisces peeps are under Saturn and Neptune’s beams anyways now.

Caught between a dream and a hard place. Hey I like the sound of that.

With the Sun in Aquarius, on an Aquarius SUPER MOON, a New moon with Venus there too, and the next New Moon at the last degree of Aquarius on Feb, 18 this super charges everything!

In the Air sign of Aquarius, Mercury is swifter, faster, in his home element. So the damage, the winds, the tornadoes and lightning bolts are much stronger.

Yes Aquarius’s symbol is water/ like electrical energy, lightning bolts. So imagine that we are having lightning  being hurled by Thor or Zeus or the Higher Beings to us mere mortals down here on earth. Yes I know Zeus/Thor is Jupiter. 

I can already feel Mercury Retro. Can you? shall we start a tales of Mercury Retrograde thing?

I sent an e-transfer to someone – she says it totally disappeared!

Trying to connect with someone on Skype-we both can’t find the add contact button which also seems to have disappeared! 

A client was here, and left his beautiful Borsellino hat. He had to come back for it.

Do all the Re- things. Like Relationships… Re Re re resepct!

Review, recalculate, rest, return, relegate, renovate, reality, restless, reputation, reckless, recycle, rehab, regulate, resist, relish, rectify, rebellion, reduce, refute, remember, renege, reopen, repeal, require, resuscitate, retaliate, rewind, retribution, revolution,rework,  resist, repeat, peat, peat. 

This will be a very heady mercury Retrograde as it is all about communications, the mind, analysis.

Rethink… old revolutions, changes and big shifts in perspective will come up.

Mercury sextiles Uranus, Aquarius’s ruling planet on Jan 27/28 to give you some super brilliant resolutions.

Mercury sextiles Saturn in Sagittarius Feb. 5 

this brings reviews of all things related to education, justice, who told the truth?

foreign relations, travel, history, philosophy, freedom, airlines, animal rights, and more.

MEDITATE on the powers of the Collective consciousness

We are all one big collective MIND HIVE.

Feel your interconnection with all others. 

This Retrograde allows us to reintegrate all the changes that have gone on during the last Uranus-Pluto squares, and the eclipses. We must revision where the collective is going.

Please share widely.

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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– Ya gotta do the Moon walk 

I love you like a love song baby- Selena Gomez 

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