Leo Moon, quincunxes three, sexy Universe

The after bath of a Full Cancer Moon…

The Moon is on fire now in Regal LEOas of Jan 6. Time to wear purple, be courageous and act ROYAL. The Lion moon makes a nice Trine to Saturn in early Sagittarius which is  beneficial to all Fire signs. More strength available to us. 

Then there’s a couple of oppositions to Mercury and Venus which are playing tag with each other in Aquarius right now.  Communications from the heart, with will and courage will flow easily under this type of energy unless you get caught in betwixt.  

Moon will quincunx Neptune in Pisces later  about NOW

so it may be back to the drawing boards to tweak the missed details.

Jan 7 three quincunx’s in a day or Fractured Fairytales 

fractured fairy tales Tara Greene

Sounds like a fractured fairy tale, The Leo Moon and three qunicunx’s.  Leo’s child like innocence loves Fairy Tales, so see your life from a fabled perspective, It is a story after all.

LEO MOON TRINES URANUS in the wee hours

Hearts swell with pride about the revolution but expect odd bumps in the romance department and perhaps tires uninflating.

Quincunx #1  from Moon to Pluto in Capricorn,

Ego’s and ambition need to be watched carefully.

Quincunx #2 Leo Moon to Chiron in Pisces

open your heart wider to those in need

Quincunx # 3 LEO Moon to the Capricorn Sun

they are obstacles in the way and more hurdles to jump

But then Moon conjuncts JUPITER 9:07 pm PST Over the MOON. 

Jan 8 EST at 12:07 am 

This is boisterous, big hearted,boost your ego, take some risks, applause applause for your gifts.

Moon opposes Mars in late Aquarius at 12:05 pm EST then goes void of course

Torn apart emotionally? A fiery time of upheaval, dancing up a storm, boasting, energized. break away from the pack, quirky. We’ll never be royals.

BTW: MARS enters peaceful PISCES on JAN 12. Prepare to go behind the scenes. 


sexy universe Tara Greene astrology

Sexxi Universe card I found at Austin Coppock site

THE WORLD or Universe card again

The cards want us to pay attention to what we are finished with or need to complete now.

Been ‘dere done ‘dat, ready to move on. Its 2015 already.

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