Grand Cardinal Cross Karmic Cancer Full Moon

The first Full Moon of 2015 is in Cancer @ 14 + degrees on Jan 4 @ 8:53 pm PST/ 11:p3 pm EST/ Jan 5 @ 4:53 am GMT

The Full Moon in any sign, is a time of completion and fulfillment, the high tides of the emotional and reproductive cycle. Every Full Moon symbolizes and physically activates that the ripe ovum is ready and waiting to be fertilized. That is why all Full Moons make people act crazy. The sign of Cancer, ruled by the Moon, signifies the womb, the primal waters where we developed from cells. Cancer Full Moons create high tides in the oceans and in our emotional bodies.  

Cancer Full Moon 2015 Tara Greene

The 4th house of  Cancer is literally our home, where we live, any time in our lives. Cancer Full Moons connect us to our physical mothers, families and the nurturing, parenting, cooking, or care taking we do for family, friends and others. 

Cancer, the 4th sign is similar to the root chakra, as it marks the roots of all astrology charts. This is the most private part of ourselves, deep unconscious memories,tied to our intuition and dreams.

During this Cardinal Cross Cancer Full Moon we need to become aware of what sustains and nurtures us. How safe do we really feel?

Connect to the Great Mother Moon Goddess

We can connect at this time of the great changes to  feeling  safe in the womb of the Great Mother, and know that we are nurtured, taken care of and loved unconditionally.Call her Diana, Selene, Artemis, Hekate, Yemaya, Arianhod, Chang-O, Isis, Ixchel, or Kwan Yin.

The earth is the symbol of the Goddess Mother Ceres and she is placed exactly on the Galactic Center, connecting us to the great womb, our cosmic home where all souls entered this earth plane. To the Ancient Egyptians The Milky Way was the Goddess’s milk of kindness spilt out to remind us that we are always being nurtured, that source will always provide.


Uranus and Pluto are moving into exactly squaring the nodes which adds more stimulus to the collective to release, let go and to resolve our ancient core karmic patterns. We can make huge karmic leaps forwards now.

The Capricorn Sun and the Moon are at that power point  15th degrees.  Sun is conjunct to Pluto, Lord of Death and the underworld at 13+ degrees Capricorn. Moon in Cancer and Sun are squared by Uranus in Aries at 12+ degrees conjunct to the South Node at 14 degrees Aries and squared also by the North Node at 14+ degrees LIBRA. 

The Lunar Nodes are very very powerful gateways. These points causes eclipses. They are the masters of change. Traditionally the North Node was called the Dragon’s Head, {Rahu} and the South Node {Ketu} the Dragon’s tail.

The North Node symbolizes our highest spiritual goal, a brand new frontier. The South Node is the place of least resistance, our genetic heritage, past lives,what we need to release in order to grow.

dragons Astrology Tara Greene

The Sun is conjunct to Vesta, Asteroid Goddess of the sacred Kundalini Fire, the ancient High Priestesses who honored sacred sexuality at 17 degrees Capricorn. Vesta brings in the Feminine balance to the Sun in Capricorn, transfiguring the Source, the Light within through our dedication to our passions, and highest goals in body and soul. 

The North Node in Libra is drawing us to the idea of equality in relationships, peace, balance, partnerships and beauty. The South Node in Aries is where we need to let go of aggression, war, me first, impulsiveness, and competitiveness, the consumption age, the old masculine Patriarchal archetypes. Aries is the Age of the creation of the Jewish Old Testament. 

This Cancer Full Moon is a precursor for the next 2 weeks of intensively releasing the past and aligning with new actions, directions and intentions.  

Pluto squares the Nodal Axis exactly, January 15 @ 13 degrees 39 minutes. Uranus conjuncts the South Node exactly on January 20 @ 12 degrees 56 minutes of Aries.  These are very critical degrees themselves in Astrology and close to the degrees of the April 2014 Grand Cardinal Cross.

Breathe in and release

We must breathe in through the Dragon’s Head, through Libra’s fresh air, new ideas, egalitarian ideals and ways of communicating. We need to imagine equality and balance between men and women, new ways to co-operate in all areas. We need to reform the ineqalities in the Justice system.

We must  breathe out and release from the South Node, the martial, Aries, masculine, dominator model. We need to stop destroying our environment through over consumption and greed. We need to stop acting isolated from each other and ourselves. We can use the positives atributes of Aries, courage, daring and energy for initiating positive change. 

Look at where the Full Moon and the Lunar Nodes fall in your own astrology chart for instructions on where we need to let go and have courage in ARIES. Where we are open to receive and nurture your feelings in CANCER. Where we need to improve diplomacy, listening, teamwork, and  balance in Libra. Where we need to take responsibility in the world, our careers and in our highest goals in Capricorn.  


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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