New Year 2015 sneak Peak

I am posting the year 2015 birth chart. It can be used as the birth chart of the entire year ahead. 


2015 Astrology Tara Greene


With SUN conjunct Pluto opposing the Midheaven at 10+ degrees Cancer in Times Square in New York.The midheaven will not be in aspect any other place.

Sun Pluto conjunction is Super powerful.The two indicate the Light of the SOUL joining into the source. The dark unconscious and the Light of creation work together. Sun and Pluto are squaring Uranus in Aries. This is more of the same energies continuing until we “get it.”   The planets which symbolize Evolutionary,  collective higher consciousness are square to the Nodes of the Moon.

The North Node is our highest directions, goals and aspirations at 15 + degrees Libra, and the South Node – the past, our unconscious instincts at 15+ degrees Aries is what needs to be released, Uranus is assisting with that. North Node in Libra helps us discern the truth, weigh the positives and negatives, stay balanced.


There is more of an impulsive, fiery spark,needing to learn to integrate with a majority of practical grounded earthy elements.There is way less emotional element to deal with and less intellectualizing and analyzing than in 2014.

The MOON, MARS JUPITER and SATURN bound up in Fixed Grand Cross

The MOON is the mood of the people, the emotional response reflex. She is at 23 Taurus which is obstinate, earthy, seeking stability, beauty, practical comforts, can be lazy.

The Moon is trining Venus and Mercury in Capricorn indicating a strong year for Feminine feelings, practical intuition and ordered thinking. That is good.

The Sabian Symbol for the MOON at 24 degrees is ” An Indian Warrior riding fiercely, human scalps hanging from his belt.  I think this is self-explanatory. Yes there will be lots of Terrorism, vendettas and revenge going on.

Mars Jupiter and the Moon are in an out of sign “Fixed” grand square to Saturn at zero degrees Sagittarius. Saturn is karma and in Sagittarius this is KARMIC JUSTICE. The year 2015 reduces to the number 8 which is called Justice in the Tarot. 

Yes there will be much lobbying, legal matters, court cases, protests to overturn laws, and individuals taking it upon themselves to be the law. We will see more vigilante actions,like the man who killed the two policeman in New York recently. Anarchy is another word for it.

Mars in Aquarius is a very fast acting energy of CHANGE and technological innovation. I think of lightning bolts of energy zapping our minds with higher consciousness, group minded thinking, and freedom. There will be protests, more revolution and anger against old limiting structures of all kinds from various groups perspectives..

Mars rules the sign of Aries, so its placement governs Uranus in Aries and Uranus rules Aquarius. The two planets are in mutual reception. Changes will be lightning fast and can irrevocably break from past cultural norms.

MARS is opposite a Retrograde Jupiter in Leo. This is a major opposition showing war against those in power and the people. Jupiter Retro in Leo is the big kahuna, be it a corporation, a supreme leader, or excess in general in retreat, against the onslaught of the masses. 

Saturn is conjunct Asteroid Athena Goddess of War,

and civil justice again repeating the theme of legal issues and Justice. These two are square to planet Neptune at 5 degrees of Pisces and to Black Moon Lilith at 3+degrees of VIRGO, the T-square is not indicated on the chart. This bespeaks a very loud clamour from the DARK FEMININE,not a witch, she is the repressed and feared part of the Woman. She is the root of womens’s sexuality,and what all men fear in women’s strength. The women have the power to reject men. 

Lilith opposite Neptune

is bringing out the distorted way that women have been portrayed by men,as sex objects, as projections, and scapegoats of mens’ own desires and inability to harness and disciplining their own sexuality.This distortion is appearing in the news loud and clear as women declaring that they have been raped and abused and that these claims will be taken seriously.

Saturn square Neptune STAY SOBER

Neptune rules Hollywood and everyone’s addictions, lies and fakery which will be challenged by the hard cold reality of Saturn. Hollywood itself will be going through major challenges.

Bring your dreams down to earth. This planetary combo dissolves people’s versions of reality, justice and legal rights. Clearing the veils of projection and romantic illusions will be huge this year. Being sober and telling the truth will be very important. Addictions and debt will be major issues. Lower oil prices helps the economy move ahead. Honoring the elders will also be integrated. 

 Saturn is maturity and patience structure and reality. Saturn Square Neptune is the REALITY SHOW for religions, which could see major changes in faith.

 Individuals will be listening to their own inner visions, wisdom and truth rather than outside authorities. 

VENUS is conjunct Mercury in Capricorn. Love, values and communications are grounded, goal oriented, and practical. If we take this chart as the chart of the year, Love and the economy will be corporate focussed, career oriented, more mature, conservative, less wild and ostentatious. 

The North Node is in quincunx to CHIRON in Pisces. We must be aware that all of our actions come from a place of unconditional love,  compassion and forgiveness.

The 7th and final exact Pluto Uranus square occurs March 16/17 this will be the awakening of the Crown chakra, place of illumination and enlightenment.

People get ready for an amazing awesome intense year. It will feel  lighter and more passionate. We are moving up in consciousness levels very quickly.  Stay focused on your long term goals, Tell the truth.


All writing is copyright of Tara GREENE

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