Have a Happy Festivus, Saturn is in Sagittarius


Saturn is now in Sagittarius,

We are not buying gifts at Wall Mart or Toy’s R US,

We are going to eat, bitch and be contrarious,

Then wrestle till the household head is pinned victorius,

It will be mucho glorius.

Hey I will tell you the storyous.

Birthed from a virgin episode of Seinfeld called “The Strike,” Frank Costanza, actor Jerry Stiller, Ben’s father in real life, George’s dad in the show, tells Kramer that Festivus is  a non-commercial way to opt out of Christmas and for those who are non-Christian to celebrate in their own way.

We did Festivus last year, and Christmas and Hanukkah and Tibetan Buddhist, pagan and indigenous ceremonies. We love festivities.

Fetsivus Celebration Tara Greene Toronto

Celebrating Festivus in 2013

Especially with Saturn in Sagittarius. HA HA HA everyone. Festivus sounds like it is a mnemonic for this rare planetary event. It only happens once every 29 years.  Festivus seems like a very Saturnian event. Its is humbug like. People shout each other down.  Rant and bitch at each other and wrestle. Saturn always likes to be the boss.  Read the how to’s and tell me what you think.


In the episode, the tradition of Festivus begins with an aluminum pole. Dan O’Keefe was the creator of the original practice.  During Festivus, the pole is displayed unadorned. According to George Castanza’s father, “I find tinsel distracting.” Be creative, we lit our Festius pole up last year, in photo above. Make up your own Festivus pole dances.


The on-air meal was shown to be some sort of MEATLOAF and spaghetti with red sauce. The original holiday dinner in the O’Keefe household featured turkey or ham followed by a Pepperidge Farm cake decorated with M & M’s candy. In the TV episode, no alcohol is served at dinner.  I’ll leave that to your discretion. Feel free to improvise. I doubt Gordon Ramsay will be dropping in on you.

The Airing of Grievances or the Bitching Match

The celebration of Festivus begins with the “Airing of Grievances” or the bitching match which takes place immediately after the Festivus dinner has been served. Each person must bitch at the others, and the world about how they have been let down, victimized and disappointed in the past year.  Airing your grievance is healthier than holding them in where they Fester, That’s another Holiday. Festerus.


After the meal,The Feats of Strength are the final tradition observed. The head of the household selects one person  and challenges that person to a wrestling match.  Tradition states that Festivus is not over until the head of the household is pinned in a wrestling match.  Failing to pin the head of the household results in Festivus continuing until such requirement is met. It can go on and on if you wish!

In a CNN segment on the origins of Festivus, Dan O’Keefe spoke about the real-life origins of Festivus. O’Keefe’s father, who originated some of the now-recognized Festivus traditions, used a clock, not an aluminum pole. O’Keefe told CNN: “The real symbol of the holiday was a clock that my dad put in a bag and nailed to the wall every year…I don’t know why, I don’t know what it means, he would never tell me. He would always say, ‘That’s not for you to know.

Interesting that SATURN is FATHER TIME represented by a clock, which was bagged and nailed to a wall in a form of masked crucifixion or some other twisted rite.

What do you think?



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