Bill Cosby horoscope of a sexual predator

UPDATE to the original article that was first published in November of 2014

Bill Cosby has as of December 30 2015 has three felony charges of aggravated indecent assault in the case,which is tied to a 2004 accusation in Montgomery County Pennsylvania. There will be a preliminary hearing January 14 2016 under a Mercury Retrograde.  Venus is in Sagittarius and she will tell the truth in court. 

Transitting Uranus is crossing Bill Ascendant in Aries, squaring his Sun in Cancer and opposing his Jupiter in Capricorn in his 10th house of worldly fame. Pluto the planet of the shadow is opposite his natal Sun and moving through his fame house. Pluto will also move up to square his Ascendant or mask. He may face years in jail if he is accused. 

Bill Cosby, 77,  has been one of American favorite comedian’s for 50 years. He became the first Afro-American to co-star in a series-I SPY in 1965. In his heyday 1985-1989 THE COSBY SHOW was the nations most popular TV show, where Bill played an affluent Afro-American Dad. He pioneered many programes for TV and continues to perform and tour doing stand up. Cosby has been married to his wife Camille for 50 years and had five children.

Unless you’ve been Rip Van Winkle for the last few weeks you know that sexual abuse and rape allegations against Crosby have become the daily norm. Over forty women and counting have recently  come forward telling their stories,some of which happened 40 years ago.  Over the years, there have been 20 allegations and one cited payoff to a woman who was his lover. Cosby’s upcoming TV shows have been cancelled in the wake of these allegations and his image tarnished. Cosby refuses to answer anything about these allegations. Although many still support his image and his word so far.

We do live in a misogynist culture. It has been a huge PR campaign that began over 5,000 years ago. In the Old Testament Genesis tells of the historical take over of the primal Goddess mother religion,to the outlandish Patriarchal religions which split humans from  logic, from nature, and created a dominator male role model culture.

The women accusing Cosby’s statute of limitations are over. They cannot take him to court over them. Women are consistently put on trial as the perpetrators of rape, the men being the “helpless victims to women’s beauty and seductiveness.”  That is why Muslim women are forced to wear burkas and Jewish orthodox women cover up and shave their heads. Genital mutilation is part of this too.

Lets look at Bill’s star chart  as a stellar lie- detector.

Bill Cosby astrology Tara Greene

 Bill is an emotionally sensitive soft-hearted  Cancerian, who is all about Family. With the Sun in the house of the natural Moon, the 4th house, the most private, feminine, nurturing, emotionally insecure, sentimental place. This is the mother/child,  relationship house.  Any family secrets are here.

Cosby has a very powerful SUN MERCURY PLUTO conjunction in the 4th which trines his Powerful MARS IN SCORPIO in the 7th house . 

This means his Self, the Sun, is deeply immersed in the waters of his emotions, moods and feelings and his mind- Mercury- what he communicates, how he thinks is bound up  and inseparable to his soul- Pluto, his Unconscious, his shadow side, his need to be in control, secretive, in power. Contacts between the Sun and Pluto creates a Light/Dark contrast. This would describe a very sexually intense man with  an obsessive personality, which is kept quiet, hush-hush. He is also strongly mother dominated.

Cosby has newly discovered Centaur NESSUS in his first house at the 29 “critical Degree” of Aries and it is square to PLUTO in Cancer. All the Centaurs symbolize, half human, half animal aspects of our psyches. Nessus in the Greek myths had sex with Heracles wife, and Heracles killed him for this but  Nessus also killed , Chiron and Phollus another centaur. The long and the short of this is, this centaur is involved with circumstances surrounding rape, sexual abuse, etc. This centaur in contact with Pluto in CANCER indicates deep unconscious drives related to the mother or women in general.

The three planets are opposite Jupiter and Athena Asteroid of the Patriarchal warrior Goddess in Capricorn in his 10th house of Worldly fame. Jupiter expands whatever it contacts. His identity is to be a hugely successful businessman with a lot of worldly influence  and communicate about his childhood, which is what made him famous. Fame and power is a means to get his deeply obsessive desires met.  

Bill has a JUPITER URANUS NEPTUNE MOON GRAND TRINE an easy balance of all these planets.Cosby has an even balance of elements in his chart.

Moon is conjunct NEPTUNE in earthy hard-working perfectionist VIRGO.

Moon Neptune conjunctions are people who are addictive personalities, martyrs or deceptive players. They are also very creative dreamers, imaginative, chameleons, spiritual, have addictions, delusions. They are actors and shape-shifters. This combo also brings denial of their moods, feelings erecting smoke-screens around themselves. Moon and Neptune are squared by VENUS in GEMINI in the 2nd house. This brings an added addiction to women and a huge mind/body split, a sense of needing women as a resource.

Bill has an Aries Ascendant; he is a high energy, fiery  persona, very strong-willed independent, entrepreneurial, ever young. Bill is an aggressive, competitive personality. A fighter, defensive, a warrior. 

MARs the planets of men and sex, rules his Ascendant and is in SCORPIO, the other sign Mars rules. So the sex drive is very strong in Bill. His MARS in the 7th house of marriage traditionally indicates that Bill is always feeling aroused to  “others.”

Bill has URANUS planet of  freedom, and lovers of the unusual, in Taurus, sign of the body, opposite his Mars in his first house of Self. This indicates Bill has eccentric sex drives, he cannot contain himself, he is erratic, chaotic, sensual and run by his animal instincts.

SATURN is the planet of the father, karma, is in the 12th house in Aries. Saturn in Aries, slows down the impulsive nature. The 12th is the sign of past karmic deeds,  house of self-undoing, criminal behaviour, spirituality, delusion, addictions,  the shadow, and unconsciousness. Bill has past life unconscious memories of being a warrior, a powerful, authority, who could do and get whatever he wanted.This is driving him unconsciously.  Bill’s father was away in the Armed Forces when he was young. Saturn squares Bill’s IC and MC his career and home axis. He has karmic drives to success.

Saturn also squares his CHIRON at 26 degrees conjunct the POLE STAR. I know you are thinking of POLE DANCING. People with contacts to this point usually have great fame. But for Cosby this is also his karmic Achille’s heal. Saturn in Aries is the sign of THE PATRIARCH. The father who feels empowered, entitled, owns and controls everything-this could be his downfall.

Cosby’s SOUTH NODE is in GEMINI in the 2nd house. This symbolizes his past life inclinations. Gemini is charming, immature, curious, irresponsible, childlike, communicators, magicians. These are his resources and what he can most easily fall back on.

The NORTH NODE his highest spiritual goal is in SAGITTARIUS in the 8th house of sexuality, shared resources, money, power, transformation, death and rebirth. Sagittarius is the teacher, philosopher, and tells the truth.  THESE NODES square Cosby’s MOON NEPTUNE conjunction in 6th house in Virgo. There is a Karmic indicator here. Bill is ruled by his unconscious feelings, his addictions to perfection, to his image. He needs to learn to TELL IT LIKE IT IS.

Bill has LILITH opposite his natal VENUS in Gemini. He definitely has some intimacy problems in spite of being a very sensitive emotional family man. Lilith to Venus is in square to CERES the dwarf-planet of the Great Mother. Bill has the PATRIARCHAL MOTHER-WHORE SPLIT in spades. He may be totally unconscious of this.


September 20 1984 was when Bill Cosby’s greatest hit show premiered. Saturn was at 13 degrees of Scorpio and he has just experienced the Saturn return to this point earlier this year. Pluto was at 25 degrees Scorpio, where Saturn is now. There is karma accrued for what was laid down then. Saturn was at 7 degrees of Pisces, close to where Neptune is now.


The reason the rape accusations are coming out in the media so strongly now? Three guesses.Three words.

GRAND CARDINAL CROSS – Pluto is on his MID-HEAVEN his highest career and place in the world. Pluto will crash and burn anyone’s career as the secrets come out. Uranus is square to the MC-IC axis. – chaos, revolution, unexpected, explosion.

Chiron the wounded healer, now  in Pisces is opposing his MOON NEPTUNE CONJUNCTION in Virgo and is squaring his NORTH and South Nodes- the ancient wounds, unconscious, addictions, karmic vulnerability. Bill’s health could suffer from this.

Neptune has been stationary in Pisces and in square to his Venus in Gemini- delusions and addictions to women.

Saturn has crossed his Mars in Scorpio in the last few months bringing the sexual allegation out into the open. 

The Solar Eclipse of October 23 was at zero degrees of Scorpio exactly on Cosby’s LILLITH

The revealing Light of what was in the dark denied. LILITH’s energy for Cosby is coming shrieking out into the public.

I cannot say for sure that Cosby has done these things.It sure feels that way to me. What do you think?

Please share widely.

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene



30 thoughts on “Bill Cosby horoscope of a sexual predator

  1. you’re entitled to your opinions Tara, but do you really believe that he is guilty of raping several women over the course of three decades?

    What I do not like, is how the media continues to put him on trial and the audience is the jury. This is very dangerous for anyone being accused of committing a crime.

    you are innocent until proven guilty. period. I do not appreciate you or media pundits by putting him on trial and without any real evidence other than women claiming they were raped by a famous comedian BUT then they claimed after they were raped and drugged, they continued to see Bill as a lover and for several years.

    now does that really sound like rape?

    The astro chart does not even show him to be a bad person but quite the opposite.

    Something is seriously wrong with our judicial system, and the hordes of media pundits, pounced all over these allegations only to set Bill Cosby up for interviews by putting him on trial through the media.

    it’s really sick…

    I do not know if Bill is innocent or guilty, but I will reserve my thoughts and feelings and give this man a chance to come forward and prove his innocence. However, and hopefully with a lawyer and not say a word to anyone because what he says can and will be misconstrued.



  2. I was skeptical at first, and did wonder why certain women continued to have a rapport, however professional, with him, until I read that they were threatened with an end to their career – Remember that Bill C was a powerful man at the time.

    Moreover, among the women who have come out are several who would have no reason to make up an accusation (such as Janice Dickinson and Cala Ferrigno) – unfortunately, in this kind of he said-she said against a powerful person, it helps for the victim to have a certain amount of credibiilty, which really shouldn’t even be the case.


    • Many people are starving for attention and will do anything to get it,that is true. Bill Cosby certainly has had much fame fortune and power and I am sure he has used women to his own advantage. Yes men do think of sex constantly. It is a biological necessity. Then there is the sexual hypocrisy of modern America, that is another story. The point is that men cannot abuse women sexually it is not their “god given right.” Women shouldn’t allow themselves to be used sexually. Women’ rights need to be in the media and sexual rebalancing is in effect hopefully.


  3. hi Marie,
    yes of course on is innocent until proven guilty. DEMOCRACY which is already in a very wounded state these days needs to uphold that
    If these women were long term girlfriends of his, I am sure he can also be a charismatic, kind person, he is a powerful, star and the power of a rich, famous person usually allows them to continue abusing others because they have such power and others like to bask in their orbits. Also he was cheating on his wife anyways while portraying the perfect papa. Ok its just a role and actors are not their roles. We are supposed to be able to discern fantasy and reality. Which is something =Moon conjunct Neptune, which happens to be very powerful in Bill Cosby’s chart anyway.
    The media is incredibly powerful these days. I am not putting Bill on trial. I don’t have the power to do that. But popular opinion can and does sway people.
    I never said Bill Cosby was an evil man or that I felt certain that he had done these things.. I strive for objective analysis. If this wasn’t Bill Cosby I would be saying the same things about this person with this specific chart.
    The media is very aware of anyone saying racist or sexist things these days. which is ultimately a very good thing,Racism sexiasm is a form of bullying of course. The fact that public awareness is being raised around these issues is very positive

    Cosby’s story is similar to, but not the same as the Jian Ghomeshi case where there has been justifiable proof from his bosses sufficient enough to fire him.
    I simply see this as women’s rites being given their proper due.


    • I was going add earlier on powerful rich men who positioned themselves to get what they want, they need to be bullies by being a sexist or a form of male chauvinism. The truth here, is that men are always thinking of sex, and every five minutes.

      Charm is what men use whether you are famous or not to lure a woman onto HIS Territory.

      Hollywood men such as famous actors, producers, directors, etc. and most if not close to all of them, do try to take advantage of women with promises of endless movie contracts, etc.

      it’s a typical ploy to keep a women in line with hopeful fantasies. okay, some of those women that have come out are not familiar, but were teenagers or in their early twenties when these incidents occurred. Have you noticed, except for one women, have not reached their ideal goal of becoming an actor, or even close to being successful?

      One of those women with a last name Dickinson was a high paid model during the sixties and seventies, and she is well known for hopping from bed to bed. so when she came out with her recent allegations, I thought I was going to barf.

      I am not saying I don’t believe them, but I am saying why now? Barbara Bowman appears to be a very angry and I hope she is feeling the justice she is getting now through the media, because she will never see justice in the formal sense (through the court system)

      The media can be your best friend or your worst nightmare.

      yes, I know of his fleeting affairs over the years, which never surprise me much, since this is Hollywood. Everybody sleeps with someone’s else s husband or wife.

      yes, it’s that bad..

      I think we may continue to see more women within the entertainment industry come out against other movie stars. not just Bill Cosby.

      I understand women need to feel vindicated …. but going through the media is not the way to go. and after 3 decades, I don’t think so. and I think it will backfire on Barbara Bowman..


      • Even if there is not court justice in Bill Cosby’s case. From an Astrology perspective the Grand Cardinal Cross energy on his highest career peak makes sense as to why its happening now for him. I think the media is a great place to do it. How else is your message going to be heard? These women are also risking their own reputations by revealing this shameful trauma. They didn’t report it because of their inherent powerlessness. Because this is a rape culture. With modern tech everyone is always under surveillance so everyone must be way more conscious of their actions. Say the wrong thing or do something which others don’t approve of and wham- Its instant KARMA! I think its great. It is democracy- we the people.


      • Marie, the media is the most open democratic tool we have, Yes it is also full of haters. But where else do you think these women who have legitimate cases that haven’t been heard have resource to go? History shows the women themselves are put on trial. If they indeed have been sexually abused, drugged and raped. How do you think they feel? Why would they come out and put themselves in a bad light as well in naming Bill Cosby or Jian Ghomeshi or any other man? Yes the media will make your or break you these days. No one would want to lie about such a thing unless people are so desperate for their moments of fame that they would sink to that level. And the culture surrounding that is also to blame.
        So we need to feel who is being honest. People need to be able to trust their own feelings about what is being said. Cosby has a history of fooling around with other women, he paid one off. These cases have been around for years. The women cant get money to compensate at this point.
        It isn’t for me even so much about if it’s Bill Cosby or Jian Ghomeshi per se. It is about women’s rights to speak out about being sexually abused, about having the world understand and empathize with women’s plight of being and feeling powerless,about not being heard, about being shamed, helpless, and with no sense of justice for a crime committed against them. Men have taken advantage of women and will continue to do abuse them sexually as long as their is consensus.


      • you make it sound as if these women are telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth. History will show that all women do not tell the truth. Using the media as a Trial, a Judge and a jury is just plain wrong because Bill can’t defend himself.

        what makes you think those women that cry rape and then spent the following years hanging around with him hoping to make it big in the entertainment industry because they were held by chains by day and forced to give a blow job at night????

        Barbara Bowman is a classic example. she was 17, claimed to have been raped, and then spent years as his protege. He had her set up in an apartment with a complete wardrobe. like she had no will to do anything back then. where the heck were her parents? did she not have an agent. oh please, give me a break.

        you claim you never wrote that Bill was evil. I even stated it does not show eviliness in his chart, and yet your reader are reading in his chart you drew up shows him to be obsessive and evil in the sense he must have done it.

        Now YOU and your readers are using a chart that can be and often is interpreted by the Reader who is you. that IS very dangerous to paint someone as evil or as a sociopath.

        one of his victims claimed his wife Camille was in the house at the time he raped her. I don’t know whether to laugh at that or not, but that is really sick.

        come on now, you know as well as I do, something in incredibly off and fishy with those allegations. Bill is most likely very guilty but you keep missing my point by pointing out where else can these very poor women go to tell their story???

        seriously, they are coming out in droves, because they know they won’t be questioned by a judge and a jury, and the media as stupid as they are, will jump on any chance to be the next big story of the year.

        The media are known to lie and exaggerate the truth. The media whores are not your friend.



      • hi MArie
        I never called Cosby a sociopath. You say he may be guilty, then what is the problem? Its still a freedom of speech democracy here and the technological tools enable each individual voice to be heard and stronger than ever. It is just the way it is. We should be very grateful that we have such powerful democratic tools. Yes this freedom also allows a lot of “nutbars” and haters and delusional people to have their say as well. So it is. I do not hate Cosby. Each person must decide what to think. Not everyone is telling the truth and some may be lying.
        I don’t think these allegations are fishy at all. You seem to be extremely defensive about this entire issue. Which to me is totally relevant to all women even if they have never been sexuallyviolated which is very rare. I think as i said they are OF THE TIMES because the importance is the thought dialogue and awareness of the mysogynist culture we live in. Cosby won’t be the last man to be accused this way. I wish he was. Yes the media is a total whore one way or another. Everyone has the right to say what they want.


      • My entire family are lawyers. lol, and no I’m not at all defensive; I see what this is all about. The media whores are trying to set up Bill Cosby to admit his part, and wham, he will be arrested. That is what this is all about. No Judge, No Jury, and the outcome would not be good at all.

        The point here, these women have stuck to a party line, and no one has come up with details at all, and no evidence. You can’t just accuse someone verbally in court without hard evidence. It’s no different if you know someone stole your watch, but unless you catch them in the act, the suspect will get away with it. Which is why no one filed charges, because there wasn’t any evidence, and kinda odd they just continued to have sex with him.

        Just today, and is laughable, because this elderly man who now has dementia, stated that he brought in “Models” for Bill to have some fun. and while he is having some fun, he stood as a guard making sure all goes well for Bill.

        Now does that sound like Rape? no it’s not… women have thrown themselves at him, and he can get any body he wants, and for him to drugged a young girl to have sex just does not make any sense at all. why would he want to have sex with someone who is comatose?

        Also, you did say he was evil and one of your readers suggested sociopath. so there you are, everyone will read into a situation as they see fit.

        Women are passive=aggressive and can be just as bad as an aggressive man. Women can be sneaky, passive liars and scornful.

        What I said was , he is most likely guilty, and I am not at all defending him. again, you keep missing the point, that the media is not a court system, and yet, you see it as a democratic tool to vent your rage, and on TV.

        If and When the day comes Tara, and I hope if never happens, but God forbid, what if you were accused of a crime and yet you were really innocent? AND why you have a judicial system, and you have the right to remain “silent” and anything said, can and will be held against you in the court of law.

        yes, Tara, women do lie, and women have been known to make up a story, just to get even.

        Barbara Bowman is not being truthful. There is something incredibly off with her story, and I personally don’t buy it. It never had anything to do with money. she could have sued him in Civil court as the evidence is lower in a Civil court.

        She hung around him for years after that, and was really his lover.



      • No the media is not a court system that is self evident. Why are we even having this discussion? Of course women can lie and do all amount of evil things as well. Yes judicial court systems of court uphold some honouring of truth. Not always either. Whether Bill Cosby is guilty or not, maybe this never goes to court, my point still is that the PATRIARCHY is needing to fess up and pay for its actions and prevailing culture sexual violations for all women. These are the times for this for better and for worse. If innocent people are being falsely accused then wont the truth out? Freedom to speak your mind is freedom.


      • Tara, you really think if people are accused falsely, the truth will bear itself out?? would not say that after 40 years in jail, and not until evidence of a DNA will free you.

        Yes,Tara, people are convicted wrongly,especially BLACK people and happens far more than you think.

        Sick and tired of Media journalists who think they have answers with blazing headlines. Astro charts do not and can not show you who is evil, sociopaths and whatever. Astro charts can only provide guidelines. having a condition such as OCD (obsessive compulsive disorder) can’t specify in an Astro chart.

        one more time. I am not saying Bill is innocent or even guilty. but he’s most likely guilty. He is a man, and this is a Man’s world, and always will be. Women should and do a better job of calling out the male sexist pig, and do not fall for stupid phoney lines of promises.

        There are plenty of women out there that use their beauty to get ahead in this world and if sexual liaison is what it will take, then so be it. I’ve known a few actors back in the ’70’s era, and one being my friend Dina, said quote unquote. I will sleep with any director, producer so I can get a part in a film. she got a small role in the movie “Shampoo” with Warren Beatty, and did a few commercials. that was it. she never got very far.

        Goldie Hawn as we know her from Laugh=in TV comedy show, wrote in her autobiography, that plenty of men made sexual advances on her, but she refused and stood her ground. Plenty of Hollywood women have plenty of tales to share, and some are pretty ugly.

        Men can be stupid when it comes to their “penis”. all logic,and rational thinking goes out the door. So this is where men can and often do get into trouble. whatever.

        Men are wolves who wear sheep’s clothing to get what they want, and mostly SEX.

        Back in High school, my daughter took a sex education class, and was learnt that Boys think of sex every five minutes. think about that Tara..

        Yes, it’s time women started to fight back..but how? Through the media? I guess there is no other avenue for women to speak out?

        Barbara Bowman should have filed in a Civil court, but did Barbara Bowman do that? nope she did not and none of the others have either.


  4. Where else on the web can you find topical and comprehensive astrological analysis like this? Bravo. Too many women have come forward with the same ‘he drugged me and abused me’ account for there to be no truth to any of their allegations. Thanks Tara for providing insight into the man’s drives. One of which was the drive to self-destruction.


    • thanks Kendra. The story is of course the irony of the myth of the “perfect father” or perfect “normal family” which Cosby was most famous for which is also being destroyed. People who become famous end up living archetypal lives. If Bill Cosby was promoting the ideal dad, well that is a good thing especially as so many fathers are absent in poor black cultures. I see where that positive archetype lives in his natal chart. But if he was then going around and abusing women then there is a big problem with that whatever else he was doing. The role of perfect dad and the real women abuser and Bill Cosby is showing us the shadow side of the masculine whether he did these acts or not. I sympathize with any women who have been raped, I went through it myself. Some people want to cherish the “ideal” of the role Bill Cosby played and can’t separate the Illusion from the reality which is also a symptom of what is wrong in America these days. That will soon be corrected when SATURN the archetype of the Father enters the sign of Higher Justice Sagittarius.


  5. Tara, thanks for your courage and for helping women everywhere with your strong voice. I think every time we speak the truth, it makes it easier for others to come to terms with what they have experienced. The sharing will create a tipping point such that violence against women will become a rarity. I have experienced an attempted rape, and another instance of sexual abuse in an unsecured college dorm.


  6. With transiting Saturn opposing Cosby’s Natal moon over the next two years, he is not off the hook as of yet. Woman and the public wil not so easily forgive under these transits. After that, Pluto wil oppose his Sun and Saturn will oppose his Cancer planets. Mr Cosby’s image may never be the same. When PLuto opposses his Sun, he may not even live long enough to experience the shame of havng fallen from grace


  7. Thank God many people are defending Bill Cosby. There is no Evidence–just numbers. Well, lynch mobs have numbers too. I was raped in1970 by a black businessman, whom I probably would have slept with. He didn’t have to rape me. I immediately went to the Police–LAPD–and was laughed at. I did not let it traumatize me. It was his problem+his Karma. I did not give my powere away. These women were cowards. They did not go to the Police+file a reort. They thought only of their careers–which is why they were with him in the first place! We will never know. Heather


    • True but who has it in for Bill Cosby? He was once the most beloved father figure on TV for years. He is simple playing out revealing the archetypal shadow. Sexual abuse,the power of the male over any female is OVER, done And now men have to pay for their wrongdoings. Cosby is merely playing a role. These women are not lying. He has a lot of money and power that he has hid behind. He will go to trial and I believe he will be sent to jail. Thanks for your input.


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