BLURRED LINES, other songs,Astrology by Tara Greene

Nov 19 Libra Moon squares Mars in Capricorn – more Grand Cardinal Cross stress!

Libra Moon sextiles Jupiter @ 6:25 am PST this is a big I GOTTA FEELING feeling

 then MOON goes VOID OF COURSE all day.

Try to chill its been very intense.

It’s easy in Toronto its Friggin too cold already- -6 Celsius around 18 degrees Fahrenheit. 

Moon enters SCORPIO @ 9:31 pm PDT /Nov 20 @ 12:31 am EDT – A CASE OF YOU

Pre-programme some dreams as Moon trines Neptune early in the day


Venus Neptune square Tara Greene astrology

This is a soft edge day after the hard-edged reality of SATURN SUN combo of 2 days ago.

ROMANTIC Idealistic, blurry, foggy.

But this also heightens escapist, addictive tendencies. Can be delusional, suicidal especially with Scorpio dark energies.

It’s also a fatal fantasy, tantric sex,under a Scorpio moon and with SUN @ 29 degrees, the “critical degree” virtually it will still be heavy but romantic.

You may want to just stay in bed and dream. THE LAZY DAY by Bruno Mars…and you may be force to, especially if you are in Buffalo which was inundated with a huge snow storm.

VENUS is the planet of human love and NEPTUNE the planet of Higher spiritual, soul mate love aspecting each other.

Listen to the famous JONI MITCHELL SONG A Case of You, -see link below

It’s Extremely inspirational and creative which can be healing in itself.


DO watch favourite films, reminisce over photos,

It’s hugely creative and ARTISTIC -imaginative, make gifts, dream,

MEDITATE.  YOU know how to do this.

Be careful about any drug use today, Rx or otherwise, alcohol. Your judgement isn’t clear. 

later nov 20 Moon sextiles PLUTO and quincunxes Uranus and Trines chiron

It’s quirky, chaotic, easy to feel wounded and empathetic.

We’re approaching the Sagittarius New Moon on Nov 22 

will write separately.

Friday is complex with Sun and Moon in Scorpio

a preview of SATURN leaving Scoprio for awhile this year and into 2015.

Please share widely

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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CASE OF YOU- Joni Mitchell- 

The Lazy song- Bruno Mars – 





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