Mercury in Scorpio Deja Vu Astrology

Mercury in Scorpio 2014 

Re-write of a 2012 and a 2013 article

November 8, 2014 Mercury Re-enters SCORPIO again  for the 2nd time this year

We haven’t finished scraping the bottom of those deep sexual secrets about power and control. The cycle began September 27. Mercury went Retro at 2+ degrees Scorpio October 4 , backed into Libra and went direct October 25 at 16+ degrees Libra.

Mercury will finally move ahead of the Retro point Nov. 10 staying in Scorpio until November 27 which is American Thanksgiving. Hallelujah.

Which houses and cusps does SCORPIO cover in your chart? Which planets and aspects do these degrees trigger? The 8th house Scorpio’s naturally is really the soul mate house, opposite the 2nd house of personal values and resources.  

All of the water houses relate to spirit as emotions/water is  the karmic glue that draws, seduces us to it and surrounds us from the womb, 4th house- Cancer, to 8th house wet intimacy to 12th house of spirit Pisces.

M in S is about transformation in the way we communicate our intimacy issues, what and how we reveal to ourselves and others. The October 23 ZERO degree Scorpio Solar Eclipse also stirring up  a carnal cauldron filled with dirty intimate sexual secrets. 

While the Messenger is in the natural 8th house, everyone is wearing x-ray specs,and they can see through all the lies.


Mercury in Scorpio is the sign of hidden secrets, psychology, intuition, rich business, James Bond, Freud and Jung’s territory.  

Mercury is the MAGICIAN  in the Tarot – thoughts are magic, communication is an illusion.

SCORPIO is DEATH – rebirth, transformation- put those two images together in your mind.

How do you like this intense roller coaster ride to magically change consciousness and emotions?

Deep patterns of obsessive thinking can be broken now.  Open the big TABOO PANDORA’s forbidden box of secrets, to heal.

The underworld, or HELL is where we’re at.  The world of PSYCHE which means SOUL.

The SCORPIO Mercury Retrograde had us all spread our legs open so that everyone can see what you’ve been hiding. Mainly so you can see. It can be dirty, nasty, business.

Have you been raped? Scorpio is Pluto’s home, he raped Persephone into the Underworld to awaken her sexually. Use this time to help heal the pain, if you’ve never told anyone, this is the time to let the secret  shame out.  Tell the police. Release your victimized stance, your fear, get  therapeutic help.

Where have we have all been whores one way or another selling our souls for money, to be liked, to gain power over others. This also covers your wallet, your financial entanglements, too. Sex and money are interchangeable issues.

The Jian Gomeshi sex violence scandal is totally part of this energy uncovering who was complicit, but the good part is it is all bursting out into the open like a putrid wound.

Have sexually or emotionally hurt another? This is the best time to make amends to  others. You need to be scrupulously honest and also to forgive yourself.  Make a list, meditate and send prayers and light to those you have hurt.

SEXUAL CLEANSING to release shame

Also women carry sexual imprints from men they have had sex with who didn’t love and honor them. It would be good to cleanse and release all stuck emotional bonds from those people who have put sexual hooks into you.  Most women are unaware of the traces left inside them. That energy really holds your LIGHT back.

Women if you want to clear up your old relationships issues, this is the prerequisite to do so.  I can’t restate this enough. I did it myself before I started my relationship with my 2nd husband. I knew instinctively that to change this relationship we had to both do this together. That’s a whole other workshop.


Mercury will TRINE NEPTUNE Nov. 11

A remembrance day to remember. Very inspiring healing deep peace and altruistic.

Mercury sextile Pluto Nov. 16

Nice power talks

Mercury quincunx Uranus Nov 17

Struggle of deep forces for change and revolutionary minds to understand each other

Mercury Trine Chiron in Pisces Nov 17

Deep healing from sexual abuse

Mercury Sextile Mars Nov 21

Power and control issues can be resolved

Mercury square Jupiter in LEO Nov 22 on a Zero degree Sagittarius New Moon

Secret power cabals may be outted big time. Pride comes before the fall. The collective “gets it” and lobbies for big change against the powers that be.

Mercury conjunct Saturn Nov 25

SERIOUS thinking, Major long-term commitments made on this day. Reserved, changes in laws around dying with dignity. Much death, could be from flooding.

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