Robert Pattinson “map to the stars” Astrology Tara Greene

I have been thinking about Robert Pattinson lately. We have been sharing the same old grey damp autumn smoggy Toronto air of late.  I like Robert Pattinson.  I hated the Twilight books and endured the movies because of my teenage daughter. I have written about his astrology. He has been in Toronto a lot filming with David Cronenberg on a number of films.  I feel sorry for him, he is a sensitive, so much a non star kind of person at heart, shy. 


Maximilian Bühn, CC BY-SA 4.0

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So a quickie about Robert as I just heard his film was cancelled. I also knew of someone else who’s young son had gotten a major role in this movie and now- poof gone. VERY URANIAN I call it.

November 3 the film ” Idol’s Eye” that he and veteran actor Robert DeNiro were going to co-star in has been abruptly canceled due to bad planning and lack of financing. WTF? 

So a quick peek at Robert’s Maps TO THE STARS  his Astrology birth chart that is

Robert Pattinson Astrology Tara Greene

Robert Pattinson astrology chart

Where do I start? Robert’s current “map to the stars” is littered with really tough transits.

The October 8 Total Lunar Eclipse  @ 15 degrees ARIES  

fell smack dab in his 10th house of WORLDLY Career and fame. BOOM. LUNAR ECLIPSES change the unconscious, feelings, and collective unconscious for up to a year.

Of course this is also square to his Ascendant at 14 degrees Cancer –

which is the position of the U.S. Sun and the STAR SIRIUS

usually people with planets, Ascendant etc can achieve fame and recognition in the U.S.

this puts stress on his persona, image, how he projects himself, as an actor especially he is sensitive, feminine, needs emotional  security.

This is square to his Descendant at 14 degrees Capricorn- his house of “marriage” and all “others.”

ch ch ch change happening here too. This has been going on for over a year what with those Grand Cardinal crosses that he is right in the crosshairs of. Rob and millions of others…except that he  has  millions of dollars to buffer the pain with. 

Robert still has PLUTO opposite his natal Moon at 10 + degrees Cancer

RELATIONSHIPS will continue to be crazy, chaotic, all about  letting go, dying and rebirth. If he was really a Vampire this wouldn’t be an issue at all. But given that he is just a mortal man, and all of this is happening in his 12th house of unconsciousness, it can be very spiritual, but also has elements of self-undoing.  We shall see just what Robert’s own shadows drag out into the daylight.

If he has been doing his inner work, therapy or been more honest and real with himself then things will smooth over. Plus this does have to do with his relationship to the huge FEMALE collective unconscious hold on his every move.

Uranus will also affect his Moon on December 14 at the 6th CARDINAL CROSS exactitude. He will most definitely move. Maybe HOME-back to merry olde England that is, his  Moon. He is apparently very close to his mother and sisters. He is needing an independent rebellious woman who can free him up emotionally.

Part of him needs to hide out and feel safe and have a low profile. He needs nurturing and mom and comfort food, and warm wooly socks and security and kindness and care.

The more recent Partial Solar eclipse of Oct 23 at zero degrees of Scorpio is exactly conjunct to his SOUTH NODE at 29 degrees+ Libra. A very karmic relationship degree BTW. More blazingly in the dark shadows coming to light energy for Robert. Nothing is as it seems. 

Saturn has just opposed his SUN in his 5th house of LOVE AFFAIRS.

He is ready to get more serious and to be taken seriously. He is feeling more mature and ready to settle down.   He is starting a new 7 year cycle in his career.

JUPITER in LEO WILL SQUARE his TAURUS SUN from the 3rd house

This puts the energy on the upscale. Many new travels, adventures, starring roles, starring role opportunities. He wil be feeling happier than he has been. He may be wanting to create something himself, helm a project, music, build something…

Mars at 5 degrees Capricorn Retrograde in his natal chart is exactly ramming by transit of Mars

in his 6th house of work. Mars is war, destruction, aggression. Boom. on the day the announcement comes.

MARS & Pluto meet on November 10 at 11+ degrees Capricorn right opposite his MOON

I would say the energy has already hit him through this cancellation. He will be driven with intense desire, and must be careful this is a dangerous transit to him emotionally. It falls close to his Ascendant but in his 12th house. He actually must be very conscious and mindful of where he is. Danger of attack, accidents, something happening to someone he loves, especially a female. Sudden ending to a career project.

Chiron at 13 degrees in Pisces is also very close to his Mid heaven -his highest career point

He is feeling vulnerable, wounded, self-conscious. He cries easily and in private. If he can take that energy and find a film role- Pisces rules Hollywood and the film industry, that he can totally drown in, transform himself through with a movie which is about transcendence and spirituality that could really elevate his career.

Rob has Jupiter in Pisces in his 10th house of career. He is a natural chameleon, Pisces rules Hollywood and illusions. Jupiter in Pisces is very spiritual and humble and in his 10th house he is naturally destined for creative success in the world. Chiron will conjunct this in 2015- can be difficult in terms of career and feeling “naked on the world’s stage.”

Chiron is also exactly square to his Natal CHIRON IN GEMINI in the 12th house

He must be carefull of people taking advantage of him as well now. His ability to focus clearly is off. This transit only occurs every 12.5- 13 years. 

CHIRON will conjunct natal Jupiter in Pisces in his career house and square his VENUS- women, love, money in 2015

This could be a time of vulnerability, disillusion, dreaming, creativity, spiritually turning within, renouncing the world, delusion, addictions, avoidance.

Chiron in Pisces makes us feel vulnerable to all the world’s pain. Robert may start a charity and work at a  project to bring to light a plight of the helpless, or a spiritually uplifting cause. That would be a very positive use of this energy. Otherwise we can be drowning in self-pity and tend to drink or drug to much to avoid the pain.

If you are in Rob’s age group these transits- except for his Moon will be affecting you too.

This energy means that Love can be deceiving, disillusioning or he is determined to find his totally soul mate merge.  He needs a compassionate, old fashioned woman who is strong in her femininity, just like MOM.

He has Venus in Gemini in the 12th

He has a dual nature- Angel one minute devil the next. He is immature in love and a deeply private person. He has a hate love affair with his own success and what money brings.

It also means being attracted to two timing women. He has a split in his own psyche. He has Chiron conjunct Venus  opposite Uranus – love is a mine field. He adores strong independent, individualistic Amazon warrior women.  Robert will have to wait till he is more mature before really settling down.

SATURN RETROGRADE and first Saturn return November 2015 opposite LILITH

Yes that is when Rob will be ready to get serious about his work to be taken seriously and to be in a serious relationship again. Saturn Retrograde in his 6th house in Sagittarius. He is karmically connected to every person he works with. Difficult issues with authorities, his father, masculinity. He will pursue women who are of different nationalities or backgrounds. He like exotic women. He loves to travel, he want to know understand and learn. 

Saturn opposite his LILITH

He needs a very powerful sexually intense woman. Someone who doesnt need him, who isn’t charmed or phased by his fame  money or power. He will fall for a darkly alluring voluptuous woman, who owns her own self, who is her own woman, who will be owned by no man. She has her own sense of herself.  

Lilith square Ceres in his natal chart

His natal CERES the great mother at 4 degrees Virgo is conjunct the fixed star archangel Gabriel. Neptune has transitted in opposition to this point all year. He is projecting his MOM stuff onto women. It would be good for him to also do his own shadow work around women. He has a classic split between the Mother and the whore. You know good girls don’t do….

NEPTUNE will also square his Natal Saturn at his 1st Return

This can be extremely spiritually gratfying and expanding. Dream come true or hard knocks to getting that soul mate making his dreams come true. What’s real and what is an illusion? Is the main question.

Where does FKA TWIGS fit in here? well we’ll just have to do a synastry chart on them now won’t we? 


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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16 thoughts on “Robert Pattinson “map to the stars” Astrology Tara Greene

  1. I enjoyed your reading on Robert Pattinson I have a question Robert was crazy about Kristin Stewart before they ever met, I remember one of your comments a few months ago stating your thought that they might marry in 2015 did something happen to change that? I believe in astrology I also believe they are soul mates from a former life. Kristen is strong mined women and can take good care of Robert now that she has matured please reply as I believe your writings love to you Tara On Nov 4, 2014 2:06 AM, “Tara Greene,Tarot, Astrology, Psychic & everything you need” wrote:

    > Tara Greene posted: “I have been thinking about > Robert Pattinson lately. We have been sharing the same old grey damp autumn > smoggy Toronto air of late. I like Robert Pattinson. I hated the Twilight > books and endured the movies because of my teenage daughter. I have written > “


    • hi Arlene
      Yes Robert was apparently attracted to Kristen and that is why he tried out for Twilight apparently.Sounds like total projection to me. I actually was using Kristen Stewart’s incorrect birth time and never got back to re-writing it.
      Robert has been going through the Big Cardinal Crosses like everyone else in the world and Kristen cheating on him was part of that for him. Being a Jupiter in Pisces kind of forgiving guy and a martyr he took her back but he is also a stubborn Taurus with Venus and Chiron in Gemini, he is also a guy who wants it/doesnt want it. He tends to hurt himself in love. Kristen was just mirroring his own inner doubts in spite of his Jupiter in Pisces infatuation with her. I think he was also caught in his own role playing with Kristen and when the fantasy roles ended so did they. Rob is maturing now, slowly. They will never get back together. Kristen is a bit of a lost soul herself. Sorry to disappoint all of you kids who also got caught in this huge archetypal projection fantasy but life changes and so do people. They were both too young and fame is a huge illusion.


  2. Thanks for answering my question. The thing is it is so c III nfusing. Many thongs you write are contradictory. Like one aspect means one thing and the other the complete opposite. And he will experience them at the same time? Confusing to be honest. Hard to understand. All o got from it it is all doom and gloom for him and for next seven years too.
    All right, before you do that natal chart on him and twigs III gs, What is your immersion? Can this be a serious relationship? Or just a temporary transitional one? What’s your feel about it? Is twigs really the predator using rob as everybody claims?


    • hi Kate,
      astrology is the study of the planets and stars as they move in their cosmic cycles and like everything else, that energy can be used or felt positively or negatively. That is why it may seem contradictory to you. Modern Astrology is more concerned with Humanistic, more psychological and less about “fate” or written in stone predictions.
      I also work intuitively, Robert looks happier than he did with Kristen Stewart, remember he is a big chamelon and a psychic sponge with Jupiter in PIsces. He looks more relaxed with himself.
      I know that she has received many negative racist remarks from die hard Twilight fans. I dont think she is using him. It takes two to tango. I saw her video on Jimmy Fallon she is Bjorkish, she was intereting but not that original. she is a dancer, her singing voice wasnt very strong. I glanced at their charts. She is an earthy Capricorn and there are some strong contacts. The truth will come out at Rob’s Saturn return that will be a make it or break it time for them


      • I see .Thanks. and when is that Saturn return which is so important as you say?
        And one more question-does me being a scorpio have anything to do with this interest with astrology? Even if I don’t understand it fully and find it mysterious?


      • Hi Kate
        the return of the planet Saturn to the exact degree that is was when each individual was born, literally is a rebirth, becoming a complete adult. Saturn rules everything in the physical world, reality, structure, the bones, maturity, career, time, obstacles, testing, limitations, the father. Saturn takes approximately 28-29.5 years to make this complete circuit. Our bodies cells rejuvenate every 7 years in harmony with these cycles. So it is a time of maturity and getting serious with one’s life. Saturn rules long term commitments, like a marriage, and indicates that one is indeed a grown up. It can also be a time of hard times as we struggle to find our identities in the world separate from our parents and culture.
        Scorpio’s do like to understand things on deeper levels and love to do research as well. Scorpio’s love mysteries and being mysterious too. It’s not necessarily because you are a Scorpio that you are interested with Astrology. The sign of Aquarius is the sign associated with Astrology actually.
        As we move into the Age of Aquarius, no one can define exactly when it starts, Astrology is becoming more of a wide spread interest for people. Aquarius also rules the Internet and all the techy stuff that we use in our lives now. Astrology was the original religion and science. As far as we have records of now, and I know we will soon discover much more ancient knowledge of astrology, it is 12,000 years old and has been used in India as an unbroken source of knowledge since then.
        Astrology is the map to the stars and of the stars


  3. I’m dying to see the Rob & Twigs synastry chart! I know their astrological signs are a pretty good match buy still, I can’t wait to see what you have to tell.

    I’m surprised you haven’t mentioned FKA Twigs till the end of this astrological chart, as she seems to be an important part of his life now when his movie has been cancelled all of a sudden. There’re many people saying Rob&Twigs relationship is a PR stunt but I seriously doubt it as I don’t think he is willing to get involved in something like that.

    I’m also intrigued by your statement “Kristen is a lost soul”. I’m thinking the same since long ago but currently she seems to have found some happiness and stability, maybe she has found her real sexual orientation? I’d love you could enlighten us about this too!


    • hi Gema
      I dont think Rob is the kind of guy to get manipulated by a PR stunt. I am surprised that the legions of Twilight fans won’t let go of the fantasy
      though. That is all about Neptune in Pisces though. There is way more to any relationship than the basic compatability of their sun signs, way way more.
      Kristen is now going to do her own thing and make films. I know there is a bunch of you readers who like that star scopes that I do.
      I am currently finishing up my 2015 predictions, so you may have to be patient.
      Thanks TARA


      • Thanks for your answer! I’ll do my best to be patient. Definitely it will be worth.

        Anyway I hope you can keep working in Rob/FKA Twigs synastry chart. As a good gemini, I’m curious.

        By the looks of all the pics and video that are surfacing, since he’s attending most of her concerts in USA, they look really in love and confortable with each other. I don’t remember seeing Robert this happy when he was with Kristen.


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