Feeling the sexual healing, astrology


there’s been a little quincunx to Mercury in Libra  after midnight

small arguments and things out of sorts in our dreams and our realities.  Don’t fret my friends it will change..

But who wants to wake up from such sweet Lucid dreams with a Pisces Moon trine Saturn in Scorpio?

then the Moon is VOID OF COUrSe @  1:05 am PST/4:05 1m EST


VENUS in Scorpio trines CHIRON in Pisces

Venus Pisces astrology Tara


yes which releases us from bondage, secrets, shame, and potentially resolves many an old relationship issues that have been  plagueing us.

There is great healing power and deep compassion for oneself ,especially those from sexual and violent abuse under this energy. Cry as much as you need to that  is very cleansing.

Venus in Scorpio is working overtime cleansing and revealing the pain and getting to the  bottom of deep sexual traumatic wounds. She is a healing balm for sexual abuse.

Note the Jian Gomeshi scandale as part of the secrets will out healing energy. Women admit to being violently abused and find solace and strength in being able to have solidarity with other women around this and media and official acceptance and to feel cleansed of their shame.  

I want to make public that I had a psychic flash November 2 that Jian Gomeshi will commit suicide from his misdeeds and his job loss and public turning on him.He is too proud to face the charges.


art astrology Tara Greene tarot

ATTIREMENT of the Bride Max Ernst 1940

Trying to leave that old beleaguered job,  relationship, or power struggle?

Some major unexpected  chaos is thrown in the mix – for better or worse? It’ll be hard to tell.

VENUS in Scorpio covers herself in mystery and uses her smoldering sexuality  to hypnotize her prey like a cobra.

The independent defenses to resist whatever nefarious manipulations are huge now this is good.

RESISTANCE IS POWERFUL!  November 5 is soon, GUY FAWKES day in the U.S.  V for Vendetta

It’s like that energy.

MOON ENTERS ARIES @ 10:53 am PST for some BAZINGA!

Bright eyed, full of energy and independence, loving the smell of napalm in the morning.


power to the corporations and picking up the pieces from crashes mishaps and misunderstandings

ARIES MOON SQUARES MARS in Capricorn @ 9:52 pm PST 11/4 @ 12:52 am

push comes to shove, Mars rules Aries

double ramming power. Ornery, stubborn, bucking rams and leaping goats butt heads.

It gets worse tomorrow

when Moon squares Pluto and kicks off more cardinal crosses to bare.

C’est La vie.

NOTE Planetary changes coming soon-

NOVEMBER 8  MERCURY re-enters Scorpio

Nov. 9  A beautiful VENUS square JUPITER at 21 degrees SCORPIO/LEO to get all dolled up for

Many Baby  Boomers have their natal Pluto’s in this degree range including MOI.

16-26 degrees Scorpio- Leo TAURUS and Aquarius get the big beautiful shimmering star.

PLease share widely

All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

get a reading with Tara Greene http://www.taratarot.com

so make sure your fallout shelter is well stocked.

In the arms of an Angel Sarah McLauchlan 






4 thoughts on “Feeling the sexual healing, astrology

  1. Dear Tara,

    Thank you so much for your wisdom. I just signed up for your newsletter, and already many things fall into place. I work with the Taroscope (developed by Michael Tsarion). http://www.taroscopes.com

    Have a look here: (or perhaps you did already!) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-93BG-jnCnY

    Cool wishes (as this planet is overheated with human emotions) from The Netherlands, Annemarie

    2014-11-03 9:09 GMT+01:00 Tara Greene,Tarot, Astrology, Psychic & everything you need :

    > Tara Greene http://www.taratarot.com posted: “Nov 3 MONDAY MORNING Dreamy > PISCES MOON there’s been a little quincunx to Mercury in Libra after > midnight small arguments and things out of sorts in our dreams and our > realities. Don’t fret my friends it will change.. But who wants to wake up > f”


  2. We are all cherished and loved by our Source. It is my hope that Mr. Ghomeshi, despite his unfortunate past, will choose to live and maybe even advance the cause – the advancement of women – that he has already unintentionally launched.


    • hi Sally
      I hope that Mr. Ghomeshi
      realizes the pain and anguish that he has caused many women. As more and more evidence of his own troubled emotional states and inner rage surface, I hope that his own pain is healed and that his terrible actions serve as a cause of awareness, discussion, help and indeed bring good. Most women who are generally treated like chattel by men in most parts of the world. A patriarch who is revealed in this day and age becomes its unwitting downfall.


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