Day of the dead, All soul’s day sexting

We are at the 11th month.   November 1st is the Day of the Dead  in MEXICO

It is of ancient pagan roots, like Samhain. 

 Traditionally intact cultures always honor their departed ancestors. It’s a huge celebration with sugar skulls, marigolds, and picnicking at cemeteries with the whole family.

The origins of the modern holiday dates back thousands of years to an Aztec festival dedicated to a Goddess called Mictecacihuatl. She is the Queen of the Underworld, presiding over Festivals of the Dead. Known as the Lady of the Dead or Santa Muerte, she is a skeletal figure who used to be privately worshipped at home alters, now she is seen in public in Mexico. She would seem very cool to lots of hipsters these days.

Inspirational Card of the Day

Day of the Dead Astrology Tara Greene


It seems more holistic to have a Goddess of the dead rather than Patriarchal old Pluto. I just realized that his snatching of Persephone to the Underworld must be the in-story explaining how the patriarchy took over from the original Matriarchal cultures, when Persephone Herself was Queen of the Dead, and her mother Ceres the Goddess of Life.

Women ruled both poles of Life, Life and Death. Women were traditionally the midwives bringing in new life and the death escorts, the medicine women, herbalistas and shamans who helped people to make passage from the physical world back  to spirit and the Goddess from whence they came. 

SEXTILING day aka sexting

GREAT DAY for you to prove to yourself that spirit is real.

Moon is in PISCES as of 12:37 pm EDT which is so proper for communing with spirits of the dead.


LOVE AND DEATH – the title of a Woody Allen movie which is also relevant to the Persephone/Pluto myth

 MARS sextiles NEPTUNE in PISCES  

tantric sexuality adds further fodder for grounding that woo woo energy.

Moon conjuncts NEPTUNE-

Yes you too can be a medium. , tune in , ask for answers

Moon sextiles MARS in Capricorn-

yes it is real.

Very psychic energy it is the gateway to the realms BEYOND,

we are all actually spirits temporarily experiencing this material plane.

The SPIRITUAL PSYCHIC Energies continue tomorrow.

DO pay attention to your dreams tonight

incubate your dreams an optimum night for Lucid Dreaming

 trust that the other dimensions are right beside you

18 inches away as Stuart Wilde used to say.

Daylight savings Time ends at 2:00 am November 2nd

late nighters gain  as the clocks fall back 1 hr.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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DEAD CAN DANCE – Yulunga SPirit Dance 



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