Oscar Pistorius sentencing Judge Masipa astrology go to jail

After many months of trial hearings and prosecutions Oscar Pistorius will be sentenced Oct 21 2014 by Judge Thokozile Masipa in Pretoria. 

I had written my predictions about the trial back on March 4 predicted correctly that Oscar’s trial would go on and on that he wound not be tried for murder and I predicted that he would be given a community sentence.

At the 11th hour I thought I’d look at Judge Masipa’s chart and what’s going on for her. The eyes of South Africa most especially and the world and Oscar Pistorius’s future rests on her single judgement. His case can be appealed though.

Judge Masipa Astrology Tara Greene

Judge Masipa is a LIBRA, as I have no birth time I have put it at Noon for a public figure. LIBRA is the ancient sign of Justice, she also has Neptune in Libra.

The Moon was in Scorpio that day, if she’d been born at midnight the Moon would have been 6 degrees earlier at 12 of Scorpio,but as of Last March Saturn turned Retrograde from 23 degrees of Scorpio and hovered at around 18 for months.

Significantly Judge Masipa’s SOUTH NODE is exactly on 23 degrees of Scorpio indicating that this trial is a past life connection for her. Not necessarily to Oscar and her. But I will look at what their dual chemistry is. The outcome of this trial is extremely important for Judge Masipa’s karmic spiritual development as well. She is meant to evolve into the opposite NORTH NODE of 23 degrees Taurus.

Either way her Moon can only be between 12-24 degrees on that day. Saturn has been passing over Judge Masipa’s south Node,  and turning direct exactly on her natal Mercury and her Moon for the entire length of this trial has been grinding and testing her emotions, moods,and unconscious instincts by  giving her this incredible responsibility, difficult tasks, exhausting and maturing her. Saturn is the Father and the Moon is the mother so in effect this gives the judge a balanced outlook to some degree. Saturn conjunct the Moon in any case is heavy, depressing, dangerous,especially involving anything with women and death.  

SATURN, the LORD OF KARMA  you will see is sitting at 22 degrees + of Scorpio right on her significant South Node which is also very close to her natal Jupiter.

JUPITER, ruler of Sagittarius and Pisces, is HIGHER JUSTICE, she is naturally more fair, more just, with Jupiter’s benevolence located on her South Node. But Jupiter is also naive, overly optimistic, can be good or bad. Jupiter takes risks,and Jupiter trusts and  has faith, especially in the legal system. 

Judge Masipa actually has 6 “planets” in Scorpio so she weighs more heavily Scorpionic than Libran. Scorpio has to do with everything dark, taboo, secretive, violence, passion power, control, detective work, sex, death, transformation. check, check, check

She also has a very powerful MARS PLUTO SATURN conjunction in LEO.

Although Mars is too far away from Saturn to be considered in conjunction it is a power packed aspect. This is a very heavy extremely difficult package to manage especially in LEO. Mars Pluto in Leo is danger, hit men, killing, murder, wealth, power, prestige, stealing, war, heavy, nasty, dirty, death and Saturn is the LAW, karma, limits, obstacles. In LEO-  the Star, courage, the leader, PRIDE, the showman, who speaks from the heart, who still is a child deep down, who is generous. Well that certainly describes Judge Masipa’s reality right now. 

She holds a huge power.

You can see the chart is fairly straight forward all the LEO hit man stuff is square to all the Scorpio stuff and square to her Nodes. 

TAURUS LEO SCORPIO are three of the four fixed signs.  They move slow sure and don’t want to budge once they know.

Only other planet is Uranus in GEMINI her only Retro planet. Judge Masipa thinks her own way. She does not bend to any popular trends, she thinks outside the box. Uranus is close to the Pole Star so her unique thinking and communication style will be a solid topic of conversation at the water cooler and discussed and debated. She debates endlessly. She sees new and original ways to deal with situations. 

The Judge has JUNO opposite Uranus at 6 degrees Sagittarius on the Galactic Center opposite Uranus. Juno is to me the feminine form of genius. She is very intuitive and mystically inclined. She is asking from her own sense of feminine genius, this is totally different than masculine genius or thinking. Like the symbol she analyzes in many dimensions at once. I think this gives her a great gift of higher thought, of cosmic fairness and justice.

so for Judge Masipa

 October 21

Judge Masipa has 28 years of experience as a judge. Therefore this is her Saturn Return as well. Saturn at 22+ degrees of Scorpio is exactly on her SOUTH NODE possibly on her Moon and close to her natal Jupiter. Transitting Jupiter at 19+ degrees of Leo is exactly on her natal Saturn, She is getting the mirror image planetary aspect doubly.

This means she will be just and fair. Saturn can anchor one to one’s past on her South Node, although she is meant to drag the past’s memories, her own, to a fairer more grounded place. The key for Judge Masipa is how conscious she is of what she is unconsciously bringing to the table here in general and especially with regard to Mister Pistorious’s sentence. They would’t be in this scenario together now if one hadn’t sat in judgement of the other in the past so there can be an unconscious revenge going on, or they needed to heal an old wound or do a favour for the  other now. 

The Moon which is the general mood will be VOID OF COURSE from Virgo until 1:12 pm SOUTH AFRICA time. If the judge begins in the morning the Moon will be void of course , meaning it is a very ill omen as “no good will come of this.” 

MARS planet of action is at 26 + degrees Sagittarius EXACTLY opposite Judge Masipa’s natal Uranus and conjunct her Juno. Mars activates her Genius and her sentence which may be unusual.

She will not do what is expected. She may give some totally different judgement, perhaps a combination of some jail . She has already acquitted Oscar of murder. I think this has nothing to do with his status. She is strong enough to take whatever criticism people may have around her judgement.

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 All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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5 thoughts on “Oscar Pistorius sentencing Judge Masipa astrology go to jail

  1. you might want to read article on a women’s group that will appeal but not in favor of Oscar but for women worldwide. not exactly sure how they will appeal, but I thought the Judge’s decision was weak one, and my feeling on her overall, was there was a lot of pressure from the “White” conservatives within the community. most likely within her own peers and colleagues and whatever enemies she encountered, may have possibly threatened her to give a reduced sentence.

    It’s a really pathetic and sad outcome for Reeva’s family…

    I do feel that no matter how long or short he is in jail, his career is pretty much over, and he certainly helped changed his own destiny..



    • He did get 5 years. It is not as along as long as he could’ve gotten. Most astrologers were predicting a much longer jail sentence. I think Judge Masipa and Oscar themselves had interesting karma. Reeva’s family can never get her back so in effect there is no payment that Oscar could do that would be equivalent. He is finished, so he created that himself and he still has to live with what he has done. But I feel he may try to kill himself.


  2. I compared the charts of Oscar and his girlfriend. The relationship was incendiary, confrontational, malevolently Pluto-tinged. Those two antagonists no doubt have quite a karmic tie. There is no doubt in my mind that he intentionally killed her. South Africa couldn’t mete out the appropriate justice, but that’s OK, as the Universe will do the job just fine.

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