Numerology, Astrology,remembering John Lennon by Tara Greene

the astrology chart of John Lennon on his anniversary Birthday

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John Lennon, leader of The BEATLES, one of my teenage idols, always will be, because of who he was, a unique individual, for his great songs, sense of humor and revolutionary stance, would have been 72 years old today Oct 9, 2012.

Beatle John Lennon Astrology Tara Greene

72 is a very special number.  The 5 fold PENTAGRAM that Venus makes as she unfolds her cycle, divides the 360 degree circle by 5 into 72 degree segments.

John was a number 6 personality and Soul number.

The #6 is THE LOVERS in the Tarot. The centre of the Tree of  Life, Tifferet, Beauty. Also aligned with GEMINI, the twins, communications, the mind.

Lets look at John Lennon’s birth chart

Beatle John Lennon Astrology

click on chart to view larger

John Lennon, a Libra was born just after sunset during an air raid on Liverpool during the Second World war.

Creative types have strong Venus and Neptune planets. Lennon has Venus…

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