Steve Winwood’s high life endures the ages (w/video) | The Press Democrat

Steve Winwood’s high life endures the ages (w/video) | The Press Democrat.

One of my favourite 60’s singers and songwriters Stevie Winwood. Saw him play with Traffic years ago.  His career ranges from pop, to blues, to jazz, to Olde english ballads, to dance tunes. He is on tour with Tom Petty now.

6 thoughts on “Steve Winwood’s high life endures the ages (w/video) | The Press Democrat

  1. Thank you SO much for the reminder of Steve Winwoods awesome ness. I listened to him often as a teenager. It is SO good to reconnect to his music and his enduring talent.


  2. He opened for Tom Petty a few years ago when this virgo saw that show. Was first time I was dissed by a group of young college kids and called an old man.

    I deserved it I guess – have been working on myself inwardly because the ego was bruised immensely in that encounter and the energy that I held back was not at all healthy. If I had released it there would had been more than three heads in a dufflebag.

    Yeah… was very bad visions that went on.

    Have since learned to fit right in with the same crowd that jumped in front of my little picnic area on the lawn with my lady.

    Cause I AM That… I AM



  3. Hi again Tara,
    I’ve only just recently discovered you! And what a great discovery, a reassuring psychic presence in these challenging times. I’m feeling these times, Pluto is a powerful presence in my natal chart….agghhhhh!
    I have just been dancing in the kitchen while I was cooking dinner, listening to Roll with it baby and this line made me think of you ‘When this world turns its back on you, hang in and do that sweet thing you do’ and the blessings you give us all with your daily astro, tarot uniqueness, I salute you and appreciate you. Thank you to an extraordinary shakti xx


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