Inspirational Card 88 double lucky world meditation

August  8 = 88 double infinity good luck

there are many world wide meditations for peace today Oprah Winfrey an Deepak Chopra

A quickie  inspirational Tarot card of the day

TAROT of Metamorphosis 

the SUN tarot of Metamorphosis Tara Greene


The Sun is the highest energy card in the deck.

how appropriate on a day when Sun and MERCURY CONJUNCT in LEO, the SUN rules!

things are definitely heating up in the world. Sun also TRINES URANUS  on 88

Sun squares serious Saturn in Scorpio on Aug 9 

the SUN is SOURCE, will power, vitality, gold,  the LIGHT, God, Apollo, Helios, 3rd chakra, life-giving, heat, passion, dangerous, solar power, identity, ego, self, shining,  brilliance, radiant, star, Heaven, daylight, masculine, fire, fixed, delight, joy, energy, HAPPY. An alchemical symbol, RA in Egypt


gay god astrology

you are your own sunshine;  you are the  sunshine of my life;  the sunshine of your love,


Meditate on your own source of Light, you are your own Source, Radiate light and love

Please share widely 

all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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