Anger management, extremely moody Astrology

August 3 it’s a deathly hallow’s mood of a weekend

SCORPIO MOON is running the show and there is no questioning that.

MARS, SCORPIO’s ruling planet, head honcho dude with the mystery ‘tude is meeting his obsessive soul sister Luna at 4:32 am PDT /7:32 am EDT

well if you’re out very late partying be careful of dark alleys, being assaulted, moroseness, goth funk, black death etc.

And most of all ANGRY folks bursting from the depths of HADES.  Remember Mars has been held back in Libra acting “NICE” for 7 months and now he is IMPATIENT his natural state to explode.  The testosterone can’t be contained. I’ve felt it already, the sudden sharp shadow sting, of being disowned, abandoned, locked out, just like that. 

Scorpio Moon also squares Mars in Leo. THIS IS tongue lashings. Whip it good.

Scorpio is the symbol of DEATH in the TAROT #13

Inspirational image of the day 

Napoleon Brousseau skull charcoal Tara Greene art

Charcoal drawing by Napoleon Brousseau 

MEDITATE on death being the greatest teacher in life.


Very creative intuitive dreamy for those all black mystery paintings. Think Amy Winehouse, when she was healthier.  Feels like celebrating in a gin soaked bar. Or dreams of an ashram, drug hazed escape, or the creating of a screenplay that makes Orange Is the New BlACK look like a Disney rom com.  Raise a glass to the Great Mystery  Getting into the soul depths opens inner dimensions which enhance the Light in the world.

Trines can be too much of a good dark mysterious fantasy thing.

Sun quincunx PLUTO

The Brightest Light and the Darkest dark, big battles are raging on the spiritual dimensions still…

big power tripping egos rubbing against each other the wrong way- its happening in a lot of places in the world and we sensitives feel it its under your skin. Don’t you feel it?

Choose very carefully where you choose to shine your light.

Moon sextiles Pluto

La Luna supports the Death and Resurrection show. Let the old fall away. A title of a great book I have.The author compared theatre to modern shamanism. Think James Brown Elvis, Hendrix etc.

Scorpion Moon and Leo Sun square off  

we’re half way to the next Full Moon Aug 10 @18 degrees Aquarius


 Dramatic words, Too much grandiosity is not necessarily the stuff of dreams.

MEDITATE ‘on the transitory nature of all things.

After Scorpio’s intense emotional moods and control comes Sagittarius but not soon enough. Not till August 5th.


Scorpio Moon qunicunx URANUS in ARIES- the grand quincunx –

expect hell hounds from hell, frogs, pestilence etc.

SERIOUS KARMA DAY  Scorpio moon conuuncts SATURN

whatever karma you didnt clear you can move forwards now that Saturn is Direct


death, pray love.

Scorpio never lets go of a grudge but NOW YOU CAN!

GRAND TRINE of love, forgiveness and healing

forgive your Mom,ex lovers who left, everyone who you couldn’t control.

PLease share widely

all writing is copyright of TARA GREENE

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more of Napoleon Brousseau’s art


Forgiveness by Sarah McLachlin   

2 thoughts on “Anger management, extremely moody Astrology

  1. Love your writing style Tara Greene! Scorpio is my 12th house and rising sign-Now both Saturn and Mars are in there..oh joy! Glad I signed up for your newsletter! Cool stuff!


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