Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney Astrology by Tara Greene

I predicted that George would finally meet “the one” and settle down in my 2014 predictions. I did a previous article on George Clooney and why he is getting married now according to his astrology.

I now have his fiancée Amal’s birth date so lets look at who she is and the triggers in her chart.

I will also look at the synastry and composite chart of George and Amal together as a couple and their proposed wedding date of September 12 in Venice in an other article.

AMal Alamuddin Tara Greene astrology

AMAL Alamuddin   born February 3 1978 in Beirut Lebanon

Amal Alamuddin astrology Tara Greene

Amal Alamuddin astrology


Amal is of Lebanese descent, British raised barrister, who presently works at Doughty Street Chambers in London, specializing in International law, criminal, human rights and extradition. She represented Julian Assange, and has been appointed a number of United Nations commissions. Her grandmother was the first woman graduate of the American University in Beirut.  She studied at Oxford and in New York. She and George met at a charity event on September 12 2013 for a charity called Whatever it takes. LOL.- cue the synchronicity.

AMAL is an intelligent, beautiful, woman who is destined to be known on the world’s stage. With her Aquarian Sun at the 15th degree- the most potent point right on her MidHeaven or MC- the world’s stage position and conjunct VENUS- she is meant to be known for her beauty and her brains. Aquarian are very open minded individuals, who must follow their own drummers. Aquarians seek to bring freedom to individuals and think as one of the group. Amal must have always had big visions of helping the world by freeing it from old antiquated ideas which imprison the mind. 

Her MOON is in SAGITTARIUS conjunct NEPTUNE in the 7th house of marriage and all “others.”

Moon in Sagittarius means she is a fiery rather spontaneous person. Sagittarius women love learning, and are interested in politics, justice, history, speaking the truth. Sagittarius women seek adventures, love the chase, need freedom in their relationships. she works very well in a  man’s world. With NEPTUNE conjunct her Moon Amal is very spiritual, romantic  and idealistic. She can be very inspiring and persuasive. In love, she is open to all types of people and usually Moon in Sagittarius women marry men of other racial or religious backgrounds. 

I don’t have a correct birth time. This chart is set to Noon for a public person. This gives her a GEMINI Ascendant. She has a dual nature. A great communicator, a very inquiring mind. She appears young and may take her awhile to mature and settle down. She is charming and open.

Amal’s MARS is in Cancer and RETROGRADE  

This is a very karmic aspect. Mars in Cancer is very traditional, typically Feminine, all about family, home, children, cooking, nurturing. She is very emotional and sensitive,and close to her roots and traditions. But this Mars energy is held back when Retrograde so it is driven into her unconscious and she may only reveal that to those who she is closest to, her family. Mars in Cancer indicates many homes. Mars in Cancer can indicate having many children but Retrograde hampers that energy or she will have children later in life. 

Mars opposite Mercury in Capricorn

She may be attracted to older, more mature men, someone who is established and who holds worldly power and wealthy. Mercury in Capricorn is practical minded, someone who thinks things through thoroughly and patiently, she purposefully choses her words. She speaks in a way that allows her to mingle at the highest realms of traditional authority. Yet deep down she is emotionally very strongly invested in communicating in a deeply compassionate way.  She feels both the masculine career and feminine desire for children as a war inside of her. Mercury and Mars indicate a difficult choice between mothering and career as they both square her Chiron in Taurus.

SAturn in LEO

Amal wants to be the QUEEN. Her father { Saturn} probably doted on her and she may have been spoiled as a child. She is a passionate, dramatic woman, who loves to be the center of attention. She has a huge heart, is a natural leader and respects power and courage. She is strong, daring and generous. She is creative, outspoken, warm, and charming. She is destined to be treated like Royalty.


Jupiter is in detriment in Gemini as it is opposite the Sign of Sagittarius which it rules. This gives Amal the ability to see both sides of an issue. For a lawyer that is a huge asset. Amal is spontaneous, curious, a great talker, charming, open, a house divided. It could be difficult for her to make up her mind. She may have always been in relationships with others who could not be faithful or she could not commit very easily either.. 


Lilith in Cancer conjunct Jupiter  amplifies Amal’s independence. She is a very sexy, charismatic woman and knows that she can wield that power. Relationships tend to start and end very quickly. She may have difficulty with emotional intimacy and ocmpromise.

Amal’s North Node is in LIBRA at 7 degrees in a wide conjunction with PLUTO.

Her North Node, her highest spiritual goal is to find a marriage of soul mates and equals.  Also as a lawyer LIBRA  is the scales of Justice and she brings her SOUL-Pluto into the courtroom. This is a powerful conjunction as it indicates that she MUST bring her entire soul into manifestation in this lifetime. NO fooling around, no goofing off. She has always been driven by this deep unconscious desire.

Her South Node is in ARIES 

Indicating that she has been a loner, independent, strong willed, doing exactly what she wanted in past lives. Most likely a man, she was a warrior, a leader, a fighter for truth. PLUTO NORTH NODE is involved in a GRAND TRINE with her SUN and VENUS and Jupiter. A grand Air trine bestows a golden tongue, powerful desires, very strong mental control and intellectual functions and a higher vision for the world.


Everyone in Amal’s generation is here to learn soul sexuality, rebirth, huge emotional issues about dying to one’s old identity and being reborn again ,most often in deep intense relationships. ONce she decides what she wants she is obsessive about gaining that.

Uranus squares her SUN And VENUS

This is a totally liberated woman. She is the epitome of a woman with deep desires, who knows herself intimately her own, passions and needs. She can be secretive about getting what she wants and she uses her outstanding brains and beauty to get it. She is a woman who is bringing down the highest consciousness at best. She knows who she is. 

So why did she and George CLooney meet and click on September 12 2013?

They are going to marry on September 12 2014- exactly one year after they met.

The SUN is at 19 degrees Virgo in her 5th house of Love, squaring her Natal Moon/Neptune in Sagittarius. Very romantic.

PLUTO at 9 degrees Capricorn is conjunct to her NATAL JUNO- Goddess of marriage

and in square to her NORTH And SOUTH NODES.I look at the slower moving and more powerful transits first like Pluto. That’s  pretty karmic marriage wake up call. 

Uranus at 11 degrees ARIES was also involved as part of the Evolutionary change planets to her South and North nodes.

MARS at 9 degrees LEo is opposite her Sun and Venus,

literally a man waking up her self and love nature!

ECLIPSES can have a profound influence on major changes in someone’s life


has MARs at 14 degrees of Taurus Mercury at 17 Moon at 19 and Sun at 19 degrees of Taurus this eclipse was square to Amal’s SUN and VENUS in Aquarius. This eclipse set the tone  for a future change in her identity, she would meet George 4 months later.

THE FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE on May 25 2013 has the Sun at 4 degrees GEMINI with Moon at 4 degrees Sagittarius. VEnus Neptune and Jupiter were in a tight conjunction between 19-22 degrees Gemini opposite Amal’s natal Moon Neptune conjunction. 

I’m going to stop there and continue in another article to look at the combined charts and their synastry and the Wedding date.

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4 thoughts on “Amal Alamuddin and George Clooney Astrology by Tara Greene

  1. If you look at their helio charts, there is a very simple (and outstanding) example why they clicked: they have a star of david – a very rare and powerful combo between people. They just… click. The circuit closes around them. I bet the world around them disappears when they look at each other.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Sorry Tara Greene, George is married but not to to this persona…and let me repeat enigma that he is married to in the public. Do you think a man of such outspoken opinions, would put his family meaning wife in children in the spotlight?

    Read the Stars but make sure you got a person you are speaking of…this persona has been created along ago for a Token to the UN and Nato like George and his Messenger of Peace.

    These rich “humantarian” tyrants need an attorney willing to represent them so why not a token Lebanese survival rape victim. I did not see that in your fortune telling..

    I am not allowed on tweets and facebook but I am going to let the secret out where ever I can. By the way people that are friends with George call him Jo…Psychic? did you know that.


    • I totally understand what you are saying and it makes perfect sense. Hollywood the NWO the UN its all part of the same game. The game goes both ways I believe there is a positive and a negative side to it. Th ehologram of love looks pretty real though. although of course Clooney is an actor.Or are they clones?


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