Dirty Trines, magic mojo instructions from Tara Greene

TRINES- the 120 degrees GOOD ASPECT  between planets- two or more.

All good things come in threes, Three wishes in Fairy Tales. The Holy Trinity.

Buckminster Fuller used the triangle for the basis of his structures. Triangles are extremely strong.

Too much of a good thing is called a Grand TRINE. Can you ever get enuf of a good thing trine?  Nah.

There are 4 types of trines-

Water trines – Cancer Scorpio and Pisces -easy flow of  emotions, heart, receptivity, feminine energy.  They are  cups/water suits in the Tarot.

Fire Trines- Aries Leo and Sagittarius – adds more fuel passion and  hotness to the fire/spirit/action. Fire is Wands in the Tarot.

Air Trines-  Gemini Libra and Aquarius – add easy mental, logical, intellectual, analysis and communications.  Air is Swords in tarot.

Earth Trines- Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, adds practical, work, building, reality. Earth is disks, pentacles in the Tarot.

You can be born with Trines and Grand Trines in your natal chart. They are not uncommon. When you see them you think oh good I’ve got it easy now.  Trines tend to make people lazy as they are taken for granted. As if the planets do it for you. NEVER take anything for granted.

There are also Transiting Trines

The astrology joke is the easy transits last a few days, the hard ones years.

Trines  have to be activated.

So here’s your chance – as DIVINE TIMING is everything.

Sunday June 8 DIRTY TRINES

VENUS in TAURUS TRINES PLUTO in Capricorn at 6:40 pm PDT/ 9:40 pm EDT
12 degrees TAURUS to Capricorn.
Excellent for all earth signs – Virgo too.    BIG SOUL LOVE BEAUTY WEALTH aspect.
Where are these degrees in your natal chart?

Everyone’s got DIRT in their charts somewhere.

This is beautiful, bountiful soul ,wealth, sex, soul, wealth.

W. Pruszkowski Trines Tara Greene


Trines have narrow orbs so if you have planets, or angles at 10-15 degrees EARTH- you are in their blessing zone.

TRINES are three-pointed so you must call upon the planets -3 times.

 in this specific example VENUS and Pluto

SAY -Venus -or Aphrodite three times and Pluto or Hades, three times.

You would also call upon the specific governances. Jupiter- expansion, Saturn- responsibility, career, etc.

ask Venus for love, money, beauty, luxury, wealth, romance, balance, peace, pleasure

Ask PLUTO for soul direction, death of old  limitations, insight, to work with your shadow, power, invisibility, wealth.

 and ask for them to pour their harmonious energy in the Trine aspect down on you.

Use your own words.

You need to open three portals  energetically to receive as well. Your heart chakra, third eye and crown chakra.

Meditate and see the chakras like flowers opening. It’s easy.

Draw a triangle with the two or three or more of the planets involved on a piece of paper.

Place your magical MOJO -what you asked for – in the Triangle. Draw images of them. Be creative.

Then thank them thrice, not twain.

Seal the three points with a kiss. Repeat the MAGIC MOJO  three times a day for three days.

That’s IT!


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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Three times a lady- Lionel Richie




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