L’Wren Scott life and death Astrology by Tara Greene

L'wren Scott by Tara Greene

L’Wren Scott as a model by Rex the longest legs in Britain 42 inches.

Always sad to hear of a young person committing suicide.  L’Wren Scott, former model and fashion designer,  who I must confess to not knowing much about, the 13 year partner/girlfriend of Mick Jagger has apparently committed suicide by hanging and was found on the morning of March 17 in her Manhattan apartment dead. There was no suicide note.

Mick Jagger in Australia to launch a new Stones tour was totally in shock and devastated by the tragic news . His Press statement  said that L’Wren his best friend and lover and he couldn’t understand how she could have chosen such a tragic end to her life.

Miss Scott’s fashion business was 6- 7 million dollars in debt. She  had missed Paris fashion week recently because she couldn’t afford to go. Mick Jagger whose wealth is in the hundreds of millions had financially helped her out in the past.

Adopted by a  Mormon couple L’Wren grew up in small town in Utah. Six foot three with 42 inch long legs she was spotted by  photographer Bruce Weber and appeared in  a photo shoot for Calvin Klein at 17. She scraped up babysitting money and bought a one way ticket to Paris knowing that fashion was her true love. She did runway work and designed costumes for films. She was a well respected designer of her own line which was the favourite of Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker and others. Her death came as a tragic shock for many famous friends.

Lets’ find out who the beautiful L’Wren was.

Born April 28 1964 in Roy Utah -see chart below.

I have no accurate birth time so am using noon for a famous celebrity.

A TRIPLE TAURUS with Sun conjunct Mercury Retrograde and lucky optimistic trusting JUPITER, she was triply stubborn. Taurus is a straightforward, grounded, very hard working, sensual sign ruled by the planet Venus which rules the FASHION beauty and socialite world. L’Wren had big dreams but maybe doubts about her own intelligence with Mercury Retrograde. Yes big dreams indeed with NEPTUNE planet of dreamers, idealists, romantics and creatives opposite her Sun at 16 degrees Retrograde of Scorpio.  Neptune in Scorpio is spiritual, idealistic and deep. Can be perfectionists and controlling but in very subtle ways.

As I don’t have a birth time the question of where the Moon was on her birth is very important. I will rectify it back into late SCORPIO probably at 25 degrees which would be at midnight. A Scorpio moon woman knows what she wants and goes and gets it, she would be extremely emotional, passionate, powerful, deep, mysterious, very sexual, controlling, and attracted to men in power and high places.

We have to remember she was also Mick Jagger’s long time lover. She would have to be a very alluring woman to keep him interested.

A MOON NEPTUNE conjunction indicates someone who is not grounded in some ways. NEPTUNE rules debt. A Moon Neptune person can have trouble with seeing reality clearly. Super romantic, highly sensitive and imaginative. This is the mark of an artistic woman. Her creations are her children.

VENUS at 22 GEMINI rules her SUN MERCURY And JUPITER. Venus in Gemini always indicates woman who fall in love with men who are not faithful to them. She had a dual nature, very charming, with a lively gift of the gab, a great saleswoman, promoter., difficult for  her to make up her mind. Venus in Gemini can be childlike, immature. Venus in a dual air sign indicates no children or difficulty getting pregnant.

VENUS is square to CHIRON in PISCES the wounded healer.

This indicates a sorrow of the soul, disappointment in love, Feminine dreams unattained, the inability to deal with her feelings deeply and to talk about them. She was deeply wounded spiritually and in her self-esteem. This could be a direct unconscious {Pisces} result of being adopted and the mystery {Pisces} behind her own background. She may have adopted a false self, although she covered it with a breezy Gemini, lets just be happy and probably projected her own wounds onto others.

MARS at 23 degrees ARIES , Mars rules Aries so he is in his power. Mars symbolizes her strength, her  desires and sexual nature, her defenses and life force were very strong. A woman with Mars in Aries is an AMAZON warrioress I always say and she certainly looked like one. Mars in Aries woman know what they want and go get it. Patience did not exist in L’Wren’s world. She was a fighter, an arguer, hot-tempered, impetuous, jumping into things without thinking. A tower of strength.

SATURN representing  her father at 3 degrees of PISCES.

She was adopted and I do not know if she ever found out who her biological parents were.  She was brought up in a strict Mormon religious household. Saturn represents her adopted father and the masculine authority principle  as well as her karma in her life. Saturn in Pisces makes for confusion, doubt, addictions in her past that she may or may not have known about. Saturn rules depression, and in Pisces it could be well disguised, hidden, turned into workaholism or some form of perfectionism. It was written that she was a perfectionist and orderly.


L’Wren was born at the beginning of the  60’s revolution which was created by the conjunction of Uranus and Pluto in Virgo. This is a generational influence. But for L’Wren the two transpersonal planets are squaring the Goddess Asteroid Athena at 3 degrees of  Sagittarius. Athena was an Amazon from Libya who was then Patriarchalized as Zeus’s daughter of war.  She would have been very defensive about her work. L’Wren also had Uranus and PLUTO Retrograde in square to her LILITH at 11 degrees of Sagittarius.

Lilith was the original woman, powerful, independent, bowing to no man, refusing to compromise. Women with strong Lilith’s are proud and would rather leave a situation than have to give in, in any way. With Lilith in fiery Sagittarius her impetuous  nature would get the better of her. It’s like a permanent adrenal alert, fight or flight.


This is a hard aspect, a difficult one. Chiron is where we are the most vulnerable and wounded. In Pisces it can be many lifetimes of  soul struggle, hard work, no recognition, no dreams fulfilled. Her life may not have appeared this way, perhaps this was her own internal dialogue.

Her North Node at 3 degrees of Cancer indicated her longing to be a mother, for family, home, traditionally nurturing and caring for others. She never had children although it was reported her apartment had a nursery so this is something she must have wanted and didn’t get. She was very feminine and liked to nurture others. Her South Node in Capricorn indicates a former life of public fame, hard work, being in business. South Node was conjunct to CERES the Great Mother at 7 degrees of Capricorn. In the past she was an earth  mother,merchant, farmer, herbalist or midwife.


L’Wren was approaching her CHIRON RETURN. Something everyone experiences at around 50. For a woman it can bedoubly hard as she may have been going through menopause, or peri- menopause. It is a time of feeling extremely vulnerable, wounded, desperate, All the old emotional baggage comes up for one to deal with.. In Pisces it can swamp a person, drown them in old unfinished business.Transiting Chiron was also square to her Natal Venus in Gemini- again the theme of vulnerability, hurt, defenseless, split.

L’Wren had NEPTUNE planet of escapism, debt, delusion, illusion on her SATURN for the last while now and moving in to oppose her natal Uranus planet of chaos, unexpected events, and the desire for freedom.

Neptune conjunct Saturn in Pisces is literally needing to pay your debts.

But its energies brings  fog, doubt, delusion around dealing with the hard reality of Saturn. Neptune calls one back to spirit to escape Saturn’s difficult karmic lessons. Neptune was square to her Athena. She felt at a loss from her usual arsenal of defenses, stripped bare by Neptune.  Saturn in Neptune is dreams, and Neptune conjunct to that makes all one’s hard Saturn work evaporate. It all turns to mist and fog, ephemeral, nothing.

MARS RETROGRADE takes our actions passions and defenses backwards, Like being raked over the coals. Mars was opposing her Natal Mars in Aries. Mars in Libra weakens ones energy or business in fashion especially, which is Libra territory. She felt caught in a tug of war.


I believe that she had her Moon at 23 degrees of Scorpio and Saturn went retrograde when it is the strongest, directly on her Moon. Saturn conjunct the Moon is HEAVY, extreme depression. Saturn on the Moon feels like you are carrying this huge lead weight. Saturn, Lord of Karma, testing, obstacles, death. L’Wren must have felt finished, lost in darkness, desperate

I wish her soul to be at peace. I send blessings to Mick Jagger and his family and everyone who knew her.

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L'Wren Scott astrology by Tara Greene

16 thoughts on “L’Wren Scott life and death Astrology by Tara Greene

  1. I agree with L’Wren’s Moon being in Scorpio. Such a difficult Moon to handle at the best of times traditionally being in its ‘fall’ and the Moon conjunct the malefic Neptune – very difficult to cope with. Add the conjunction to transitting Saturn. Very, very heavy. I have my Moon at 17 Scorp and know how truly hard it is to cope with the current Saturn in Scorpio transit. May she have found true peace.


    • HI Jules, nice to hear from another Astrologer. I would rectify her moon back to late Scorpio probably around 25 degrees as that would be a midnight birth.
      I have my Ascendant at 16 degrees Scorpio so yes I am feeling it and we both will too especially when Saturn goes Direct in July near those degrees. Nice to know we have such a strong connection as well. Very sad that she committed suicide. Yes she seemed like a beautiful woman and I wish her Infinite peace as well.


      • Hi Tara, That’s amazing you have your ascendant at 16 Scorp! It’s lovely to be able to ‘connect up’ with another strong Scorp energy person! And my moon conjunct your ascendant – lovely 🙂 Interestingly an Australian celebrity committed suicide a few weeks ago – Charlotte Dawson – which made me feel incredibly sad. She had a similar chart to mine in that she was an Aries Sun and Scorpio Moon. She had been very vocal about cyber bullying and she was constantly bullied herself online. She was very open about her struggles with depression. I don’t know if people truly understand how difficult it is to cope with a Scorpio Moon, but I try to use the deep compassion that is elicits to connect and help others. This is the only way I can get out of the depth of the despair at times. I try to find the gift in this intense moon! Yes I am a little worried about when Saturn goes direct but I will do my best to try to get some responsibility and groundedness around my moon! (trying to positively reframe! ;-). So lovely to be able to connect with you! 🙂


      • so lovely to connect with you too Jules. Scorpio Moon is so different than a Scorpio Ascendant though. The Moon is your instincts, your unconscious, your depths of soul. Scorpio Moon people I feel have come to take on a lot of really deep heavy soul work in their lifetimes. It’s never easy. They are obsessed. Sorry to hear about that woman. Actually my birth time was in question my Ascendant is 16-18 degreass. LOL an Astrologer without an accurate birth chart. I can feel it when people have their planets are conjunct or in aspect to mine, can’t you? My Moon is in Sagittarius and I am double Sag. So that offsets the Ascendant a lot but I am very intense and used to suffer from very black moods when I was a teenager. YOU will be fine. Saturn is also good for getting goals accomplished, hard work, new responsabilities and lost of discipline, of course when you are pushing all that lead around you may not feel like you have the energy. But you know all that.When I made friends with Saturn it was so much easier.


  2. Yes I agree – definitely very deep soul work this lifetime with my Scorp Moon. And I agree completely about being able to feel when people have their planets conjunct or are in aspect to my Ascendant. I have a 8 degree Aquarius Ascendant and am surrounded by women with Aquarius Moons! It is lovely. However I do find that I am unable to go ‘deep’ with them unless they have a number of other personal planets in water (my Scorp Moon does so love to go deep!). Oh I love your optimistic and buoyant Sag energy! That is a lovely connection to my Aries stellium! (Sun, Chiron, Mercury and Venus). We would be great friends! 🙂 I have suffered from depression for many, many years so fully understand when you say about the very black moods you suffered as a teenager. Yes I will be fine when the Saturn transit comes back around, but I am going to “batten down the hatches” just in case! lol. Interestingly I have just made a huge career decision to study a Masters of Social work (I have an undergrad degree in psychology) and I feel that Saturn transitting my 10th house has manifested this. Thanks Tara for your kind and wise words, you are lovely 🙂


    • hey Jules, I think we know each other quite well already. I agree we would be great friends. I have a 4 planet Libra stellium. Venus Mars Saturn and Neptune and Jupiter in Aries.Do you have any earth in your chart? Where are your Lunar Nodes? It’s great that you are so open too. How long have you been doing Astrology for? the craft seems to be very popular down under.


  3. We do know each other well now don’t we?! Astrology is amazing at connecting up like-minded souls! I have Mars/Saturn conjunction in Taurus in the 4th :-/ – opposite my Moon – yay :-(Yep it is a challenge that’s for sure! lol Jupiter in Scorp in 10th very widely conjunct Moon (strictly way too far but I think there is an influence). NN in Pisces in the 2nd (this is my saving grace along with my Neptune) along with Juno and Ceres, Vesta and Lilith in Leo in 7th (gee these have been fun…) , Pallas in Aquarius in 1st (go warrior woman!lol). Pluto in the 8th (eek!). Neptune 0 degrees Sag which might be close to your Jupiter? Have you got a Mars/Saturn conjunction in Libra? What is your experience of this? What sign is your NN? What about your asteriods? Your Jupiter is in your 6th? My sister has this placement (Jupiter in Aries in 6th) and has had nothing but health problems her whole life. Maybe instead of bestowing good luck and good fortune here it has just made the health problems ‘bigger’. Whats been your experience? (sorry too many questions? that’s what you get with a 3rd house Mercury in Aries!). I’ve been doing astrology since I was 13 and I turn 44 next week (ahhhh!). But I just recently decided to get qualified through the Federation of Australian Astrologers – just wanted to get the piece of paper. What about you Tara? How long have you been doing astrology for? 🙂


    • HI JULES sorry for the delay. YEs Astrology is an amazing connecting tool. I have a wide conjunction of Mars at 2.59 Libra, Saturn at 12 + – yes hit me with your grand cardinal cross why don’t you? My Sun is at 6 degrees Sagittarius and my North Node at 4.59 of Pisces in the 4th. INtercepted PIsces/Virgo. MArs Saturn in Libra isn’t so easy but it has its rewards. Saturn is good in Libra. I have Jupiter at 4+ degrees turning Direct in ARies in my 5th. so it’s a Jupiter Mars opposition = Saturn too. Hard to make up my mind, conscious of my impression, keeps my Scorpio Ascendant in check and my kinda raunchy Saggy stuff too. Centaurs aren’t very civilized. Mars Jupiter Saturn makes me an anarchist, and always have been- I have fought authority my entire life. I dont have any earth in my chart except for the SOUTH NODE in Virgo in my 10th. And I bless it all the time. Of course I do have that TAURUS – D.C.
      Amazing that you’ve been doing astrology since you were so young. HOw long have I been doing astrology? A therapist colleague of mine- told me Id been doing this for thousands of years. LOL. I’m a Pluto in Leo generation. So I started learning Astrology in my 20’s through always meeting Astrologers and self-taught but I hated having to do the math in the calculations, then waited for the tech to make it simple rather than all that calculating. Ive been a professional Astrologer since 1989. I love it. Ive done some workshops with other Astrologers. My name spiritual name Tara-is originally Sanskrit, means the stars. My given middle name is Esther which is congnizant with Tara- a star. So its all there.


  4. Reading back I wasn’t at all clear. Sorry. NN and Juno and Ceres in Pisces in 2nd and Vesta and Lilith in Leo in 7th. So excited to connect with a fellow astro buddy I forgot to check what I had written!


  5. That’s a tough gig having no earth in your chart. But lucky you have the Virgo Sth Node and Taurus DC like you said. I have no air except for my Aquarius Ascendant, oh and of course Uranus in Libra which doesn’t count. Wish I had some planet in air – oh well. Yeah I hated having to do the calculations for the exams, glad they are out of the way. You’re funny! Raunchy Saggy stuff! hahaha! Yes I have come across some raunchy sags in my time! I suppose we all have our ‘stuff’ in our charts. How about I trade you my Scorp Moon and Pluto in the 8th for your grand cardinal cross?! Imagine if we could all do that? We would probably just end up keeping everything we were born with anyway! I have had some past life regressions but never have I been an astrologer but I have a intuitive vibe I have done it before many times. Atlantis has a strong pull for me. But maybe that’s just my ego! lol ;-). I love your name – Tara – goddess too. And Esther is lovely. Yep it is all there in the stars :-). It’s interesting that you say it is good that I am open. Yes I often think I am too open at times and end up regretting my over-disclosure. My Scorp Moon hates it but my big mouth Aries Stellium usually wins out! But my consolation to my Moon is that I never share my really deep and intense secrets, only those I don’t mind people knowing 😉
    Do you put much faith in asteroids? Do you use them much when delineating a chart?


    • hi JULES maybe there should be an astrology game show where you swap your natal difficult aspects for others. then see what happens. might be a very funny reality show. The Grand Cardinal Cross is temporary. Did I mention my exact VENUS NEPTUNE conjunction in Libra in the 11th? We all have chosen our stuff in our charts as a map. YEs I have worked with Asteroids and Lilith and Chiron and some fixed stars for many years. They can be very valuable when they strongly aspect someone’s chart. I especially like to point out Lilith and she is always a huge revelation for must women who arent familiar with her. I have Vesta in Virgo conjunct my S. Node in the 10th, Juno conjunct my Mercury in Sagittarius in the 2nd, Athena in Aquarius in my 3rd,Ceres conjunct my North node in Pisces in the 4th. Do you use Mean Lilith or True Lilith also there is an asteroid Lilith. My Mean Lilith is in Cancer conjunct my Uranus in the 8th house.


  6. Hi Tara, I love the asteroids I have my NN and Ceres and Juno in Pisces and Vesta in Leo in my 7th along with asteriod Lilith. I have Pallas Athene in Aquarius in the 1st house. I love Pallas Athene – I wish it was my name! hahaha – gotta love the warrior energy. I didn’t know there was a Mean or True Lilith I was only aware of the asteriod Lilith. How interesting. How do you calculate it?


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