MH370 Mystery, astrology psychic insights from Tara Greene

The story is well known by now Malaysian Boeing 777- MASTER NUMBERS-200 takes off from Kuala Lampur on March 8 @ 12:41 a/m/ with 239 people on  board,mainly Chinese enroute to Beijing China.There were young children and  a Canadian couple on their honeymoon. MH370 disappears and after a week of contrary messages there is no sign of it whatsoever.

The last air traffic confirmed position was at 35,000 feet about 90 miles off the east coast of the Malay Peninsula at 1:21 a.m. Then the transponder was turned off. There was no danger signals or calls for help. The plane turned sharply westward and climbed to 45,000 feet then returning to normal lower flying altitudes and was picked up by Malaysian military radar west of Malay peninsula.The plane was picked up at 2:15 a.m. heading north-west towards Europe. But apparently the plane was picked up by satelite 7 hours later at 8:11 am. Its very confusing. Mixed signals. 


map of MH370 Astrology Tara Greene

Where the plane went to is a world-wide mystery at this point with a joint International team of 13 countries searching and scouring the oceans.

The Malaysian government is being severely reprimanded by the Chinese government for being inept in their handling of this. Many different scenarios were proposed each one disagreeing with the other.

The two stolen passport men who boarded the planes were Iranian and there was a photoshopped picture of them put in newspapers. Clearly there is a major cover- up from my point of view.

The pilots’ homes have been searched. 

The plane may have gone down over the vast area of the Indian Ocean West of Perth Australia.

To my psychic abilities the plane was clearly hijacked. But its confusing to know just who. It could have been  by Muslim terrorists who assumed they could land it and use it or by anti-government, maybe the Pilot himself or anti-Chinese protestors. There have been major Chinese protests going on in China lately.I think they were working with a mixed bag of highly skilled hired guns. The plane could even have been hijacked from the ground by hackers with very modern technological weapons.

The plane changed course many times. There were major fights on board. The passengers were terrified.  I think they were intending to get to Tibet/China, Pakistan or Afghanistan. 

The plane would have been picked up on radar in the northern more heavily travelled routes. I believe it went down somewhere in the Indian Ocean. But with the recently Retrograding planets Mars and Saturn it may take months to find out anything. 

The Astrology charts 

The first one is the official last connection to the plane at 1:21 am

MH370 astrology tara Greene

According to this chart the plane- with Sagittarius Ascendant. Sag. is the  sign of International travel, airplanes, and International relations,Higher teachers and religious fanatics is at 16 + degrees.

The Moon, the emotional unconscious motivation is in GEMINI at 7 degrees in the 6th house. This indicates to me a dual operational job. Some insider workings.There was a lot of meticulous Virgo, 6th house planning put into this. The Moon is squaring NEPTUNE in Pisces, making it very hard to find the inephable. And indicating the King of the Oceans took the plane.

THE SUN symbolizing the Identity of the plane itself is at 17 degrees of Pisces right on the IC/the root chakra of the chart but also it is connected to the MC which means it will be known on the world’s stage. Pisces is multi-dimensional. Did the plane go into another dimension? Is there martyrdom or suicide mission?

The plane -the SUN is conjunct to CHIRON the wounded healer. Yes many of the passengers family are totally distraught by not knowing what has happened to the plane. Pisces is water, and this is very deep water. With Chiron hereindicating a lot of confusion, PISCES delusion, projections, scapegoating, martyrs, religious zealots. THE SUN is square to the Ascendant- not shown on the chart. This indicates some religious fanatics stealing a plane, International associations. 

MERCURY is in Aquarius which indicates the technology used to communicate withe. Mercury rules thieves and flying in general. Mercury is square to SATURN in SCORPIO RETROGRADE in the 12th house of secret enemies, KARMA, institutions, drugs, prisons, prisoners, the Unconscious,self-undoing. This is a bad omen and not a good aspect to fly under.

URANUS also rules airplanes and extortion, extremists, exiles and it is in the Grand CARDINAL Cross with Pluto -terrorists and Jupiter in Cancer. This could mean a hijack for ransom or some angry Patriotic people.

MARS is RETROGRADE in Libra conjunct to the North Node in the 11th house which is an Aquarian overlay. Mars would indicate warriors and enemies, and Retrograde indicates an old fight, for Aquarian freedom. Libra also rules CHINA. Iran is ruled by Aquarius. Libra seeks justice, and is a dual sign so it could be either of those places. 

SATURN RETROGRADE in the 12th house is KARMA. 

Something about the chart reminded me of the 9/11 CHART.

The 1st WTC explosion shows the Sun at 18 degrees Virgo which is exactly opposite the Sun’s position on this day. 

Pluto, which indicates terrorists, was at 12 degrees of Sagittarius- the U.S. Ascendant BTW and Saturn was at 14 degrees Gemini, very close to these angles.

Jupiter was at 11 degrees Cancer then and 10 degrees Cancer now.

Mercury was at 14 degrees Libra then which would be involved in the Grand Cardinal Cross axis now. The Moon was at 28 degrees Gemini on 9/11 opposite Chiron in Sagittarius at 23 degrees. And the Moon is also in GEmini and square to Chiron in Pisces.  Uranus was at 21 degrees Aquarius on 9/11 and Mercury is at 20 degrees Aquarius at flight MH370. 

I didn’t think of this till it hit me intuitively so I checked it out. It’s eerie. There is an echo an imprint. 9/11 was an inside job so I am suspecting that about this one too. Something Pisces fishy is going on.

To have a plane disappear is rather like a scene from the TWILIGHT ZONE. Many conspiracy and UFO peeps have said that it either flew or was taken into another dimension, stolen by E.T’s. 

I am sorry for the families of all the passengers and my condolences goes out to them. Malaysia looks weak on the world stage. The good thing is a united search effort by many different countries but I think there is a lot of hidden information. 

What’s your take on it?


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene.

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19 thoughts on “MH370 Mystery, astrology psychic insights from Tara Greene



  2. Pre tsunami.I dreamt of girl in a sack-cloth type dress running with lots of people.They were asian.Two weeeks ago I was falling asleep and woke with a jolt.I could clearly see people dark skin and lots of them sitting in a two tier stadium.Again the people were darker skin.It was very weird as the stadium was moving in a circle,and was very close.I have told a few people this but am reserving my opinion ,if you can imagine a halo it was like this but two tiers of people and it was moving.I felt a little bit disturbed by this.


    • I do not know if my dream was connected to this flight disappearance,but I am paying attention,as I did not after pre tsunami dream.However I told someone who reminded me of the dream after event.If I were to reconcile this vision to current events,I would say they were alive.Also I was only dozing asleep when this vision occured and I am calling it that because I was not in a deep sleep.


  3. 1) nice article, very informative r u using western style concepts. moon in 6th house from sagitarius means tauras not gemini am confused here


    • I practice WESTERN TROPICAL ASTROOGY not Indian Vedic Astrology or other types of sidereal astrology. I am aware of Indian astrology and have great respect for it. Many Westerners are studying it and it is vast and deep, would take many many years to master. There are also hybrids springing up.


  4. madam, is there a possibility that plane never took of it was staged drama OR its very near of place and lot of mystery finally only plane in sea


    • HI
      there are many conspiracy theorists putting forwards their different accounts of why the plane went missing and what happened to it. Hijacked, kidnapping, plane being obliterated on purpose. Rothschild’s getting a patent because of passengers on board being killed. I believe the plane definitely took off and did crash into the ocean. There is definitely some mystery fishyness surrounding it though.


  5. I had a dream few days ago. A lady wearing blue outfit. Talking to me, she said to me, “How can we get out from this island?”. The island she talked about is called Paracel Island. And in that island there is a gigantic bird nest made from huge trees.

    But I don’t know. It’s just a dream. Though surprisingly these details match exactly to what other psychics “see” about the fate of MH370. And stewardess’ from Malaysian Airlines wear blue uniform. The bird must symbolised the plane. Paracel Island is located near China and Vietnam, and a lot of psychics “see” the plane was landed in that area, all in sudden.

    A lot of people assume the plane crashed in the sea, but families of the victims’ believe that their beloved ones are safe, sane and sound… in somewhere unknown.

    What do you think, Madam? It’s been so contradictory…


    • Well there are parallel Universes. It is very confusing about this plane.I always say trust your dreams.They are messages straight from your Psyche and they also come from many dimensions. On another level everything in the dream is a symbol of YOU.
      Birds are always souls,blue is a spiritual color- the throat chakra. The lady in Blue sounds like the Blue Fairy- the question your soul is asking is “How can I { we} get off of/from this island?” An island is always the ego- separate. So you need to learn to discern which level the dream is coming to you at.
      Life is so miraculous and yes has so many seeming contradictions. Blessings TARA


  6. I dreamt l was on a plane seated on the left side it felt like l was seated a little bit beyond half way, it was quiet on the plane like everyone was settled in, the lights where on then the lights went out it wasnt completely dark l could see but it was in grey and white then something black fell further up from me like a bag out of the over head storage bin, then the dream ended. It was a very short dream….l didnt think of that dream till l heard about MH 370 the next day.

    Just thought l would share this even though its not helpful . I do hope they find the black box .


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