Virgo Full Moon, spiritual Astrology, daily card by Tara Greene

The last Full Moon of Winter 2014 occurs March 16 @ 5:08 pm GMT/10:08 am PDT/ 1:08 am EDT @26 degrees of VIRGO.

The sign of the Virgin Goddess of the Harvest. That’s  appropriate-we are finishing a cycle.

The sign of VIRGO is associated with the TAROT TRUMP of THE HERMIT # 9


The Sun is in Pisces@ 26 degrees 01 minutes only 3 degrees and 59 minutes from entering ARIES and SPRINGING into a whole new LIFE CYCLE.

I chose the Hermit from this deck because it symbolizes the SUN as the LIGHT of Pisces as well. This is not a traditional Hermit image. Usually shown in profile always holding up a lit lantern. The HERMIT is a Spiritual Guide. VIRGO represents deep Introspection, that all the knowledge is within you. The HERMIT is also a GUARDIAN, a protective ancestor. Feeling the HERMIT’S lamp lighting your way can be very comforting. The angel and the ALL SEEING EYE of Insight, of psychic visioning over the Hermits head is not traditionally but again fully symbolizes the elements of this FULL MOON the dual axis of PISCES and VIRGO. 

All FULL MOON’s need to be looked at through both signs the Sun and Moon are in.

VIRGO is the 6th sign, element is EARTH, FEMININE. It is Mutable, adaptable, practical, hard-working, perfectionists, highly intelligent,  detail oriented. Virgo is a health related sign and Virgo specifically rules the bowels and abdomen. Virgo’s are highly critical of self and others, they see what is wrong because they want to make it right. Virgos are very organized, enjoy discipline, daily routine and love information, reading. They make natural accountants, writers, engineers; they need to serve others and their community. They are modest and frugal. Virgo’s are worries, especially about their health. Virgo rules pets, bees, cats, libraries, healers, satire, grains, food-producing and more.

VIRGO Rules Jerusalem Israel. It is also the Jewish Festival of PURIM.

Where the sign of VIRGO is in your chart is where, at this FULL MOON your feelings and moods, your mother, as symbolized by the moon, your work environment, nurturing, health, women in general, pets, your daily routine and the Unconscious elements are being HIGHLIGHTED now.

PISCES in the 12th sign, the last. It’s element is WATER, Feminine. It is also Mutable, spiritual, ephemeral, compassionate, forgiving, all inclusive, the God sign, sign of the mystic, the dreamer, the artist, chameleons, the psychic sponge, the martyr, the addict. The house/sign of Bliss ashrams, gurus, Yoga. Escapism, delusion, endings. Pisces rules Hollywood, glamour, all things mystical.

Where the sign of PISCES, the 12th house in your chart is where, at this FULL MOON the SUN is illuminating the Unconscious as well, pay special attention to your dreams, a light can be lit there in the darkness.   It’s an excellent time to  mediate at the Full Moon. Let go of old addictions, forgive yourself and others.

A FULL MOON brings to LIGHT issues that need to be answered: 


 Are you happy with your work?

What is the state of your health and diet?

What do you need to change to improve  your health and work?

Are you being of service in your community?

Are you working too much and burned out?

Are you too self-critical?

What is your state of self-worth?


What are your addictions? What are you escaping from?

How are your boundaries?  Are you a martyr? Where do you need to learn to say No?

Do you take time to meditate on a regular basis?

How charitable are you?

What needs to be brought to closure in your life?

Who do you need to forgive?

The MOON and SUN are close to squaring the GALACTIC CENTER at 27 degrees Sagittarius.

The connection to the heart of our Milky Way Galaxy is a huge black hole which transmits radio, infra-red and other types of radio frequencies.

This Full MOON is a grand time to tune into the metaphysical awesomeness of the G.C.

The MAYANs and other cultures knew of it as the central roadway for all souls passed into and out of this GALAXY.

it is wormhole.

Gather up the details, organize, finish off old issues, and accept what is,

forgive yourself and whoever else you need to, have compassion for your humanness as Virgo is very human.

See that you, this earth and everyone on it is a physical, dense, manifestation of SPIRIT, of LIGHT.

Get ready for a new season, Spring cleaning, cleansing, making way for the new.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene

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