Academy Awards Oscar win with the stars by Psychic Tara Greene

I gave 100% accurate Oscar predictions. Whoopee. I even predicted Ellen in a dress. It was a great show. I loved Matthew’s speech it was REAL. and the pizza. Bette sounded great so did Pink I was surprised that she could really do OK. It was long. Cate Blanchett even thanked Woody Allen. How well did you do in your Oscar Pool?

Tara Greene,Tarot Reader, Astrology Psychic

It’s that time of year again. The RED CARPET and Golden statues. Watching the earthly mortal stars. I have done Academy Award predictions for about 10 years.

You know about the origin of the RED CARPET? It is very ancient. The Red Carpet was a carpet stained red from menstrual blood.   Women’s menstrual blood was considered a sacred, powerful and very magical substance. Hence , only the highest and most honored would get to walk on it, not on stilletto’s but  probably barefooted on the red carpet.

I have not seen any of the movies. This allows me to be impartial.

The A.A. always happens during Pisces Time, ruled by Neptune aka PLANET HOLLYWOOD. Neptune rules film and photography, glamour, illusion, delusion, artists, creativity, addictions. Interesting….

Lately the Awards are more also very much about the fashion.  Venus is the planet of fashionistas and she is in quite conservative…

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2 thoughts on “Academy Awards Oscar win with the stars by Psychic Tara Greene

  1. you did very well indeed. Ellen’s dress was awesome hahaha. I absolutely adore Bette Midler and she’s a very good singer. I love Pink too.

    I predicted “12 years a slave” would win.


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