Academy Awards Oscar win with the stars by Psychic Tara Greene

It’s that time of year again. The RED CARPET and Golden statues. Watching the earthly mortal stars. I have done Academy Award predictions for about 10 years.

You know about the origin of the RED CARPET? It is very ancient. The Red Carpet was a carpet stained red from menstrual blood.   Women’s menstrual blood was considered a sacred, powerful and very magical substance. Hence , only the highest and most honored would get to walk on it, not on stilletto’s but  probably barefooted on the red carpet.

I have not seen any of the movies. This allows me to be impartial.

The A.A. always happens during Pisces Time, ruled by Neptune aka PLANET HOLLYWOOD. Neptune rules film and photography, glamour, illusion, delusion, artists, creativity, addictions. Interesting….

Lately the Awards are more also very much about the fashion.  Venus is the planet of fashionistas and she is in quite conservative Capricorn right now with Saturn the ruling planet of Capricorn going Retro on March 2. So I would imagine very old fashioned,rich fabric, deep blues, deep greens, reds traditional styling, big flouncy dresses to be in style with a few avant garde pieces.

I’m not a huge TV person but I usually watch the Oscars, they are fascinating, boring and fun. Ellen is hosting this year and she is always funny charming and sharp. Yes i think she will wear a dress for part of the show.  

The 86th Academy Awards features Saturn turning Retrograde and Mars having just done so the day before. We are also under those Cardinal Cross energies.  What that means to me is that their may be some last minutes changes. A long show, long serious thank you’s. Saturn slows things down. People who have put in serious, mature, performances will win.  The Astrology has an effect on the types of films that win. I know lots of people like Gravity but it doesn’t feel like a very Aquarian time.

So the 86th Academy award winners, these are my intuitive insights.

THE STARS on the stars 

Plus I’ve added my Astrology research notes as well to actor’s in the running. What’s very interesting is that almost all the actors I think will win have the current Cardinal Crosses affecting them  powerfully. 


She has her Moon at 12 degrees Libra, which is squared by Pluto and Jupiter and is oppposed by Uranus  now. Also her birthday is March 1st so what a nice Solar Return plus a day treat.

BEST  SUPPORTING ACTOR very interesting, two of them are very tight in aspects between two supporting actors

I SEE -JARED LETO WINNING of Dallas Buyer’s Club- he plays a transgendered man

Dallas Buyers Club academy Awards tara Greene

Jared Leto and Matthew McConaughey

Jared who is also a rock singer, has all the Grand Cardinal Cross energy going for him this year. He is into Astrology as well. Transiting Mars goes Retrograde at 27 degrees Libra is exactly opposite his 26 degree ARIES Moon. Uranus is very close to  his 14 degree Aries Ascendant and exactly square his Mid Heaven Highest career goal. Pluto is also squaring his Ascendant and in his 10th house. Transiting Neptune is squaring his Neptune and his Saturn. Neptune rules Film and photography you know.

MICHAEL FASSBINDER in 12 years a slave 

his planets are totally aligned with a win. Uranus conjunct his Sun, Pluto square it,and the two power planets also squaring his MID HEAVEN at 12 degrees of LIBRA with Jupiter also in the mix.. SAturn is also opposite his Natal Jupiter in Taurus , The North Node and MARS are also making close aspects to his own Natal North Node in Libra and his Mercury at  28 degrees Aries.BTW his Part of Fortune is 13 degrees CANCER exactly on the U.S. SUN and close to where Jupiter is as well.

BRADLEY COOPER for American Hustle he won’t win but just to illustrate 

Bradley has Natal Saturn Retrograde at 15 degrees Cancer- he loves cooking, opposite his 14 degrees Capricorn Sun both squaring Pluto at 9 degrees Libra..he is in the powerful Cardinal cross energy for sure. He is set to be taken seriously.

Best ACTRESS   CATE BLANCHETTE for Blue Jasmine 

CATE BLANCHETTE will win for her amazing acting. Yes there is the Woody Allen scandal but Hollywood is voting for FILMS for acting and not family feuds and accusations that haven’t proven to be real legally. 

Cate’s Astrology

Cate has Pluto exactly squaring her VENUS at 14 degrees Aries. SHe also has Goddess asteroid Juno- FEMININE GENIUS exactly conjunct her  NORTH NODE on Oscar night. She will be recognized for her JUNO/GENIUS as an actress. SAturn is also exactly opposite her 23 degree Taurus Sun and foes Retrograde exactly at that degree. The Moon enters ARIES on March 2 and will conjunct her Chiron which may make her the target as the wounded healer because of the Academy’s choice.

Amy Adams won’t win

She only has her Saturn at 14 degrees Cancer and Neptune square her 5 degrees Sagittarius Neptune. Yes she is ready to be taken Seriously.  But I don’t think she will get it.



although I have to say that David O. Russel has better Astrology aspects affecting him now. And right through 2014 as a quadruple LEO.




BEST FILM EDITING- Gravity Alfonso Cuaron, Mark Sanger

BEST ORIGINAL SCORE -Alexandre Desplat for Philomena



BEST FILM – 12 Years  a SLAVE

I think this has to do with the collective unconscious memory of Nelson Mandela Passing away this past year. 

BEST SONG Let it go from FROZEN by Idina Menzel

Idina,is having Saturn opposite her natal Saturn exactly. She also has her Natal Uranus at 9 degrees Libra opposite Chiron at 12 degrees of Aries. In the Cardinal crush zone.



All writing is copyright of Tara Greene and may be used with full credit given to Tara Greene and her website

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LET IT GO – FROZEN sung by Idina Menzel

3 thoughts on “Academy Awards Oscar win with the stars by Psychic Tara Greene

  1. Reblogged this on Tara Greene,Tarot, Astrology, Psychic & everything you need and commented:

    I gave 100% accurate Oscar predictions. Whoopee. I even predicted Ellen in a dress. It was a great show. I loved Matthew’s speech it was REAL. and the pizza. Bette sounded great so did Pink I was surprised that she could really do OK. It was long. Cate Blanchett even thanked Woody Allen. How well did you do in your Oscar Pool?


  2. Love this article! Found it through google.I was looking up on Matthew McConaughey’s natal chart and saw that his transit saturn is square his Midheaven and thought that wow that might have been a big factor! (I am a newborn astrology enthusiast,so just speculating here)


    • hi BRIT
      thanks for the response. Yes SATURN square Matthew’s mid-Heaven would bring serious, mature, kudos in his career. He is also garnering raves from his Series on TV as well. Glad that you are a newbie astrology enthusiast. Its so exciting. I have been enthralled by the stars and planets for around 30 years now. SO much to learn, always learning.


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