Retronado,Double trouble advice from Tara Greene

Yes it’s a virtual Retronado as Saturn joins Mars turning Retrograde March 2,

one day after Mars goes Retro on the New Moon in Pisces March 1.

Retrograde Astrology Tara Greene

SATURN turns Retrograde @ 23 degrees 19 minutes Scorpio until  July 19 turning Direct @ 16 degrees 39 minutes. 

MARS & SATURN were traditionally known as the two “MALEFICS.”  Meaning bringing difficulty, originally supernaturally.

So these two Retrograde Planets double deal us the heavy hard stuff. Bad cards, ill omens.

It’s like “THE GRIM” in HArry Potter

Saturn is Trouble, obstacles, the third dimension, the tax-man, Father, Corporations, Patriarchal Authority, elders, karma.

Saturn Retrograde reminds me of the Myth of Sisyphus, who was a deceitful King who was punished by having to push a huge boulder up hill all day, which rolled back at night so he had to keep repeating the same thing for eternity.

It may only feel that way. And it won’t last  for ETERNITY.


It may not be easy. You gotta pay your dues. NO PAIN NO GAIN.

Saturn, modern Ruler of Capricorn,{ also ancient ruler of Aquarius}  also rules death,  aka Father Time, he used to be called the Grim Reaper.

A friend of mine always said ” SATURN ALWAYS WINS.”

Thanatos is a Freudian term for it. Rather like Pluto, Lord of the Dead.  

So Saturn and Pluto share similarities. Pluto is the modern ruler of SCORPIO along with Mars.

Myth of Sisyphus Titian Tara Greene Astrology

THE MYTH of  SISYPHUS by Titian 1548

The BAD BOYS are in cahoots and moving us back to cover our tracks into the shadows….

Up until March 6 there will be 3 personal planets Retrograde. 

DON’T  expect much action in the sex, job or friends optimism and advantages departments during that 5 day period especially.

DO- Enjoy the MOLASSES NESS of it all. Sticky, dark, dramatic, messy.

DO- Slow down, we do far too much rushing around BUSYness these days.

Jupiter will turn Direct March 6 having been RETROGRADE since early November 2013 @ 20 degrees 31 minutes of CANCER.

That will open up some energy flow especially for CANCER, Sagittarius, and Pisces.

MARS currently Retrograding in LIBRA is ruled by Venus. RETROGRADE MARS affects ARIES and SCORPIO especially

MARS turns Retrograde March 1 at 27 degrees 32 minutes of LIBRA until MAY 19.

Mars Retrograde is anger turned inwards, it can affect your health, be careful of not getting too wound up inside.

Exercise is very important to release the steam that  can’t get out. It will help increase low energy.

MARS in LIBRA Retrograde is VERY INDECISIVE.  So don’t expect clear cut answers.

All people, cities countries that are Aries + Scorpio & Capricorn  will feel the FAIL. 


England, Germany, Palestine, Poland, Israel,


Syria, New Orleans Louisiana, Paraguay, Morocco,


Mexico. U.K. India, Albania, Brussels Belgium, the Vatican.

There will be energy shifts in those places, hardships, tough times.


Saturn RETROgrade in Scorpio will further affect SCORPIO energy and magnify Mars Retrograde motion 

Double Toil and trouble for you Scorpios,born NOVEMBER 8th – 17th especially… Let’s hear from you. I’ m listening.

Rams too, usually the most amped up energetically of all the signs will feel the lack of oomph energy and drive the most. 

We will all be carrying that weight, Saturn is Lead, depressing, lack of purpose, what’s the point? 

Saturn will make us take responsibility for our actions.  Saturn only moves back about 7 degrees in almost 5 months. 

DO.  revisit any unfinished responsibilities, especially taxes, contracts, unfinished projects.Old family issues, karma, your Dad most especially. Marriage reviews, business associates and the like.

Old sexual problems may surface, shared resources, inheritance, women’s reproductive issues, finances are all Saturn in Scorpio.

DO. Exploring old emotional baggage, the dark heavies, therapy is beneficial, mourning what you have lost and haven’t had time to cry about.


This is  a HUGELY IMPORTANT ISSUE. A client the other day had hives all over her body and they couldn’t tell what was wrong. She was on an elimination diet. I tuned into the fact that her father had died a couple of years ago and she was so busy care taking everyone else that she hadn’t had time to fully mourn herself. She had 5 planets in Libra. I told her to go directly home to cry, to mourn fully in the Jewish tradition for one solid week, To sit shiva for her Dad. I predicted that her symptoms would go away. I also recommended Homeopathic remedies which support grief. 

Remember EVERYONE has the planets Mars and Saturn in their own natal chart somewhere.

I AM HERE TO HELP YOU. Get a reading with Tara Greene


all writing is copyright of Tara Greene

IT DON’T COME EASY- Ringo Starr 

You Make It Hard Diddy – Feat. Mary J. Blige 



4 thoughts on “Retronado,Double trouble advice from Tara Greene

  1. Hi Tara!!! Its Natalia again… I really hate ta ask bc i kno how busy u r. I read ur articles daily. They r fantastic. Thats y i really could use ur help. I jus need an outside perspective. My birth date is 3\7\84. My 28\29 yr natal cycle or my planets have been lining up for awhile. Idk wut ta do n need help. Im sure u’ll understand once u look at my chart. I thank u from the bottom of my heart for even taking the time ta read this. N I thank u for helping ppl around the world ta find themselves in a world that can b so harsh n so cruel, n helping us see the light at the end of the Tunnel. U have a beautiful gift that touchs the world everyday. I hope to find my gift. I kno its there. I jus need ta find it.


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