Look back, Retrograde Rehab map from Tara Greene

“Don’t look back” is  the famous advice for Lot’s wife from Soddom & Gomorah and to Orpheus ascending from Hades with Eurydice. Also the name of a famous Bob Dylan documentary film.

But we are definitely meant to LOOK BACK now. That’s what RETROGRADE planets are all about. Look back and learn what you didn’t get already. OK?

We’re going to be initiated into a LOT of REtrograde planetary actions.

Orpheus and Eurydice Art Tara Greene

Orpheus and Eurydice by George Frederic Watts  c. 1867

Retro isn’t just throwback fashion styles. Everything that starts with RE is IN.


Remember what Amy Winehouse  infamously said. Rob Ford denied, and many other addicts recently in the news. Whether Cory Monteith,Philip Seymour Hoffman, the Beibs not quite yet there or Selena Gomez ..

Here’s the REHASH…

We’re just finished a Venus Retrograde. DID YOU Learn new old love lessons?


Mercury is Retrograde now till Feb. 28  Don’t initiate, double-check all commuinque’s.

Jupiter is still Retrograde in CANCER till March 6. Old family issues….

MARS turns RETROGRADE- ass backwards March 1st until May 19.  At 27 + degrees LIBRA  where he turns Retro, this is only 2 degrees from the powerful April 15 TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE degree of 25 Libra.

From Feb 8- 13 Mars will be crossing those Libra points so set your intentions NOW for what you want to catalyze at the TOTAL LUNAR ECLIPSE  on April 15, although Mars will be Retrograde.

PAY ATTENTION if you have planets, Ascendant or other angles affected by these 23-27 degrees Libra points. It’ll take till July 16- 23 for those 23-27 degrees of Libra to fully light up when Mars is direct again.  

Remember Mars Rules the sign ARIES and SCORPIO. Those seven months in Libra and especially during the Retrograde period really wreaks havoc for Rams and Scorpions.  

Mars is Retro for 11 weeks. That means NO MO ACTION FORWARDS. No amount of VIAGRA or CIALIS will get him up.

Mars in LIBRA is already feeling wimped out. The warrior spends from December 7, 2013- July 25 2014 in Venus’s sign, getting revamped about how to treat women as equals. He learns to receive beauty, poise and love lessons. He is cross dressing, like Desmond he “stays at home and does his pretty face.”

Canadian Author  Jeff Brown has led the way. He writes the apologies of men for raping, disparaging, hating, fearing, controlling women for the last 5,000 years.  On some level that IS the big lesson of MARs in LIBRA.

Equally women also must step up to claim their equality on all the world’s stages. ALso equal rights for gay marriages.

Mars in LIBRA is the scales of JUSTICE, of KARMA.

Aries, Scorpio you pay attention. You may get into legal troubles. 

We are being weighed in the cosmic BALANCE. The Masculine must stop raping the earth’s resources, animals, people, men and women. Fairness, Justice, peace, beauty, harmony is what MARS in LIBRA seeks. More like the Knights of King Arthur’s times. The Masculine bows down to protect the Feminine if she needs, he is honor bound, respectful, ethical. 

SATURN goes Retro just after Mars, MARCH 2 @ 23+ degrees SCORPIO til July 20@ 16 degrees.

The planets  Retrograde TIMETABLE

PLUTO April 14 at 13 + degrees Capricorn- September 22 at 11 degrees 00.

MERCURY 2nd RETROGRADE  from June 7 @ 3 + degrees CANCER- July 1 @ 24 degrees GEMINI.

MERCURY 3rd Retro-October 4 @ 2+ degrees SCORPIO -Oct 25 @ 16 degrees LIBRA.

NEPTUNE goes Retro- June 9 @ 7+ degrees PISCES til November 15 @ 4 + degrees.

URANUS goes Retro July 21 @  16+ degrees ARIES til Dec. 21 @ 12 + degrees.

JUPITER 2nd Retrograde Dec 8 @ 22+ degrees LEO- April 8 2015 .

MARK those dates down on your calendar.

If the planets Retrograde over your personal planets then you will feel the lesson especially hard.


All writing is copyright of Tara Greene. You may reprint if you give full credit and a link back to this page.

Get a reading about how the RETROGRADES affect YOU http://www.taratarot.com

DON’T Look back in ANGER OASIS Feb 19 1996 

CHANCE/ atmosphere by JOY DIVISION






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