Phil Everly,Astrology of a pop icon, Tara Greene

Phil EVERLY one half of the gloriously harmonious singing duo The EVERLY BROTHERS passed away on Jan 3 2014 at 75 years old. RIP PHil.

Their singing was beautiful, country based, harmonious and had a dark side and depth which influenced Bob Dylan, the Beatles, The Beach Boys, Simon & Garfunkel, The Hollies and the Byrds many others. 

The Everly Brothers Astrology Tara Greene

I remember their songs being popular as a kid. Especially All I have to do is Dream from 1958 when I heard it on the radio. They had 30 Billboard charting songs. And were named the 33 most important artists out of the top 100 by Rolling Stone. WHEN WILL I BE LOVED SHould be the Bullying them song?

They wrote their won songs as well.  “Till I kissed you.”- Don. “Cathy’s Clown” -Don & Phil. “When will I be loved?” – by Phil. Other singer shad hits with these songs like Linda Ronstadt. Crying in the Rain was covered by a-ha in 1990. Robert Plant covered their hit “Gone Gone Gone on his Raising Sand album from 2007.

So lets look at Phil Everly’s astrology to know who he was. A CAPRICORN born Jan 19 1939 

Phil Everly astrology Tara Greene

PHIL EVERLY had a strong chart. A 5th house STELLIUM, with open hearted, creative, self expressive, entertaining  SUN  at the very last critical degree of Capricorn. Showing a  hard-working, conservative, practical CAPRICORN. Sun is conjunct the MOON which gives a balance of the Masculine and Feminine and strong parental and family connections.

communication planet MERCURY is also in Capricorn in the 5th. Sun and Moon are opposite PLUTO in the 11th, a sign of Wishes Hopes and Dreams, and being connected to mass higher consciousness,  at ZERO degrees LEO- sign of worldly fame and dazzle. He was born to be famous using his innate talents.

GRAND TRINE & Kite formation

SUN and MOON TRINE NEPTUNE Retrograde in Virgo in the 1st house of self. He was a practical Virgo Dreamer, it is trine to his MC Mid Heaven his career and worldly fame.  MARS is involved in sextile to Neptune in the 3rd house of siblings and communications and the SUN. We all knew what Phil was famous for.


Planet of creativity, beauty, harmony and love, in Sagittarius close to fixed STAR Antares in the 4th house of family, roots. Venus  Trines Saturn in Aries in the 8th. A symbol of love of success and money.

JUPITER is in PISCES on the Descendant 

Jupiter rules Pisces. Jupiter is the planet of expansion, positive energy. Pisces, sign of  dreamers, creatives, singers, musicians, spiritual, charitable folks. Jupiter in Pisces is like having a guardian angel or projecting yourself out to the world as one on your 7th house cusp of partnerships and marriage.

ON JAN 3 there were so many markers for Phil

Phil died from COPD from smoking his entire life. 

Transiting MARS is exactly opposite Phil’s natal Saturn {death} in ARIES at 12 degrees. Of course Uranus in Aries is opposed and Pluto in Capricorn is conjunct his NAtal Mercury and is square to Saturn.  

Saturn is close to his Natal Mars at 20 degrees Scorpio. Saturn has recently crossed Phil’s North Node in Scorpio as well.

VENUS went RETROGRAADE right on the degree of Phil’s Sun on Winter’s Solstice.

ALso NEPTUNE is conjunct Phil’s Natal Jupiter- a  once in a lifetime transit. Literally being escorted back to Heaven. A very beautiful transit to die under, I have to say.

The Everly’s Brothers were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1986.and their music will  live on..



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GONE GONE GONE by Robert Plant & Alison Kraus 

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