Sagittarius New Moon, Ode to joy of sex, Astrology from Tara Greene

Did you know that EVERY NEW MOON is a time of HI LOVE MAKING as it is the Union of the Sun and the Moon?

Yes they do it in the dark,it is secret. but we can certainly feel it, sense it, meditate on it. 

Happens at 4:22 pm PST/7:22 pm EDT 10 degrees 59 minutes of Sagittarius close to ANTARES. MARs’ rival.

Sagittarius Horse year

All Sagittarius New Moons should have you feeling up, passionate,they are  EZ going, teaching, philosophizing, funny.

Sagittarius, the 9th sign and house, is always the truth seeker, finding a higher peak,  to inspire, to inquire.

Sagittarius is a half human, half equine character. It’s partly wild, seeking freedom, truth, justice, honesty.

Sag. is ruled by the PLanet JUPITER, KING of the GODs. CUE: Wear PURPLE to honor JOVE/Zeus.


so I would recommend that you use this backwards glance time  as an ample opportunity to review,

 and look over your mane into how 2013 was. This is the last New moon of this year. 2014 is a HORSE YEAR in the CHINESE Zodiac.

JUPITER is also in quincunx to the SUN AND MOON. So that is an outsider aspect. It’s like meeting an alien and expecting to be able to converse in English. No comprende? so 

URANUS trining this Sag. NEW MOON.- means bringing on the shiny new everything, technology too,

it’s also bring on NEW CHAOS, the Sun’s poles are about to reverse any moment. Seriously.- see link below

GODDESSES VESTA of the hearth flame and New Planetoid Ceres are opposite Uranus. The 2 Goddesses, of Mothering and focussing are in LIBRA indicating we need to balance by focussing on the DIVINE FEMININE energy. 

SATURN  @ 17 degrees Scorpio and square to Goddess JUNO- the Goddess of FEMININE genius and fertility. Yes She is teaching Saturn a lesson or two. Traditionally SATURN was the Great Mother. We come through spirit via the portals of our mother’s wombs and are birthed into Saturn’s realm. Makes sense, just think about it. Rebirth symbolism.


Jupiter and Venus in Capricorn are still in opposition a very luscious aspect too. Earthifying.

CHIRON the Wounded HEALER also a CENTAUR like the Sagittarius symbol,

is square to the SUN/Moon lovers so great TANTRIC HEALING CAN OCCUR. Chiron was a dream and visualization healer.

I would set aside time to meditate at this New Moon and call upon the Higher Master TEACHERS who are supposed to  reside on JUPITER, in esoteric tradition.


As with all ceremony,smudge to cleans yourself and the area first, 4 candles for the 4 directions. Always align with the earth and the sky and all your relations. Call in the 4 elements and directions starting EAST and moving clock-wise. Visualize the earth being healed by ultra violet rays of light coming from the SUN MOON and JUPITER , through your will heart and 3rd eye chakra. Breathe in the inner lover, visualize what the SUN and Moon making love would feel like. Align with that love vibe and enjoy the ride as your chakras open and you experience bliss, orgasm on a pure vibration level. 

This is total ALchemy.  


Get a pre- SOLSTICE reading/2014 preview with Tara

Sun’s magnetic field’s to flip

potlatch- SLEEP AT THE swamp { 02} 


DECEMBER Is very busy I’ll post all the aspects tomorrow

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