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I am sick with a cold and should be sleeping my fine friends and readers. I’ve been up all night in fact, writing obsessively for this blog daily for months now. I love it and knowing so many of you are reading it makes me feel like I am fulfilling my mission. But I need to slow down a bit.  I am having Saturn in Scorpio in my 12th house and that’s a tiring, did I say OBSESSIVE? transit. Are you going through this one?


If you are, you know how Saturn tests and limits you. The 12th House is always a natural PISCES house, this is the most secret house, the house of origin and return SPIRIT, Bliss, the Unconscious, self undoing, illusion, delusion ,fantasy spirituality, enclosures, ashram, gurus, creativity, dreaming, psychology.  Cocooning. Awaiting rebirth. With SCORPIO, 8th house issues in the 12th it combines both these emotional, watery, dreamy, energies. It  is very deep, intense, facing the shadow, power,control, sex, money, jealousy, revenge, spite, obsession issues on top of it. Being ground down by Saturn, grist for the mill, the ego, the Unconscious self is turned to dust. Saturn is earth, it’s like dying before being reborn. Dust to dust as they say. Depression is a very common symptom of Saturn in the Natal 12th house or by transit. Also memories- see link below for a childhood memory 

It’s hard to keep the outer worldly ego up and parading about in the 10th house of career when all the energy is pointing inward, Hermit like to the 12th. VISION QUESTING is what is called for. 

Saturn in the 12th represents a long ending to a journey begun when Saturn crossed your Ascendant, 28-29 years ago. If you have a 16-20 degree SCORPIO Ascendant then the REBIRTH happens as SATURN crosses the line shortly into the 1st House and a WHOLE NEW LIFE CYCLE begins. My son Elijah was a baby, I was into being a new mom, nursing on demand, having a family bed, and running my first husband and I, crafts business and a house.

As Saturn crosses the Ascendant it is  literally like the first breath of air that a baby takes upon being born..

So the prep is very important.  Saturn moves from 16 degrees Scorpio – ZERO degrees Sagittarius in 2014. SATURN will backtrack into Scorpio again, finally entering  Sagittarius in June 2015. 

If you are going through Saturn in your 12th it’s a great idea to get an in-depth reading.

I do ongoing cosmic coaching with clients.

Nov. 27

Moon conjuncts MARS IN VIRGO in late a.m.

Check out if your dreams are aggressive, uptight, sexual, earthy worrying.



Could be sexy delicious, luxurious baths, talking out your emotional needs, creates TRUST.

Inspirational CArd of the DAY            


Secret Dakini Oracle tara Greene MAGIC MUSHROOM SOMA #18 

Hidden knowledge, a mirage or shadow, realms of the sacred , extra- terrestrial forces. Intuitive wisdom, imagination, 

It signifies the entry of forces from the secret realms of the psyche and the assimilation of these forces as fulfillment. This is the number of Higher initiation, the unfolding of occult powers and the path of spiritual evolution. Like the Moon in the TAROT TRUMPS, PISCES, the 12th house.


all writing copyright TAra Greene

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31 thoughts on “Saturn in the 12th house,coping strategies, Card of the day

  1. Hi Tara,

    I have a 21 degree Scorpio ascendant (born December 27, 1961), and believe me, your words above more than resonate with me. For the past two years and a bit, since Saturn entered my twelfth house, I have been dying a slow, painful, intense (but necessary) death. I had it all – a great job involving international travel (moon, north node in Leo and Uranus in my natal ninth house), friends, positive self-esteem, only to lose it all (albeit a couple of friends remaining) as Saturn left my eleventh house and entered this astrological never-never land. I also lost my home and income. This is hell, and it would seem few if any understand when I try to articulate what I am going through. Nobody I know has a comprehension of astrology, and it’s no point trying to articulate to them what I am going through. Some of the friendships lost were my doing, some not – when Saturn enters the twelfth, there’s no hiding place, no rug to bury the facets of myself under …with Saturn here, it all comes out in the wash.

    My ego and persona have been completely shattered; I have experienced intense depression, anxiety attacks, and fear…such fear about the future. I have also never felt as alone and isolated as I have these twelfth house years of transiting Saturn. Subconscious fears and unresolved past issues have surfaced within me, making for a living nightmare as I attempt to resolve them before the new cycle begins. Issues with estranged siblings, past regrets, and most of all, issues pertaining to my own persona – who the hell am I? Where am I going?

    Transiting Saturn initially crossed my Ascendant in January of this year before going retro back into the twelfth. That initial crossing was horrific. I am slowly coming to terms with all I’ve lost (the twelfth house being, of course, the house of loss) and it’s painful to accept that losing something you loved is meant to be before my new cycle begins. I feel like an empty shell; a painting that has been scratched, leaving only scarred canvas.

    Anyway, sorry for the rambling – it feels good to vent. Oh, and yes, I am a hermit; all I feel like doing during this twelfth house transit of Saturn is hiding away, hiding my Scorpio rising being from the world. as it’s a world I temporarily do not feel part of or joining at this time. Yet join it I will when the new Saturn cycle begins…and I slowly begin to repair and rebuild my persona to adapt to the new cycle.

    Thanks so much for your post. I wish YOU well on your own rebirth…I totally understand where you’re at and where your coming from. Life is all about impermanence – to everything, there is a season…turn, turn, turn, no?



    • HI John,
      I am touched by your personal testifying to Saturn, the Grim reaper in the 12th house of endings, solitary confinement, loss, and karma. Such an excellent description of your personal “Hurricane Katrina” are the first words that come to mind. Yes the realm of the Unconscious, looks like a Hieronymous Bosch painting of Hell. It is hard, desolation row. Yes your brand new Saturn cycle begins with new responsibilities,and a new life. Yes to everything there is a season.
      Jupiter will cross your North Node and Moon this year or next, what degrees are they at? and Jupiter is the Great Benefic and that will provide you with new passions,energy and opportunities.
      Thank you for your well wishes. IT is really exhausting, especially as I have already experienced my 2nd Saturn return. Time to rebuild my website. Blessings to you and thanks for the reveal.


  2. Also…”Manic Depressive Pictures presents…” LOL! Only a Scorpio sun or ascendant would appreciate the dark and delicious humour in that. Thanks for making me laugh out loud today…I needed it. And God/Buddha…so true!


    • Manic Depressive pictures presents was a major word movie theme in my childhood from the ages of like 8 when I first heard Danny Kaye sing it on a LP.
      Yes do more laughing it is the best medicine. Jupiter’s in Leo now there will be more laughs especially when Saturn enters Sagittarius too.


  3. Hi Tara, thank you so very much for taking the time to respond to my post. To make matters more “challenging” I also have undergone major Pluto transits to my Venus (Sag), Mars, Sun and Mercury in Cap in the 2nd house, AND transiting Neptune conjuncti my IC and opposing my Moon and MC!! The $#@^% perfect transit storm. Damn. “Hurricane Katrina” is an apt description.

    FYI: My North Node is 18 degrees Leo in the 9th, and my Moon is 5 degrees Virgo in the 10th conjunct my MC, Pluto and Uranus. Do you think Jupiter will in fact activate good energy and opportunities? I damn well hope so! I need good news! 🙂

    Transiting Saturn, I am convinced, especially in the 12th and crossing the ASC, is the most BRUTAL of all transits.

    I too am utterly physically exhausted? It seems to intensify as Saturn moves closer towards my ASC.

    I also think, correct me if I am wrong, that it is especially during the stressful Saturn transits when we truly need to focus on our North Node meanings, don’t you agree?

    Ah, we are Scorpio risers…we are tough as nails…we are like cockroaches (that survive any planetary cataclysm) – we survive what so many other rising signs crumble under…I’m convinced of that. “This too shall pass, Scorpio sister. We shall come out the other side, stronger and wiser, with a new shell and interior.


    • John the whole idea is to meet and communicate. You gave me your birthdate where were you born? wow Neptune on your IC opposing Moon- extremely psychic,you are in the dreamworld, and can be feeling totally lost, extremely spiritual transit,you need psychic boundaries and protection for sure. We have a karmic connection. My South Node is in Virgo at 5 degrees thereabouts and your Neptune conjuncts My North Node.
      Saturn is pretty brutal, he used to be called the Grim Reaper. Someone I knew used to always say Saturn always wins, but of course he was a Capricorn and biased. I’d say PLUTO seems to wreak the most devastation as he is really Lord of Death and destruction. Tears the ego down and levels it totally. It seems like it is happening outside of you, but really it is coming from with in. Wow you are being pummeled. When reality is so hard yes I would definitely turn to the North Node for spiritual direction and strength in LEO- courage, will power, creating a new role, centering in the heart.
      Scorpios are like cockroaches,and everything passes it is the nature of the game.
      many blessings to you. My Pisces North Node feels everyones pain and I am always sending prayers out.


  4. Oh, my God, I just checked the ephemeris, and believe it or not, transiting Jupiter will conjunct my Leo North Node on October 14 of this year…JUST as transiting Saturn will exactly conjunct my ASC at 21 degrees Scorp. Wowza. Also noticed that transiting Jupiter will conjunct my Moon/MC/Pluto in the 10th house in Sept of 2015.

    Here’s hoping!!


    • HI JOHN, after the storm the sun shines. Jupiter is the GREAT BENEFIC,like Santa Claus, boon giver, optimism, positive energy, the Wheel of Fortune in the Tarot. The only caution with Jupiter is getting over confident and taking too many risks. Jupiter and Saturn together are a great couple. Jupiter plays hard and Saturn works hard they balance each other out. Thats great timing. Jupiter conjuncting your Moon/ MC/PLUTO in the 10th is great for building a new career, a new place to shine in the world. Also can mean a major move as Jupiter is opposite your IC. Where’s Jupiter in your natal chart? You mentioned you have Venus in Sagittarius, and Pisces IC . Traditionally Jupiter rules both Sag and Pisces.Jupiter in VIRGO opposite Neptune in 2015-2016 will be very interesting to watch.Jupiter squares both signs it rules from that place. Jupiter is education, higher learning,expands the health field in Virgo, can mean big pharma or the realization of how it controls most of the world. BIG SPIRITUALITY, optimistic dreams/delusions/illusions/addictions. Jupiter in Virgo opposite NEPTUNE in Pisces can literally be very deadly viruses out of control.


  5. Hi Tara, thank you so very much for taking time out of your busy schedule to respond. Very nice of you. Apologies, I was born in Toronto on Dec 27, 1961 – 4:25 a.m.

    Sun 5 degrees Capricorn in 2nd House
    Moon 5 degrees Virgo in !0th house conjunct MC
    Mercury 11 degrees Capricorn in 2nd House
    Venus 27 degrees Sagittarius in 2nd House
    Mars 2 degrees Capricorn in 2nd House
    Jupiter 9 degrees Aquarius in 3rd house
    Saturn 29 degrees Capricorn in 3rd House
    Uranus 0 degrees Virgo in 9th House
    Neptune 12 degrees Scorpio in 12th House
    Pluto 10 degrees Virgo in 10th House

    Fascinating about the karmic connections we share, not to mention the same Scorpio ASC – small world.

    Thanks for the Jupiter words of hope and confidence – they are very much needed and appreciated.

    Indeed, my Pluto transits were/are brutal, and to think Pluto takes 240 years to circle the chart…aren’t I the lucky one? 😉 Neptune transits, for me, are very hard to grasp and comprehend…they seem so intangible. Yes, I am being put through the test to the max.

    I tried to explain to friends that these past few years have felt like me up in a bare tree – a few feet below me a strong tsunami literally washing my past and life structure away, and another image I feel is I am standing in the ruined foundations of a house after a tornado has virtually destroyed my “house” (life) and yet I am still standing, sans everything I knew and possessed.

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    • JOhn
      we were both born in Toronto and I your Neptune comment made me think of this very powerful dream I had years ago, which has elements in it of what you are mentioning. I will post it. I also have Neptune squaring my Sag Sun now. we contact those we need to karmically re-connect with.
      Blessings to you. Remember you have chosen from your soul’s highest growth to learn and experience through all of this.


  6. I have no doubt whatsoever that my soul being, before selecting this life and incarnating into my present physical entity, chose and knew full well the peaks and valleys I would encounter along this particular journey. For everything, there is a season and a viable reason why it’s happening. I’m trying to come to terms with and grasp the full meaning of these challenging transits and this particular juncture in my life, but I think I won’t be able to fully grasp it all until I’m well out of this storm…my current mental state is primal survival instincts, if you know what I mean.

    I’m not too well versed on the meaning/significance of planets which conjunct the galactic center, but I knew my Sag venus was there. I’m not sure of the significance of this placement, or other planets conjunct the galactic center?

    Cosmic black hole love…all I can say is that I am very tuned into singular and collective moods and feelings/emotions of others…I’m a psychic sponge…and many times I have to identify the fact that what I’m feeling is more externally related than internally processed, if that makes any sense. Perhaps this is a result of my Venus placement in addition to the Scorpio asc? I’m not sure.

    Yes, please post your dream experience. It would be intriguing to read and assess.

    Blessings back at you. Thanks for the response. 🙂


  7. 1. I’m going to do some indepth research of the galactic center – my curiosity is piqued.
    I should have researched this long ago.

    2. It is said that very strong souls willingly select a Scorpio ascendant for their incarnations,
    as the intense, powerful life currents and storms encountered with this asc can only be
    weathered by “seasoned” souls. This makes sense to me.

    3. That said, there ARE days when I wish to hell I had chosen a Gemini or Aquarius
    ascendant for this incarnation, plus more natal planets in air signs! LOL! There are days
    and times where I envy the airy, superficial incarnated souls around me!!


    • hi John
      The Galactic Center is a fascinating place. I have my Mercury right on it. My sense is if you have planets there and I think Phillip Sedgewick has Saturn,Jupiter or his sun right on it. My sense of it is planets on the G.C. act as radio receivers from this deep mysterious wormhole inter-dimensional transition station. You simply download bits of info but the whole HOLE thing is so huge we all get pieces of the vast puzzle so need to connect with the Sagittarius tribe. Also check out a really interesting book about Black Holes called The Black Hole book by Alex Miller-Mignone he goes even deeper into the cosmos.
      2, Yes I have heard that too, I also say this to Scorpio peeps. It is the most soulful of all the signs. Scorpio Ascendants often have difficult traumatic births as well. Often a life death situation or death of others around their birth time. I was born 2 1/2 months premature weighing 2 pounds 6 ounces and spent the first two months of my life in an incubator and nobody touched me.
      3. As tough and intense as it is I wouldn’t have it any other way myself. YOu’d hate being that light.


  8. Hi Tara,

    I have been doing some reading by Sedgewick on the Galactic Center – utterly fascinating. Thanks for the recommendation. Will also check out the book by Miller-Mignone.

    I know this: with my Venus in Sag conjunct the GC, I am intensely sensitive to feelings and moods and energy emitted by others. I also am intensely sensitive to music and poetry…very much so. There are times when I am simply overwhelmed – and nourished -when listening to certain classical pieces of music and contemporary artists…my inner being is flooded with the messages I receive from the music.

    Wow. You made a typical Scorpio entrance to this world. I too was premature by just over a month, and also spent time in an incubator, also untouched. I often wonder if that explains some of my inner core being feelings re relationships and my approach to them. I was born on the night of a severe blizzard in Toronto…my parents were at a Boxing Day family get-together, and my dad had a few too many. He DROVE my mother to St. Mikes hospital through the blizzard; him driving, my pregnant mother sitting in the middle of the front seat, and my uncle (who also had a few too many) sitting next to my mother. How Scorpionic.

    I was mentally reviewing my life when Saturn last exited my 12th house and crossed my ascendant in November of 1984. My mother crossed over on August 24 of that year, as transiting Saturn was in my 12th house at 11 degrees Scorpio – one degree away from being conjunct to my natal Neptune there. After her “death”, my family structure totally disintegrated – severe loss of family ties. I was literally pushed into the world to forge my own and new identity. It was painful as hell, but was part of the cosmic plan for my soul. Also, I vividly recall feeling very “old” as my 23rd birthday approached that December. I felt ancient. I didn’t know then that transiting Saturn was just into my first house.

    The Saturn cycle never ceases to amaze me in regards to its consistency and accuracy in people’s lives – mine included. Yes, there are other transit and progression factors, too; but the Saturn cycle is so powerful…and like Pluto, so karmic.

    You’re quite correct about not wanting to be “that light”. That said, Scorpios are blessed/cursed with having perhaps the most unquiet minds in the zodiac.


  9. Transiting Saturn conjunct a Scorpio ascendant and the inevitable crossing of the threshold and into the first quadrant of houses 1-3: quite literally death and resurrection…the Phoenix rising from the flames.

    Listen to Sinead O’Connor’s song, ‘Troy’…”I will rise, and I will return”.


  10. Hi Tara, well, transiting Saturn finally conjuncts my 21 degree scorp ascendant for the third and last time on Monday, Oct 6. I am never ceased to be amazed by the Saturn cycle; I was interviewed for a job on Monday, when Saturn was at 20 degrees Scorp, and I start work on Monday, when the transit is exact on my ascendant. I was terrified I would be hired when Saturn was still in my 12th (which is NOT a good thing). I can’t tell you how many times Pluto, Uranus, and Saturn exact conjunctions to my sun and now my asc have triggered departures from jobs and the start of new ventures. Astrology is simply amazing. I just hope it gets easier as saturn moves further into my first house. That 12th house transit was the biggest pile of cosmic hell I have ever endured.



    • Yes It will get easier for sure. Saturn in the 12th is one heavy HEAVY lode of lead to carry. But it’s really just all our own unconscious stuff. Ya gotta learn to love Saturn. I am writing an e-book about that. Saturn is great, He is the Lord of reality, the Third dimension, you wouldn’t have this body temple if not for Saturn. Praise him and all the tyrants. SATURN cross your Ascendant is the butterfly emerging from the chrysalis- you’ve been liquified from your previous caterpillar stage – you’ve gone through the death and rebirth and now you are reborn. Think of what you learned. Saturn is the great teacher. You won’t have to go through it again for another 29 years. Well maybe its easier for me as I have Saturn in Libra natally which is better positioned and virtually no earth in my chart. Yes Open your wings and fly.


  11. I will make it a point to come and see you for a reading once I have some dough in my pocket. Will contact you in a few months (or before that).


  12. I am in Toronto, so a person to person consultation would be great. I will absolutely contact you in the near future. Thanks so much for your responses to my posts. Cheers.


  13. I am planning to ditch the cigarette habit minutes before Saturn conjuncts my ascendant – time to detox, clean out my body, reconnect my mind, body, and soul, and begin this new cycle on a healthy and positive note. Quite literally “out with the old”, and a final farewell to negative, self-destructive habits.


    • yes good idea to ditch the old addictions. I did it, I wasnt a heavy smoker and had been smoking ceremonially- only to do prayers. I feel so much better and never event think about it anymore. Every once in a while remember some sentimental thing. There are homeopathic tobacco remedies o you know that?
      Blessings TARA


  14. I’m a firm believer that our souls cannot properly decipher messages from the spirit world, nor can we tune into our higher selves when our bodies are filled with toxins/poisons. Congrats on your kicking the habit. 🙂


  15. If your body is filled with toxins yes you may have a harder time. Id say it has more to do with addictions. As Carl Jung pointed out Alcoholism is literally the thirsting for spirit. There are different opinions on this. I remember Gurdjieff the famous mystic smoked his entire life.Some spiritual teachers like Stuart Wilde drank and smoked heavily. Some people say it is to make them more human. Others say they can transcend anything if their vibration is high enough. Have you seen Wings of Desire? I loved that movie because the angels drink coffee and Peter Falk smokes I believe and they are angels. So you know its up to the individual. The Dalai Lama eats meat.


  16. Ah, “Wings of Desire”! Loved that 1987 film – very moving. And yes, you’re so right, come to think of it, many mystics did and do indulge in substances. I stand corrected.


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