2014, keep your chakras open, Astrology advice.

2014 =# seven,  Tarot Trump THE CHARIOT, a vehicle, The sign of CANCER.Your emotional body.

SEVEN is also associated with the SEVEN  HEAVENS, 7 CHAKRAS, 7 traditional planets, musical notes, 7 levels of consciousness. Sevens have to do with laws of cycles, the ups and downs, the wave or the particle, the yin and the yang. 

for 2014- PAY ATTENTION to your EMOTIONAL BODY. Make sure you keep you chakras OPEN and aligned at all times.

7 chakras Tara Greene spiritual healing7 chakras, lotuses or flowers energy centers

2014 will be a VERY intense year. 2013 has been relatively mild. The T- square between URANUS PLUTO and JUPITER Intensifies as firecracker Mars spends almost the first 6 months of 2014 in LIBRA making it a CARDINAL GRAND CROSS with 4 planets involved.

Mars is ARIES ruler, so yes the REVOLUTION is here. And it ain’t going away. Mars the fighter, the boxer, the general, King. Mars is in its weak sign, opposite ARIES. Mars is learning to make love NOT WAR in 2014.

WHAT kind of chariot will you be driving? How to navigate the terrain?

No matter what kind of vehicle you drive, metaphorically speaking, the best way t travel is to use a blank map, no GPS, drive blind -not literally. TAKE THE ROAD TO NOWHERE. – see links below. NOW HERE.

Jupiter in CANCER till July 16 2014 is exalted. He favors nurturing, women, home, security, feeling very emotional, crying, tsunamis. We have a doubly CAnCERIAN influence for the 1st half of the year. WOMEN need to make their needs met early in the year. 

There will be lots of chaos – especially in April as Jupiter Pluto and Uranus square each other at 13 degrees around April 22nd ish.Uranus In ARIES is breaking down all the structures, individual rights, freedom, liberation, all is new.Technology too.Pluto in Capricorn is breaking open corruption, secrecy, power control issues, big corpocracies which control the U.S. Canadian and most “democratic” governments now. 

Jupiter will enter LEO July 16 to make the count, 2 fire, 1 air, 1 earth arrangement. Its getting hotter and more masculine. Jupiter in Leo means gold prices will go through the roof.. Jupiter will then Trine  Uranus and square SATURN from October on. 

THE NORTH NODE also changes SIGN in February 18 to airy LIBRA if you use the TRUE NODE, on March 22 using the MEAN Node. Relationships, diplomacy, BALANCE, neutrality, give and take, the arts, beauty, love. VENUS ruled. Softer direction. ARIES selfishness is now PAST.

The markets will be haywire. Huge storms, incredibly difficult weather patterns.  The most obvious symbol is Radiation poisoning of the ocean which we know is already ongoing from Fukushima.

 SATURN enters SAGITTARIUS CHRISTMAS EVE but will re-enter Scorpio later in 2015.


Saturn Turns Retrograde March 2, 2014 @23 degrees. Do you have planets or angles from 19-27 degrees? The responsibility, the lead, the heavies, depression, testing won’t budge till October 28  when Saturn passes over that pivotal point again. GET READY for a big push. You may be pushing the car up the hill. Once you get to the top its coasting downhill all the way.


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EXCELLENT GIFTS- same address above, Gift certificate can be used anytime. All writing is copyright Tara Greene

Swing Low Sweet CHARIOT- Dolly Parton



ROAD TO NOWHERE Talking Heads 

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