Dark Night of the Soul Inspirational Card of the Day

SCORPIO SOLAR ECLIPSE has come and gone but not really. Every Eclipse leaves a trail, ashes,  tread marks which continue to be felt in your soul with a Scorpio Solar Eclipse for at least 6 months to a year. Especially where the eclipse was seen as total.

SUN MOON SATURN MERCURY NORTH NODE solar eclipse is like the dark night of the soul. You need a TAROT card, a PSYCHOPOMP as a guide.


Durga Page of Wands/Tarot card reader Tara Greene

Yes This Goddess is on Fire 

Call her KATNISS EVERDEEN from the very popular books and now movies from THE HUNGER GAMES series

Katniss everdeen Catching Fire

In The Tarot she is called the PAGE of WANDS traditionally and the PRiNCESS of Wands in the THOTH TAROT And other decks.

Usually shown as a naked woman grabbing a tiger- FEAR by the TAIL, she is the embodiment of Fire, the earth of Fire, the Primal Fire.

SO call her as Goddess DURGA, the Goddess who is called into to destroy all the demons before they totally destroy the earth.

Light a candle to her, make offerings to the Goddess of Fire, of LIGHT, who brings consciousness. Like the heroine in The Hunger Games Katniss is fearless. We are all hungry in our souls. For the Light, for delight. For passion, union, love, peace, freedom. Best to light out fires now, lest we be HUNGRY GHOSTS in the afterlife.

She is also  PELE, VESTA BRIGIT, 

the Sacred Fire is sexuality, a very SCORPIO theme.

Send prayers to heal all women and children especially who have been wounded in their most sacred fireplace, their sexuality. But also for all beings as men are also wounded in their sexuality in this culture, in fear and hatred of women’s and their own.


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I’m ON Fire- Bruce Springsteen 

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