November 1 at Death’s door, Daily inspirational card


Of course the Card of the Day is DEATH

Visconti Sforza Tarot Death Tara Greene

Visconti Sforza Tarot Deck #13 Trump DEATH

The DEATH card the one most newbies fear to see.

DEATH is always good. It is change. All of life is always changing, always in flux, motion, never ever is it stable. Change is good. Only the EGO attempts to secure itself, it’s position as being stable. HA HA. LOL good one. Death always has the last laugh. Honor death and honor life.

IT’S A GOOD DAY TO DIE- say Native Americans. Life life to the fullest.

November 1st is a very ancient Mexican Festival which honors and celebrates  deceased ancestors. To the Native Indios in Mexico and throughout Central America death was never an end to Life but a beginning, just a transition. Most indigenous people world-wide honor their departed relations, their ancestors and remember them not only on one or two days in the year but daily, setting plates of food for them at the table after they have  passed into the Spirit world.

In  China, 3 oranges are usually left as an offering to feed the departed spirits, whose help from the other dimensions is of great value. Aborigines, shamans, ordinary people tap into the knowledge of their departed loved ones regularly who protect, watch over and guide them.

November 1st Dia de Los Muertos in Mexico is celebrated  by the wearing of wooden skull masks called calacas and dances in honor of their deceased relatives are held. Wooden skulls are placed on family alters dedicated to the dead. Sugar skulls, marked with the names of the deceased on the forehead are eaten by a relative or friend, It is  a kind of ritual cannibalism, the eating of an effigy of the dead means that person’s spirit is with in you,feeding you.

Ancient Aztec civilizations held the  festival on the 9th month of the Aztec solar calendar, approximately at the beginning of August and was celebrated for an entire month, ruled by Goddess Mictecacihuatyl. She is known as the Lady of the Dead and was believed to have died in childbirth. So the festival was traditionally in honor of children who also had died at birth. Rituals were also dedicated to Huitzilopochtli { Sinsiter Hummingbird} a war diety.

Christianized to coincide with All Saint’s Day or All Hallows Eve, in Spanish: “Día de Todos Santos, Mexicans now celebrate the day of the dead during the first two days of November.

There is also the Saint of Death.

Mictecacihuatl pronounced ‘Meek-teka-see-wahdl’  is Queen of Mictlan the Underworld, called Hades in Greek Mythology, ruled by PLUTO/ SCORPIO in modern Astrology, she rules the Afterlife.  She is like PERSEPHONE in Greek Mythology. Mictecacihuatl was represented as a skeleton with jaw agape to swallow the stars during the day. INteresting that she swalled STARS/PLANETS.

SAint of Death like Pluto astrologyMictecacihuatl Lady/Saint of the Dead

On November 1st and 2nd Mexicans visit the cemetery where their loved ones are buried. They decorate gravesites with marigold flowers and candles. They bring toys for dead children and bottles of tequila to adults. They sit on picnic blankets next to gravesites and eat the favorite food of their loved ones. It is a time of celebration.The ancient festival is also  honored by Native and Afro- Americans. Incense is offered, the deceased favorite music and foods are cooked for them.

Honoring Your dead Ancestors

When the veil between the world’s is thinnest, the departed will most naturally speak to you in dreams and leave signs. You just have to ask. Nothing to be afraid of. The modern, civilized religions, fear death,and  are cut off from the natural wisdom that the ancestors bring. Death is merely a transition to another dimension. In fact the dead are always very close at hand. To fear death is to fear life, sexuality, pleasure, 

DEATH is SATURN’S domain, Lord of death, bones, the Grim Reaper.
ALL of us will die and transition, as we already have.  You know this, you are cosmic star dust from the beginning of the Universe.

YOU are all One with ALL THAT IS WAS and ever will be.

Grief assistance:

I assist with psychic mediumship readings, and karmic chord cuttings.

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