Martial Law,Mars and Saturn Astrology from Tara Greene

YES WE ARE UNDER MARTIAL Planetary Law this week. Literally, Mars and SATURN the two heavies, meet and are laying down the LAW. plus MERCURY RETROGRADE in SCORPIO is rubbing salt in everyone’s karmic open wounds.

Yes its serious Mercury Retrograde havoc. Huge Solar eclipse in Scorpio Sunday and I’m trying to finish my  eclipse article. I had a crazy week last week.  How are you doing?  IT’ll feel terrifically INTENSE. RED ALERT!!! Shootings, volcanic explosions, dangerous, trigger happy.

MERCURY Retrograde’s from 15 – 10 degrees SCORPIO this week. If your birthday is October 25- November 5th you are getting the brunt of this. My Ascendant is 18 degrees Scorpio. Happy birthday to my cousin Debbie.


Did you see the Movie Be Kind Rewind? It’s  Feel good sweet and fun. We may need to be reminded of the sweet life.

Like a pimple ready to pop, or on the verge of a huge orgasm that you are clenched teeth attempting to stop, this aspect has its own REward.

If you work it well. It’s a rewind,  karmic memory tapes energy. We are being forced at gunpoint to surrender. ERASE the old programs.

 BE EXTREMELY  MINDFULL of every thought and word that escapes your mouth. Words have incredible power.

USE this time wisely and meditate on what’s actually going on between the two halves of your brain, mind/body split.

Use Black Tourmeline for protection.

Use this archetypal  shaman’s journey time – to traverse the upper and lower worlds or the corpus callosum.

Check out where the re-writing, reviving, regret, relevant, rebooting, TOTAL RECALL of where your emotional soul memories  live at 13 degrees 19 minutes of SCORPIO is in your natal chart. And how, by the aspects- square? opposition?

NEED Spiritual assistance? – see link below-

The whole purpose of your life, everyone’s life,  besides experiencing yourself as Love, as Divine, as ONE, as part of ALL THAT IS, is to be conscious emotionally of what you have done in the past, and take full responsibility for it.

That is the meaning of TAROT TRUMP # 21 THE WORLD or the UNIVERSE 

#21 Trump from ALan Moore’s Graphic Novel  PROMETHEA 

Usually the Universe has SATURN’s symbol on it.

 Then when you own it  you are freed, then you change the past, present and future. RESPONSABILITY that’s SATURN’S KEYWORD.

KARMA is emotional SUPER GLUE. It’s what keeps us coming back here on the meat wheel and we keep getting stuck like flies.

If you killed someone in a past life, you still carry that imprint, unless you’ve gone into total acceptance and forgiveness- PISCES energy.

 I met a man yesterday, in his 70’s who told me that he had dreams of being in the Luftwaffe and seeing Hermann Goering.  He was very aware, he knew that he had been a Nazi in World War II. Now he  is Jewish and he can’t forgive himself. He felt stuck and couldn’t resolve it. We have all been the Nazi, Jesuit, murder and Jew, witch, heathen, infidel, innocent and victor.  KARMA makes perfect sense and perfect balance. If you’ve killed Jews in a past life then of course you are bound to come back and experience life as a Jew. It is a form of voluntary compassion. It also symbolizes self- hate when unconscious. The Nazi, Jew or Muslim who hates the “other” really just hates themselves.

The person from your past life is most likely your mother, father, sister,brother, husband, wife, child, boss, neighbour, assailant.  

So name it, love it, release it, be free. STOP HATING YOURSELF. See how much you are in denial of this.

MARS is ACTION! The BIG DIRECTOR of the cosmos- is yelling ACTION- It’s your movie. It’s your move.

It’s here, FORGIVENESS. It’s available. Whether you call it Jesus, Allah, God, the Goddess, Repentance, Grace, It’s all the same energy.- sit with this all week and especially on the SOLAR ECLIPSE.

Mars, ruler of Scorpio and Aries- at 9 degrees Virgo opposes CHIRON in Pisces. So bring on the healing on late October 30- Oct 31 EDT.


I’ll continue with the rest of the week’s aspects next. please respond, Ask questions.

Need help? – get a reading with Tara

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