Grand Theft Astrology, Underworld, Pluto Direct

Pluto goes direct Sept 20

Pluto, the Dark Lord, has been Retrograde since April 12 where he changed direction @ 11 degrees 35 minutes of Capricorn.

Did you feel that lurch? Mythologically it’s like Persephone being dragged into the underworld.

It’s a common theme in the gaming, Hollywood world because it is so very powerful and important.

Underworld Astrology Tara Greene

Pluto’s a big thief, he’s the one for Grand Theft auto- of your soul.

Pluto  spends about 5 months in his own territory the UNDERWORLD, Hades, Hell every year. It ‘s a necessary initiation into integrating your own shadow or dark side, in order to be psychologically whole and yes you gotta do it every year. It’s soul maintenance. Just like getting an oil change for your car. We just changed ours today.

Pluto is very powerful as are all planets as they change direction. Pluto goes direct @ 8 degrees 59 minutes Caprciron. Pluto won’t pass his Retrograde station until January 2014.

Pluto’s territory, the Land of rebirth and is a place of immense wealth, Pluto rules wealth Plutocracy= power, rule.

Pluto going direct affects different Pluto generations differently.

Which Pluto generation are you?

Those born with Pluto In Libra from 1972-especially those born in 76  are having their first Pluto square now + Uranus also opposing them. A very difficult mid life crisis right now. I’m here to help.

                                                              STARTS                     ENDS

Pluto in CANCER     home, mom, apple pie, American image, traditional, does what one is told, wholesome, believes in “progress.” 

                                                      May 26, 1914                  June 14, 1939

Pluto in LEO   

Baby Boomers     It’s all about ME, never get old, play, creativity, self expression “WE RULE” atomic bomb fears,  60’s generation heyday. Freedom,

                                                         June 14 1939                      Aug. 19 1957

  Gen X ers

Pluto in VIRGO  

Hard working, serving the “tick tock”  world, intellectual, analytical,conservative

                                                       August 19, 1957                October 5, 1971

                                                       April 17, 1972                    July 30 1972

Pluto in LIBRA  

 the beginning of Feminism, divorces being common, women stepping into the work force

                                                         October 5, 1972                       April 17, 1972

                                                          July 30, 1972                          November 5, 1984

                                                          May 18, 1984                           August 27, 1984

Generation Y     

Pluto in SCORPIO          

discovery of AIDS- change in sexuality, shared resources, secrets, open s & m, pornography,intense desire to feel or deny, lust for power, money, entitled, gender freedom

                                                          Novermber 5, 1983                  May 18, 1984

                                                            August 27, 1984                    January 17, 1995


Generation Z


curious about space, technology, higher truth, justice, International living, yoga, cross cultural influences, not old time religion, inner spirituality, thirst to learn and understand the meaning of life.

                                      January 17, 1995               April 20, 1995

                                   November 10, 1995            January 27, 2008

                                   June 13m 2008                     November 26, 2008



Break down of old traditions, in all matters, business, religion, women’s roles, reinventing new ways to work, practical, life will be challenging, not handed to them on a plate.

                                                   January 25, 2008                     June 13, 2008


  Pluto will be in Capricorn      November 26, 2008               January 20, 2024.


How do you feel you fit this list? What are your observations about your generation? This is a general list.

What jewels have you dug up in the past 5 months?

It was the anniversary yesterday that my mother passed away 4 years ago. I happened to be doing a reading for a women born the same year as my mother, 1925 yesterday. She was so vibrant and full of life, clear as a bell. It was like another version of my mother, her shadow, her denied self, someone who she could have been. Do you know what I mean?

What you deny you project onto others, a disintegrated part of your self. Want to be whole and happier?

then do this work. Pluto is PSYCHO POMP.

Pay attention to the synchronicites happening now. PLUTO’S realm is very strong and powerful.

Don’t let Pluto steal your greatest treasures and keep it hidden. Steal back what’s yours and bring it  to consciousness now.

be the hero/heroine of your own journey.


get a reading with Tara

all writing copyright Tara Greene 2013- infinity

Jewels and Gold  -Angus & Julia Stone 2007

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  1. Bless you Tara!!! I do know what you mean re your mom! I haven’t been home long enough to post that testimonial this week! It is on my agenda as soon as I have a bit of time at home. Sending you love and gratitude! Nora

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