Your KARMIC Destiny now, Mars square Saturn and Nodes

September 9 -MARS the warrior King in Leo is  Square to SATURN in Scorpio – DEATH-  and the NORTH NODE -DESTINY -a very HUGE axis of Karmic Judgement.  Grab your natal chart right now and locate where 8-9 degrees Scorpio is in your chart, and those degrees in LEO where Mars is; Taurus where the SOUTH NODE is and Aquarius, 8-9 degrees by square. Mark them in Red.

That is where huge purging, testing and power struggles are in your own life.Check the house and aspects to other planets.

Saturn meets up with the North Node once  every 11-12 years but in SCORPIO!!!! Hasn’t happened since October 1956! Were you born then? Let me know how you are feeling.

The exact conjunction happens on September 16 @  8 degrees 35 minutes SCORPIO

Have you been frustrated and irritable the last few days? That’s probably why. I sure felt it.

President OBAMA, a LEO who’s SUN is at 12 degrees is strongly affected by this aspect. President Obama also has his NATAL NEPTUNE at 8 degrees SATURN- he is delusional right now about going to war with Syria and it is his karmic come uppance time.


This is a very intense combative aspect. Mars in Leo wants his way, feels royally privileged to act. SATURN is the Karmic cop, the reality principle  who says STOP, In Scorpio- death/rebirth and transformation and sex,power and secrets. SATURN, the great seniority says NO to Mars testosterone fueled energy. This is so very obviously unfolding on the world’s stage..

Traditionally these two malefic planets bring death and destruction. Punishments. INTENSE power struggles, inflammatory situations for the next 3 weeks., Volcanoes, tsunami’s, aggravated assault, accidents. Fire and brimstone, Judgement Day. Waste, carnage, suicide, death. The lord of war is conflagging the lord of death. The LION King and the Serpent are fighting.


Mars in LEO’s highest side is the warrior of the heart. Mars in LEO is love and sex energy and that is beautiful masculine energy. What every woman wants. A new masculine energy could be forming from this trial by fire. Saturn in Scorpio transforms- sex, the shadow. Saturn in Scorpio is dying to live, dying to love, dying to your ego, to your lover, to obsession, to be reduced to rubble in order to grow anew, Like forest fires in nature. SURRENDER, lay down your arms, lay down in the lion’s den or with the serpent.

Like Jacob wrestling with an angel. Why are you fighting with your self so hard? What is it you are so scared to lose?

What are we fighting for?

Really what is life all about?  Better to ride the edge of the blade. The Scorpio scythe. The Grim reaper keeps us real.

Edgy, interesting, intense.

Like FRODO having to throw THE ONE ring of Power into the cracks of DOOM. this is exactly what its like.

As the great 12th century Sufi poet RUMI would say


Forget safety.

Live where  you fear to live.

Destroy your reputation.

Be notorious.”

Get rid of all unneccessary things. Pluto and Saturn are in sextile. Pluto loves purges. Saturn in Scorpio is BARE BONES. It is survival mode.

You must be scrupulously ruthlessly honest with yourself. Ruthless can be a good thing when used properly. Intent is everything.

The upcoming SOLAR eclipse on November 3, is at 11 degrees Scorpio, theses aspects are the prelude to that powerful eclipse. Which also involves the U.S. president very directly.

QUESTIONS to ask yourself-

MEN -Have you been abusing women emotionally and sexually? Are you into porn and objectifying women? well there is karmic justice coming.

Women – have you allowed yourself to be run rough shod by a man, Are you yourself abusing your anger? Do you get mad at your kids because you can’t stand up for yourself? Leo is the sign of the child.

The world’s ethics and motives are being tested. Saturn is the Cosmic cop remember. You ARE BEING TESTED to the bone.

VENUS enters  SCORPIO on 9/11. She will also conjoin Saturn and the Nodes,September 18

The next 9 days are a cauldron of excess passion and fury ready to boil over.

Venus in Scorpio will be in Mar’s sign. They will square off on September 28 at 19 degrees Scorpio/Leo  + sex change.

Sorry I couldn’t resist that. Transgender issues in the news.

Steamy as can be. Mars= M Scorpio – S Much 50 shades of grey energy.

KINKY Times ahead.  Erotic art.  TWERK your little tush off.

Stay true to your own heart. You will be sweating it, Find the strength to forge ahead.

Light the fire of your own inner convictions.

You will desperately need a NEED a reading


all writing copyright Tara Greene

7 thoughts on “Your KARMIC Destiny now, Mars square Saturn and Nodes

  1. Hi TARA –

    *Regarding this transit & aspects of MARS-SATURN-NN*

    Have had *2 dreams in a row the last 2 nights about ‘FIRE’.* Both involve small kitchen appliances that begin to smolder at the plugs & controls. In each dream I am alone inside the kitchen & see the problem immediately. In one dream I end up pulling light cotton curtains above the counter off the rods as they catch fire, and holler for my former husband for help (he is working outside the house + a former brother-in-law)

    *As I awoke from the 2nd dream this morning, I returned to your post to review the aspects & my natal chart where I have:* *• Pluto @ 6º Leo-3rd house * *• Nothing in Taurus or Scorpio * *• Venus @ 6º Aquarius – 9th house * *• Mercury @ 10º Aquarius – 9th house * *• MH @ 15º Aquarius*

    Given the above – my thoughts about this is to expect the challenge to come thru *’fire in the kitchen’ (the feminine), *and it may come through a * communication* (Mercury in ≈ from or about one or both of the 2 males in the dream.

    My f*ormer husband IS a Scorpio SUN @ 9º / 4th house *(yikes)

    I have been working through relationship issues with my father (dec) & how I viewed the relationship of my parents – affecting the feminine view of myself & seeing how it was ‘fixed’ by that.

    If you can respond to any of this I would be grateful for your thoughts.

    Am about 2 months new to your posts – and am having a great time with them – so appreciate your in-depth way of ‘seeing’ and your background of study & interests. They mirror many of my own pursuits with a masters degree in Jungian Studies and Contemplative Psychotherapy (Tibetan Buddhist view), self-taught astrology, yada yada.

    Both parents were Scorp suns, 2 siblings with Scorp 1st houses, former husband – Scorp sun, & my own 8th house Cap Sun, so as you can tell, this energy is familiar to me.

    Many thanks! ~ Bonnie

    On Mon, Sep 9, 2013 at 12:40 AM, Tara Greene,Tarot, Astrology, Psychic & everything you need wrote:

    > ** > Tara Greene posted: “September 9 -MARS the > warrior King in Leo is Square to SATURN in Scorpio – DEATH- and the NORTH > NODE -DESTINY -a very HUGE axis of Karmic Judgement. Grab your natal chart > right now and locate where 8-9 degrees Scorpio is in your chart, and those > degree”


    • Hi Bonnie,
      wow I am so happy to hear your fabulous reflections and integration of the Astrology input into your life and into your dream state too. I love this. This is exactly what I am hoping to touch in listener’s. That you see that it works, the symbols, the planets and stars in your life, that you are part of the macrocosm. You are a PLUTONIC person! All that Scorpio depth psychology is in your blood. You are a Jungian Psychotherapist- Pluto in the 6th house. Squaring Venus & Mercury in the 9th house. Eclectic Aquarian MC. It’s perfect. You have chosen to learn and apply the soul’s knowledge in this life. IT ain’t easy. Two Scorpio parents- heavy control issues, secrets, obsessive, broody, depression. And all your Scorp relatives, ex etc. Of course it all works this way through magnetism, the ethers. Cappy sun in the 8th! OMG .
      The appliances that smolder “at the plug and controls” seems like a literal pun to me. I love dream puns. Yes we speak the same language.
      Thank you Bonnie. Please keep sending me your feedback. It feeds my soul.
      Blessings to you and yours


  2. *Hi Tara,

    * *Wow! A friend sent me the following news that in the state of Colorado where the majority Democratic Senate, who have literally run the 2nd Amendment Constitutional rights out of existence, the people began a process known as a “RECALL”.

    It takes a concerted effort to achieve this – need to collect a great # (thousands) of signatures to challenge the officials and then have a NEW election & defeat the office-holder.

    Yesterday, TWO major DEMS were RE_CALLED in Colorado – one being thePresident of the Senate.This also sends a huge mssg to others who also voted similarly, as well as a mssg to the Governor.

    * *I ‘smelled’ a scent of KARMIC Retribution – and decided to check out Colorado’s chart. BINGO!

    * *CO Sun @ **SUN: 9°22′ Léo *

    *****See article below:*

    *CO Senate Pres Morse Sen Angela Giron Ousted***



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