Cardinal Grand crossed sexy love weekend daily Tarot card

Moon enters LIBRA, the 7th sign August 10  at 6:08 am PDT

A relationship oriented weekend, Libra’s need people, much like Cancer’s do

but not in Cancer’s emotionally needy touchy feely way.

Libran’s are gracious hosts, they are usually attractive people with very refined taste in dress and decorum.

They have the best parties.

So as the GRAND CARDINAL CROSS is forming this weekend invite all your Aries Cancer Libra and Capricorn friends.

Libra is supposed to be all about peace and balance and harmony, but it’s  a constant juggling act, and often not so easy to achieve.

Right Libra’s?  who sound like “What do you think? Should I or shouldn’t I?”

I was born with 4 planets in Libra myself, so I have personally lived the see-sawing,

I know the whys and the how’s of Mars, Saturn and an exact Neptune/Venus conjunction in Libra.

How many of you are LIBRA’s and have planets in Libra?

How many of you LOVE LIBRA’s? and know where your Libra /7th house planets are intertwined?

Let me see your hands. TELL ME ALL ABOUT IT

3 or more planets in one sign is called a stellium in Astrology language. BTW.

Sat. will be a bit stressy as Moon quincunx’s Neptune and so does Mercury in Leo -may not be spiritual but “all about me”


Moon squares Pluto in Capricorn late 8/10 PDT- can be truly deeply madly dead sexy romantic.

Moon squares Jupiter opposes Uranus 

 Libra Moon  quincunx Chiron in Pisces- early a.m. let people heal on their own, you don’t have to patch them all up.

Serious secrets,deep intense sexy love conversations as Mercury in Leo squares Saturn in Scorpio 11:05 am over bagels and coffee

don’t wear your heart on your sleeve

Last aspect of the day -the final punch of the Grand CArdinal Cross

Libra Moon squares Mars in Cancer

cuddling your beloved or holding onto your teddy bear may be what you remember best after the Grand Cross weekend.

YOur TAROT card  guidance for the Grand Cardinal cross?  


tarot card 4 of disks Tara Greene tarot

Well this is very fitting as, the number 4 reflects the 4 CArdinal Signs and elements fire water air earth.

The Thoth tarot calls this card POWER.

The lovely image here from the TAROT of the Holy Light shows a Phenix burning in the ashes of its’ own transformation.

That is what the higher purpose of theCardinal Grand Cross is it’s an inescapable

x marks the spot.

caught on all sides, hemmed in, we cannot escape the evolutionary necessity that is happening all around us.

IT is akin to the sign of Virgo but rules an element of Taurus.

We need to stay grounded in our transformation, make it real.


Copyright Tara Greene 2013-Infinity

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