Royal Baby Astrology Horoscope, intense chart Little Prince

I just heard the glad tidings, a boy born July 22 @ 4:24 BST in London England.

YES  a CANCER PRINCE like his Dad and his Grandmother Princess Diana. A Momma’s boy,  as Cancer’ is the sign of the Mother, ruled by the Moon. Both Prince William and Kate have their Moon’s in Cancer so they will be a very close-knit private and emotional family.

In Fact Prince William’s MOON is at 5 degrees Of Cancer, so he will also be emotionally telepathic with his father with his Jupiter EXACTLY on his Father’s Natal moon and Mars 1 degree away. Could be a spitting image of his father but I feel he will have dark brown hair and beautiful intense blue eyes.   

Cancer’s  are emotional sensitive, crabby, emotionally needy, prone to  tummy upsets. Home is their sanctuary. Cancer’s Love to nurture others, very generous, wants to feed the people.  Born with that Grand Trine, and ultra tense Mars Jupiter  + Pluto opposition square to Saturn, plus the Uranus Pluto Square and more. Ambitious.

The Little Prince possesses a Royally Intense  chart fit for a future King. Or maybe not.

Here it is

Royal Baby Astrology Chart

Born within a half hour before the Sun entering ROYAL Leo. Many psychics were speculating, or projecting that it would be a girl. Whether in a boy or girl’s body, this little soul, like everyone else, chose his parents and everything about his birth. I will look at how it is like Princess Diana’s as we are  talking reincarnation, and karma. Soul’s do migrate from being females to males and back again.

The young Prince has a SCORPIO Ascendant

which usually indicates some life and death struggle at birth. I haven’t heard the details yet. He will definitely have piercing very dramatic eyes, with that Soul stare aspect. An intense persona, controlling and powerful. Mars and Pluto rules his Ascendant, but Mars is weak in Cancer, and conjunct Jupiter  the sign of Royalty. Jupiter is the stronger planet. A lot of 8th house intensity. There is a huge amount of karmic emotional resonance here. Pluto is Retrograde in Capricorn opposite Mars Jupiter and Squared by Saturn in Scorpio in his 11th house. Will he get to the throne ever?  This speaks of power struggles.

MOON- which is always the symbol of MOM is at 28 degrees of  Capricorn, which is his Mother Katherine Duchess of Cornwall’s sign! Good one. Mom- the Moon will rule over his Sun- his identity, his Desires-Mars, his way of thinking- Mercury, and his Regal, optimistic, honest, good-natured, good-humored Self with Jupiter in Cancer. The Moon rules every planet in Cancer and asteroid. In Capricorn it is reserved, Capricorn Moon’s are considered, dry, and they doesn’t like to show emotions, so there will be an internal struggle- but it will suit the Royal business of duty, history, stiff upper lip come easy to him.

MERCURY his communications ability is in CANCER so he will think with his feelings. How he feels and what he communicates are one and the same. Mercury is opposite Pluto in Capricorn, there will be no hiding anything from this boy, he will feel it all.

Born on a Full Moon, on that MARS JUPTER Conjunction to Lilith in CANCER. This boy will be very emotional, sensitive, clingy in some ways. Could be very defensive and avoid intimacy or be very nurturing to women and those who have been rejected or neglected.

VENUS in Virgo is Directly on the NEW ROYAL DEGREE of REGULUS the Heart of the Lion at Zero degrees Virgo.  This is also the degree of Archangel Raphael, the healer of the heart. So this Prince’s love will heal the past for Prince William from losing his mother so tragically. No more the power over monarch, this is a new earthy monarch who serves the people as a True Virgo does. The Prince will be whip smart, he will love arithmetic, accounting for everything in his kingdom. A perfectionist, hard worker, focussed, loves to ask questions. He will be very bright, love the country.

VENUS opposite NEPTUNE in PISCES – romantic, idealistic, fantasy lover, Neptune in the 3rd house of communications, siblings, his early childhood environment. Well growing up a Royal Prince is certainly Fantasyland come to life. He may not understand the real world. This aspect  makes him very creative, spiritual, psychic, dreamy, changeable, musical, a person who can bring dreams to life in Virgo. He will love reading fantasy. It can also mean an addicted personality. Conflict between reality and illusion.  He may talk about things like imaginary friends, spirits he’s familiar with from his past lives.

Saturn in Scorpio at the Apex of a  Pluto to Mars Jupiter T- square!!

HEAVY. This is power struggles, Saturn in Scorpio eliminates and recycles. He will have very heavy intense emotions to deal with. The Prince will definitely have digestion issues.

CHIRON in Pisces Trines his Mercury in Cancer and the North Node in Scorpio in his 12th house, exactly at 13 degrees. There will be some emotional sensitivities and insecurities about who he really is. He will not be content with the surface of things. This is a  wounded healer aspect.

North Node in Scorpio in the 12th house, Trines mercury in the 8th. 12th house tis he most spiritual. house of secrets, hidden enemies, is about Karma, death and rebirth.  I do believe he is the reincarnation of Princess Diana. I also feel that the awful truth will out because of this little Prince, at least within the confines of the Palace Walls.

The South Node at 13 degrees of Taurus sextiles Mercury in the 8th. The house of KARMA wealth, espionage, Scorpio type of emotional manipulations, power and control issues. This is a literal physical 6th house South Node, it is a debt that needs to be paid with a pound of flesh. This indicates that the princes past life  was as a servant to those in power, who was/is down to earth, someone with resources, sensuality, money, beauty, grace. South  node in Taurus is ruled by Venus. Hint Hint.

And of course that Uranus in Aries Pluto retro T- square. This Prince is born in the thick of the evolutionary changes coming in the world. There may not be a Royal Throne for him to inherit in the future.

His Midheaven is VIRGO ruled by Mercury in Cancer, he should be a straightforward smart hard working boy.

I wish blessings upon him, his mother and father, the Queen and Her royal family.

I will delve into his chart and Princess Di and mom and DAD later.

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16 thoughts on “Royal Baby Astrology Horoscope, intense chart Little Prince

    • Yes of course, but a Birth Chart also changes depending on location. Yes the individual karma of the soul must be taken into consideration. A child born at the same time in rural India will not be living the same life as a Prince, yet will show the same potential in the same way, yet the archetypal star patterns are still there. Astrologers must also be able to tune into each individual’s unique perspective and imprint. Thanks for commenting.


  1. Please take another look, re your statements: ” Mars Jupiter + Pluto opposition square to Saturn” and “Saturn in Scorpio at the Apex of a Pluto to Mars Jupiter T- square!!” Instead, some call this an ‘Easy Opposition’ where the Mars-Pluto opposition is connected by a trine and sextile to another planet. Cancer Mars is trine Scorpio Saturn and Capricorn Pluto is sextile Scorpio Saturn. Probably there are two T-squares: 1) the out-of-sign T-square between Sun-Moon-Saturn, and 2) the T-square between the Cancer planets of Jupiter, Mars and Mercury opposite Capricorn Pluto and squared to Aries Uranus.


    • yes the intensity of Mars Jupiter opposite Pluto square Saturn is eased by the Trine and sextile to be sure. Yes there is an out of sign T- square between the Sun at the critical 29 degree 59 minutes of Cancer to Saturn at 4 degrees Scorpio to the Moon at 28 + Capricorn Pluto the Jupiter Mars Mercury-opposite Pluto square to Uranus. Throwing in that extra out of sign T- square adds to the heaviness. BUt there is a lot going on there, lot’s of easy and lot’s of hard.


  2. I had a fast look (ephemeris and Adriano Carelli’s incredible “The 360 Degrees of the Zodiac” – which often reflects lives just by synthesizing the degree readings in an astonishingly accurate way). Even using just the sun, moon and 8 planets and Carelli I could see similar to you. But I would go further. I saw Prince Harry, Diana and also Kate’s wild Uncle Gary in Ibiza. A risk-taker who may know no fear? On balance I’d guess the Diana genes will carry the day and we will see in him Diana, Mark 2.

    I believe in inherited memory (the soul?) and he will ‘know’ and be able to draw on that, I reckon. But that huge wall of water signs, amplified by the watery Scorpio silences me. Compensation from where? Fire, earth or air? Grampa Charles will dote on him.

    Thrilled to have your comprehensive view of this child’s chart! Thanks.


    • I was just trying to get the chart out in as comprehensive and quick way as I could. Yes I will go into all the family ties. This happens with everyone’s family not just Royalty. I know my son and my 2nd husband’s ascendant/ descendant align to the EXACT degree. Thanks for commenting. I will have to check out that book, don’t know that one.


    • Yes NO AIR in that chart. YEs a waterfall, Uranus is the only fire, it’s Retro but in that Tight T-square to Pluto and all the other planets. Virgo on the Royal Star. He is definitely to the manner born. We will see. HE will definitely be very very sensitive. People who lack an element, over compensate. VEnus in Virgo is very intelligent.


  3. Hello Tara,

    The Adriano Carelli is uncanny. Should not work, but DOES. My copy was published in 1977 (I’ve had it since then!) by American Federation of Astrologers, 6535 South Rural Road, Tempe, Arizona 85283.

    I’m no longer plugged into the astrology world so don’t know if this publisher is still around or at that address. But there will be people you know who can help. This book is amazing.
    Here is the entry for 27 degrees Scorpio (the ascendant trining the sun position):

    “An inborn authority; a gentle way of getting things done; ambition and sense of duty, gift of gab and literary talents; great courage and great dangers to face. In such a horoscope as to exclude public life, eloquence may sheer off into balderdash or gossip (as the native is a very sociable being, fond of festivity and entertainment) and political skill into double-dealing. Anyway, the native has a powerful and adaptable mind, a deep-rooted sense of responsibility and a greater prestige over others than logically purported by the social position, whatever that is. Others are unlikely to acknowledge they are under the spell of such a prestige which, in some cases, may become very great indeed.”


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