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JULY 19 

Wake up and smell the coffee- Saturn planet of REALITY in Scorpio= HELL, the 8th house, Trines Neptune ruler of Piscean DREAMS, the 12th house @ 6:20 am PDT. It’s day 3 and this Trine of the day is between two major players.

Is the cup half hellish or half heavenly? You decide.

REMEMBER to KEEP DOING your water ritual and make 3 WISHES every day

Sagittarius Moon brings humour, some fire to the water table. We need to burn off some steam here.

Moon Trines Uranus- that’s a kind of trident up the backside.

Moon squares Chiron too – it only hurts when I laugh

Moon quincunx to Mercury in Cancer- a little backlash to Mercury at the end of its Retrograde

It’s your Last day to enjoy MERCURY RETROGRADE in Cancer FOLKS

The fun’s over Sat. July 20 @ 11:22 am OK you can stop doing the backstroke now.

Why not do a card of the DAY?

I’ve sort  of fallen off the daily wagon here.

2 of CHALICES/ Cups/ Mermaids

mermaids 2 of cups Tara Greene

The Mermaid Tarot

The 2 of cups is usually a card with LOVE written all over it.

On this dreamy Saturn Neptune TRINE it is the perfect compliment.  Drink deep of each other’s lips.

Share your cups, receptivity, openness.

2’s are a balancing act, choices. Couples, self and other, mirrors.

Cups are Feminine Water, the womb, flow, emotions,


Maintain a balanced emotional stance, all self is always all other.

Love is all there is.


Get a lovely reading from Tara


2 Hearts beat as One- U2 1983


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