Grand Retro Trine # 2, Wet & Wild Astrology

VERY GRAND TRINE July 17  -wet and wild

WORK IT! # 2 in a series of  many till the end of July-

THE GRAND WATER TRINES of JUPITER in Cancer, NEPTUNE  in Pisces & SATURN in SCORPIO are EXACT all at 4 degrees of their respective signs on JULY 17  and there are more to follow.

Yes YOU CRABS, SCORPION  AND FISHES  you all get to swim in a   bouillabaisse of -Yummy Grand Trines.

First Scorpio Moon Trines Chiron in Pisces then Mercury in Cancer.

Jupiter trines Saturn and Neptune. This is the  more powerful aspect as we are dealing with 3 planets.

Trines fir for a Queen Tara Greene

GRAND TRINES fit for a Queen or a Princess or Prince?


Uranus the ULTRA TRICKSTER, God of CHAOS and REVOLUTIONS,  the Higher Octave of Mercury, also goes Retrograde TODAY during the whole shebang at  12 degrees 31 minutes of ARIES.  So expect the Unexpected, big time.

AQUARIUS peeps feel the pull the most as this is their modern riling planet. SATURN rules Aquarius traditionally so both ancient and modern rulerships pull Aquarians back into the fray to regroup and get ready for the next assault on the establishment. Fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius will also feel the pull backwards.

Mercury is still Retrograde till July 20 @ 11:22 am PDT. But will be in his shadow period retracing lost steps till August 20 when Mercury hits 23 degrees +  Cancer again.

RETRO Chaos and Grand Trines, 4 planets Retro in total.


this triggers more revolution, rebellions, going against the status quo, freedom for individuals, there will be Tsunamis, and record rain falls,  torrential downpours, flooding. this is Very Feminine energy and women will be fighting for their rights loudly, breaking through old barriers, overturning old laws.- Jupiter rules laws.


Whatever triggers your emotions during these times reflects deeply held, Saturn in Scorpio issues. I see this as a COSMIC COLONIC. Clean the shit out. But it will have unexpected and chaotic results.

URANUS RETROGRADE hers brings UNEXPECTED PREGNANCIES as Jupiter is very Fertile in Cancer and being supported by the planets. If you are trying to have a baby- it is the best time to get pregnant under for all signs.

Be careful what you wish/ think of, desire. Trines are easy aspects and especially with Jupiter, the “wind bag” of the Planets, often promises more than he can deliver, even though he is exalted in Cancer. Too much of a good thing can be not such a good thing.

Overindulgences of all kinds are easier because of these TRINES, especially addictions and accidental deaths -Neptune in Pisces, Saturn in SCORPIO- we’ve just seen the unexpected death of  Cory Monteith.

And overboard in the  WOO WOO department with Neptune in PISCES. Expect major UFO news, and religious fanaticism to peak of all types.

This aspect also heightens everyone’s telepathic and intuitive capabilities, so expect to dream in Lucid dreams, feel much more empathic, strengthening  your natural psychic abilities getting clearer and stronger. PSYCHIC BOUNDARIES will be necessary.

WATER is what we mainly are 70%. so feeling our emotional bodies is very valuable.

Very real danger of weight gain in general. Jupiter in Cancer loves to have a full satisfied tummy. Also stomach ailments can occur more prevalently.Travel by water is also good, cruises, being by the ocean. Doing a juice fast is also recommended.

MEDITATION for 4 days of Grand Trine Wishes

You will need 3 bowls of water.

On the 17, 18, 19 and 20 as the aspects unfold, 

You will need to do ceremony each day and write down three wishes.

Fill the three bowls with water, and sit and breathe slowly into a meditative state and reflect on the water.

on the 17th the major tone is expansion with JUPITER of learning, trusting, faith, optimism, Saturn with responsability, maturity, letting go of old unconscious desires and with Neptune of imagination, creativity, dreams, higher spiritual consciousness, forgiveness, charity.

Write down your  3 wishes after you sit in meditation. You should pour the water away after each day with gratitude and a prayer to cleanse the world’s waters.

JULY 18 DAy 2

SCORPIO MOON TRINES the SUN in Cancer @ 25 degrees @ 4:12 am PDT

Repeat the filling of the 3 bowls, sitting and meditating then write down your 3 wishes.

Focus on wishes dealing with balancing the Masculine Sun and Feminine Aspects

Moon enters Sagittarius @ 10:54 am 


Repeat the water pouring, meditation and ritual of writing 3 wishes again. they can change, they can be repeated.

JULY 20 YAY Fire SIGNS! some YANG energy is needed now.

Sagittarius Moon conjunct to the Galactic Center Trines Venus @ 26 degrees  of LEO

8:00 am PDT- this is a new fire element Trine being added.Fire ignites and sparks, it is spirit. 

This is very significant having the Moon conjunct the G.C. adding a very Higher ocnsciousness aspect. This is more 12, 21, 2012 energy coming in. Also great for late Aries energy. Air signs benefit from this aspect too

MERCURY goes DIRECT @ 11:22 am PDT

Moon enters earthy CApricorn @ 11:39 am

MARS in Cancer TRINES NEPTUNE @ 12:42 pm  + Mars Trines SATURN @ 2:34 pm  repeat the 3 water ritual again and write your final 3 wishes.

Repeat the 3 water steps meditation and three wishes.

Take all of your 12 wishes and place them in a very special envelope. You will read them over to yourself as affirmations before you go to sleep every night and every morning.

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY so that more can benefit. Copyright Tara Greene 2013-infinity. 

You may share this article but must give full credit to Tara Greene.

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WATERFALL – Jimi Hendricks 

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