Cory Monteith RIP, Glee star,Astrology of life and death

July 14

My daughter Leah, 15 woke me up yesterday crying because Cory Monteith, 31,  had suddenly passed away yesterday July 13 in a Vancouver Hotel room. Like millions of other Glee fans who’ve watched since 2009, Cory Monteith, who played football hunk, Glee singer and drummer Finn Hudson, was a huge fave. Rocketing to fame after the first season, he graced the covers of Vanity Fair along with co-star and real life fiancée Lea Michele. Having never really sung before his renditions of old pop favorites which made him a multi million selling pop star. Sounds pretty lucky.

Cory Monteith Astrology chart Tara Greene

The handsome 6′ 3 ” Monteith was raised in Calgary. His parents divorced when he was 7 and he was raised by his Mom in Vancouver with an older brother.  He started using drugs and alcohol at 13. He dropped out of High school at 16 and got into petty crimes. He went to rehab at 19 when his Mother and others intervened. He said ‘ I am lucky to be alive.” He started acting after rehab. He found great success and real life love with fellow GLEE star Lea Michelle, they were engaged and apparently planning to marry in two weeks. He had recently checked into rehab again in March of this year. He was found dead in his hotel room on July 13 after failing to check out and apparently had died a few hours before. No drug evidence was found so the news said, but an autopsy is scheduled shortly to find out the cause of death.  Fans and friends world-wide poured out their shock and grief  immediately with Tweets . Condolences to Cory’s family, Lea Michelle and all the Glee crew.  Cory, may your soul rise to the Light.

Let’s look at his Astrology chart to find our exactly who Cory was.

Cory Monteith Astrology Tara Greene

Cory was born May 11 1982 in Calgary Canada, I have no exact birth time, so use Noon for a public figure.

An earthy, sensual, down to earth Taurus with Wounded healer CHIRON conjunct to his SUN. Right away this points to someone who physically experiences vulnerability and pain. His task is to bring that pain to Light or not.

The noon chart gives him a LEO Ascendant which is perfect for a StAR, a performer, a charismatic, person.

Looking at this chart I’d have to say I believe he was born earlier, and that the MOON would be in the latter degrees of Sagittarius conjunct the planet of actors, addictions, compassionate idealists, Neptune.

This would place Cory’s Moon, symbolizing his mother and the unconscious, on the Galactic Center, a very higher consciousness focussed place which often makes people feel connected to a higher teaching but feel very alienated on the earth plane.

With Neptune conjunct the Moon in Sagittarius, Corey was a very sensitive, psychic, compassionate, dreamer and easily susceptible to alcohol and drug abuse. Sagittarius is the sign of the teacher, philosopher, jock, travellers, people who  relate on an International level. Moon in Sagittarius peeps are very affable, easy-going, laid back, good-humoured, promise more than they can deliver. They are often self- taught, although always hungry to learn.

Mercury in GEMINI is in its home sign, and Cory was younger looking, he was playing a teenager when he was in his late 20’s. This is the sign of the twin personality, dual natured, charming, talkative, a trickster personality. Mercury is opposite Uranus in Sagittarius making Cory susceptible to radical changes of mind, ambivalent and  very highly wired, and tuned like a racing car, easy for him to get “strung out.”  He was a unique individual, who marched to his own drummer, very bright, Uranus was Retrograde in his natal chart, a karmic sign.

Cory was born with Venus in Aries, and Venus rules charm, money, relationships, independence, anger, defenses. He would have been attracted to strong independent, self- made women. Venus in Aries brings spontaneity into love affairs, and anything they desire, they just simply jump and forget to look before they leap. Venus in Aries peeps tend to live fast and dangerously, they crave speed and excitement. He knew what he wanted instantly and went for it.

 Born with Mars at Zero degrees Libra RETROGRADE opposite Venus and square to the Moon. This T- square is the basic focal point of his entire life.

Cory had a LOT OF RETROGRADE planets in his Natal chart, MARS,  JUPITER,  SATURN, URANUS, NEPTUNE & PLUTO. This is a hallmark of everyone born during the same time period.

Retrograde planets indicate KARMIC past life lessons that weren’t learned, so the individual comes back to the present life to try to finish what was left undone from previous lifetimes and with the same individuals. Mars in Libra is weak and uncertain and needs relationships. He had a very soft side to him. Cory’s deepest emotional relationships, especially with his Mom, the Moon, and Lea Michele, symbolized by Venus in Aries were definitely karmic. I believe he said they looked at each other and instantly recognized the other. That is a “soul mate” aspect.

JUPITER is Retro in Scorpio, so Cory had a seriously large shadow. Scorpio is the sign of birth and death regeneration, sex, power, money, secrets, obsessions, the Unconscious. He had raw huge appetites and his shadow or demons ran him most likely.

SATURN at 16 degrees Libra Retrograde is again especially Karmic. Repeating relationships, very charming, appearing nice, the go-between, the ambassador, Mr. Nice Guy. Cory was born during the major divorce era and the divorce of his parents at a young age may have been one of the causes of his drug use.

URANUS is at 3 degrees Sagittarius a person who will radicalize education, Interesting that his TV show Glee was about high school students learning interpersonal and creative coping skills through singing. This is a generational aspect.

NEPTUNE at 26 degrees SAGITTARIUS, on the G.C. and conjunct LILITH!

Lilith is the “demoness” the shadow feminine, the untamed wild psyche aspect. This alone could have well contributed to his drug and addiction problems. I believe he had major insecurity and abandonment issues.

PLUTO in Libra Retrograde  again a Generational aspect. Pluto in Libra is caught in a karmic web of relationship needs, secrets, control, shadow material, haunted by insecurities.

Cory’s North Node at 14 degrees Cancer

is exactly conjunct the U.S. Sun so no wonder the Canadian star made a huge success in the U.S.

This is also the degree of Sirius the large star the Egyptians worshipped as OSIRUS the God of death and rebirth. Jesus’s story was patterned after Osirus’s archetypal story. So Cory was meant to learn through this archetype. In Cancer,its all about family, love, emotional security was what he needed to develop.

The South Node in Capricorn indicates that he had been a man of substance, power, wordly success in a past life. Someone who was “all business” and had a serious desire for success and fame nature. We all tend to be attracted to what we did in the past.


WOW the transits are exact and VERY stressful.

MARS at the critical 29th degree of GEMINI conjunct the North Star is directly opposite Cory’s Natal Neptune and his Moon. Mars in Gemini is impulsive, perhaps Cory had a bi-polar problem?  The Mars Neptune conjunction certainly suggests a drug overdose and connected to the Moon through an unconscious neediness, a hole in his emotional body that craved being filled.

Jupiter in early Cancer is square to his Natal Venus in Aries again, risk taking and leaping before looking.

URANUS the planet of sudden change, chaos, revolution, in ARIES at 12 degrees was exactly square to his North and South nodes and moving slow. This is a Super karmic aspect. It’s like being hit by lightning. So whether the lightning was a needle or a heart attack will be known soon. Uranus is also Opposite Corey’s natal Saturn in Libra indicating disruptive catalytic energy, a system overload or meltdown.

SATURN having just turned direct on July 8 had been hovering right on Cory’s Jupiter in Scorpio. Saturn is always a fated, karmic, the grim reaper. Sounds like Cory took a gamble and lost.

PLUTO is also in a Square aspect to Cory’s Nodes, again a very  karmic birth and death, life changing pressure. Tis is a choice to unconsciously choose life or death, growth in the physical or transcending into the eternal realms to learn and grow from those planes.

At noon Cory’s Ascendant at 14 degrees Leo is being exactly Squared by the transiting North and South Nodes. This is a fated aspect.

To everyone who knew him they said he was a genuine and sweet man. It greatly saddened many for his life to end so tragically so young. I feel for his girlfriend Lea Michelle as well as his family.


some memorable performances.

Don’t Stop Believing sing by Cory

Lea Michele singing Without you

13 thoughts on “Cory Monteith RIP, Glee star,Astrology of life and death

  1. Any planet at 29* is the end. The fact that it was in Gemini…maybe he had sudden trouble breathing or that due to something, he couldn’t breathe. Neptune and his moon…Maybe he was feeling especially alone that night after he returned from his outing with friends. Transits for the day definitely make me wonder if his final outing wasn’t as wonderful as one would think. Someone didn’t agree with the night, and that’s coming up. You’re right, the Mars/Neptune conjunction mixed with the final degree can be fatal. In fact, the day my mother died, my chart showed Cancer at 29*.

    Seems like he may had decided in his loneliness to do something drastic and that would be his final move.

    “URANUS the planet of sudden change, chaos, revolution, in ARIES at 12 degrees was exactly square to his North and South nodes and moving slow. This is a Super karmic aspect. It’s like being hit by lightning. So whether the lightning was a needle or a heart attack will be known soon. Uranus is also Opposite Corey’s natal Saturn in Libra indicating disruptive catalytic energy, a system overload or meltdown.”

    ^^ Uranus in Aries at 12* square to his north and south nodes leads me to believe that he had a choice at this point: Continue on with his personal self destruction or Move forward (nodes being past life and future growth). The sudden-ness (Aries Uranus) could have been a heart attack…or could denote that he took in too much. Maybe he did, in fact, melt down.

    “SATURN having just turned direct on July 8 had been hovering right on Cory’s Jupiter in Scorpio. Saturn is always a fated, karmic, the grim reaper. Sounds like Cory took a gamble and lost.”

    ^^Indeed, it does look like he took a gamble and lost and this connotation is doubled by the Uranus transit aforementioned.

    “PLUTO is also in a Square aspect to Cory’s Nodes, again a very karmic birth and death, life changing pressure. Tis is a choice to unconsciously choose life or death, growth in the physical or transcending into the eternal realms to learn and grow from those planes.”

    ^^Again, the idea that he chose this comes up. There was definitely a choice of life and death, but the transits weren’t in Cory’s favor at the time.

    “AT noon Cory’s Ascendant at 14 degrees Leo is being exactly Squared by the transiting North and South Nodes. This is a fated aspect.”

    ^^His ascendant squaring the nodes may mean that the way the world saw him would overshadow his past and free him from the tough childhood that led to the initial problems.
    Even if Cory did overdose, which we’ll know soon enough, it won’t change the way the world saw him. We’d love him regardless.

    All those retrograde planets leads me to believe that Cory’s soul was somewhat advanced. He gave himself a lot of burdens to deal with in this lifetime. He expected immense spiritual growth and maybe, in that moment, he felt like he couldn’t handle it all at once. I’ve never seen someone with so many. Retrogrades are like repeats, you repeat the same issues until you grow beyond that. My Pluto (in Scorpio) sits retrograde in my 12th house and shares space in my ascendant. I know that I am repeating issues regarding my hidden talents (like astrology), so what was Cory working through?


    • thank you DeVonsia for writing in such detail about my article and putting in your own feedback. I love it. Yes I agree that people with lots of Retrograde planets really do come here to finish off a lot of karmic issues. I have seen lots of clients with 5 Retrograde planets, their consciousness regarding how advanced or not their soul is, is not always something they are aware of or can fathom. Cory was under tremendous pressure.
      Pluto Retrograde in your 12th house/on the Ascendant is a very powerful placement. Your Hidden LOL talents, of course. what else is hidden in your 12th house? Deep introspective, spiritual, very intuitive, great investigator. Psychology, deep powerful emotional transformations, much deaths and letting go and rebuilding.
      It will be interesting to see what the coroner’s say his cause of death was. My daughter mentioned that a lot of fundamentalist Christians disliked him as Glee’s message is so Gay positive. It is very sad, as the public did love him, Lea Michele loved him to. Fame is avery difficult power to deal with and can alienate one from oneself, it has a huge price tag. If one is not really grounded in themselves the adulation from outside only makes the gap between how little self esteem a person may have a huge huge burden.
      He will always be remembered and cherished it is quite tragic when one so young dies. I have a sense psychically though that it wasn’t a very easy transition for him. Sudden death- Uranus throws the soul so suddenly into the other dimensions. I do track people when they pass over. I sensed/saw/felt that Cory was in a panic for a few hours. Then when he felt all the sadness and adulation pour out from the cast and fans he felt better but sad. Cory is eternal as we all are. My daughter was so sad. I felt it too.


  2. Hi Tara,
    In the 4th paragraph below the chart, i think you meant to write Moon instead of Sun conjunct his Neptune and again in the following sentence. You were right on, they announced tonight he passed from a heroin and alcohol overdose. Clearly he was an
    actor who was too good for his own good! This is an unfortunate by common result of dysfunctional Hollywood. May he rest in peace.


    • thanks for pointing out a missed edit. I am usually up very late at night working on these articles and I have to admit I miss things sometime. Yes very sad that he O.D.’d. I think those who were with him the night before and the drug dealers, that the Vancouver police seemed to be aware of should be charged. A tragic loss for someone so young and talented with so many who he brought joy to.


  3. This was a great article! Tara, I am so grateful to The Universe for showing me to find you. I was doing my 12th house thing, trying to figure out what could have felled such a wonderful man, and I came across your page. Your article was one of the strongest Death Chart interpretations I have ever come across and I feel honored that you answered me! I have felt this strange pull toward Cory Monteith since the first time I had seen Glee and at his death, I can honestly say, it was a stronger pull than a tv crush. I’ve been crying for days and for some strange reason, I feel the same broken feeling as when my mom died. I haven’t felt this for anyone else, despite having several friends die in my lifetime. I felt so eased to know that you had tracked him…I know that there was a possibility that he would get lost going Home, because of how he got there. Thank you for that. It’s helping to ease my heart. I only wish I knew what this connection is, that would make me grieve someone I don’t know.

    I’m not sure the full extent of what’s in my 12th. I know I’m some kind of psychic, but I grew up in a family where this is not readily accepted. I’ve been studying astrology for 10 years now and I’ve had history with tarot. I dream strange things and often pass messages to other people. I also have this phoenix like outlook on life. When I need to, I change myself entirely. I’m also into everything you listed. I make a study of people, as human beings, and their behaviors.

    It was interesting what came up concerning Cory’s cause of death. It was a mixture of heroin and alcohol. It’s a gamble every time someone does that combination. Check out this article, it gets into detail on this: “His body could not handle the excessive amounts of toxins and it probably resulted in some type of heart failure,” Steven explains. “His body just couldn’t take it. When you poison your system to a point where it becomes toxic, it shuts down vital organs, causing death. Every time Cory combined alcohol with heroin, it was like playing Russian roulette.” Also mentions that he had detoxed during rehab and would have had no tolerance to the drug. Article:

    I believe with a Gemini at 29*, he likely stopped breathing or inhaled his own vomit.
    “Heroin is a derivative of morphine — it’s a type of morphine, so both that and alcohol, they suppress your body’s central nervous system,” Dr. Gupta said. “Your body constantly has a reflex to beat the heart on its own. When these two substances are in too high a dose, the body’s drive to breathe is hard to suppress.”

    I only hope that Cory finds peace and that his life’s work allowed his soul to progress…even if just a little.


  4. HI DeVonsla, thanks for your remarks. I do enjoy getting to “know” the stars through doing their charts, and I have learned about many of them who have passed through doing their chart delineation in this blog. Yes hard drugs and legal drugs- alcohol are a bad combo. Cory has a history of addiction. Even though he had recently been through rehab, and yes if he was detoxed he would have been more sensitive again. It felt like a simple hey why not get High back in his hometown perhaps with old friends sounds like a dangerous seduction to go back to the way it was. Apparently there have been a spike in O.D.’s in the Vancouver area as the heroin is mixed with some other toxic drug. I just saw that in the news. Cory’s sudden death affected a lot of people emotionally, I felt it and still am. Famous people carry archetypal roles. Your feeling connected to him would mist likely be shown in a comparison chart of your and Cory’s planets. If you are more sensitive and psychic then you will simply feel it. I know I always find out that someone I feel very connected to had planets connected to my Moon or Jupiter usually. Check it out for yourself and see if that fits. Otherwise we all feel the tragic loss of someone like Cory, his role, his character,who brings joy, who we can relate to, we all feel like we’ve known him personally for the last 4 years, we meet him in our homes regularly. A friend of mine’s son also O.D.’s on heroin at a very young age and I had the same sense of Cory, he wasn’t trying to kill himself consciously. He was playing Russian roulette though and he played too hard. His old demons got him and what a price to pay. Our higher self makes these choices. I know that part of him is hurting as much as his family and Lea and all the millions of Glee fans and cast are for losing him. What is the lesson? In the end I believe its for Cory to know just how loved he was. His soul will heal, he will learn and grow. We cant know exactly what each individual’s soul lessons are, that is for each individual to know and understand. Is Rehab not the answer? Look at someone like Robert Downey Jr. he fought the same addictions from an even younger age and spent time in jail but he managed to turn his life around. At each moment we have a choice, to be aware of our higher self. It’s all OK one way or the other. Cory has done his work on the earth plane in only 31 years and he leaves us with beautiful and sad memories and a body of work which will be enjoyed for years and years. Life is a precious thing say the Buddhist.


    • hi LACY
      my daughter and I are and were big Glee fans. I did feel very sad for Cory passing away the way he did and I did tune into him the day before the one year anniversary. He is fine. When you go back to SPIRIT all is pure, wonderful, understood, it is all just experience and there is no judgements only Unconditional love.


  5. Tara,
    Thanks so much, I think of Cory often and wonder what he is up to on the other side. I am glad to hear that he is good and has come to terms with his death. I really appreciate your response.


  6. Hello, Have you connected with cory at all recently? Do you know how hes feeling about his death now and the still apparent impact nearly 2 years on? Lea ( although she is now with someone else) clearly still loves cory. Does he mind that shes moved on? I often wonder xx


    • hi Amy after Cory’s death I felt very strongly connected to him. I felt that he very quickly understood that there is no death but he felt very sorry for hurting other people he loved like Lea Michelle, his family, all the people he worked with on Glee, Ryan Murphy and all the fans who were truly saddened by his early death. I kept checking on him and felt he very quickly adapted. From his soul perspective everything was fine, and he didn’t exist as that person anymore and it was simply another lesson, it was alright. He accepted it, he sent much love and blessings to Lea Michelle and the Glee team and the fans. I feel he is very happy now, learning many things on higher dimensions. When we get to the other side f our earthly existence is merely an illusion,like a dream. Life can be thought of as amusement park if you will. Our souls exist in multi-dimensions so a “death” does not really matter. Our souls are processing what we think of as “past lives” simultaneously with “this present life” as well as “future loves” and all sorts of potential possibilities that we wish to create. Thanks for asking.


  7. Help………I dont know if this is weird or not but ive been thinking about cory montieth alot. It was so bad tht i had to watch glee then all of a sudden i started to cry. Then he was in my dreams.i dont have celebrities in my dreams like ever. Yes i know he is dead. Just wondering why out of the blue i started thinking about him and when i started watching glee again because the pull was undeniable i started to ball. I even had to stop watching glee because i was getting to emotional


    • Hi Hanna
      Cory Monteith certainly left a huge impression on many people. I have a teenage daughter and we both loved to watch glee for years starting in the 2nd season. She was really devastated when Cory died. I felt sad too, such a handsome, talented, charming, innocent seeming young man yet so wounded, so self-destructive and insecure underneath all of that because ofhis difficult childhood and his karma. I wish he had gotten some great therapy rather than turning to drugs to cover up the wounds. Rehab was not enough. People who become famous take on archetypal roles in society. The poor person with talent who suddenly rises to fame, but underneath is really too vulnerable, insecure, hurting and can’t receive the love and adulation, and rejects it through drugs and self-destruction until they kill themselves. Amy Winehouse, Jim Morrison Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Judy Garland, Kurt Cobain and many stars did the same thing unconsciously.
      Cory symbolizes that innocence and the loss of innocence. He plays a charming young man so full of potential yet we confuse the actor with the persona. It is very Pisces all of it, Glee, singing, acting, dancing, drugs, Hollywood, illusion,the projections, the karma, gender bending. Cory symbolizes a wounded part of you, that is why you are affected by his death so much. We all share that to some degree. There is a young innocent part of you crying out to be heard and loved and accepted. Cory couldn’t accept all the fame, the carrying of these projections,which fame brings. He felt uworthy and ashamed deep down. When we see someone who mirrors ourselves we are emotionally attached to them.I would look at yourself and find out where your inner child is crying out for attention. Dont avoid that wound or try to cover it up. Blessings TARA


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