Inspirational Card of the Day, Queen of Thrones of EARTH

7/11 Inspirational Card of the Day

with Moon moving from Firey Leo to earthy Virgo today


Queen of Pentacles Durer tarot

DURER TAROT by  Gaudenzi

is the  Mother of her element Earth and

she governs from 21 degrees SAGITTARIUS to 20 degrees  of CAPRICORN, Capricorn is most associated with her

On the TREE of Life in the Kabbalah  She is The Water in the EARTH of World of ASSIAH, and the Seffirot of BINAH.

I am thinking this choice has something to do with the Duchess of Cambridge who is about to give birth to her and Prince William’s 1st baby is also a Capricorn, William is a Cancer.

She is the perfect mother, the ground of nurturing, reliable, stable, the all providing nursing mother.

She protects her home and children,and she is responsible for emotional and material well-being.

A hard worker, she is industrious practical, and symbolizes abundance.

In the Thoth Tarot she sits on her Throne of Earth surveying her territory,

as the Goat is Capricorn’s totem animal she is sure-footed, patient, and has long-term goals.

She also has another EARTHIER SEXUAL SIDE

which is shown in the Durer Tarot. Here she is lusty, governed by her physical bawdy/body needs. She is shown with her breasts bare and her tongue out, she is more of the SACRED PRIESTESS archetype. The Goddess of sacred sex who initiated men and cleansed them from bloodshed in battles in sacred Temples dedicated to the Goddess in Ancient times, in Greece, Crete, Babylon, India. Egypt. These Women were considered to be the Goddess incarnate and every woman served in HER Temples for one year before they were allowed to marry. The Queen of Disks is the earthly temple of delights, she is the GARDEN of EDEN.

SEE VIDEO’S BELOW from 2 incredible female singers

She may also be known as an herbalist, wise woman, healer of herbs, knower of poisons, potions, intoxicants.

I would see her as more of the Earth mother, as Capricorn was traditionally BINAH the Great Mother or Empress’s position.

I am thinking this choice may have something to do with the Duchess of Cambridge who is about to give birth to the first Royal Baby for her and Prince William. Kate is a Capricorn, William is a Cancer, the earth/water combo.

The Queen of Pentacles would be an all natural, 100% organic, all natural birth, water birth, a home birth, with midwives, in the ancient tradition.

She would use no drugs during birth, and would give birth squatting like the birth Goddess of Mexico

Queen of Earth

Natural Birth Tara Greene


She would also of course nurse her child immediately and on demand for as long as the child needed, usually 2-3 years.

Other more modern Western versions of the Queen of Disks would show her as a successful businesswoman who also has a husband, home, children, and loves to be Feminine and entertain, cook, compassionate and caring. Not a stiletto business suited hard edged, all money women.


Meditate on being a soul in a body. Be in your body, feel what your natural earthy body needs for nourishment are. All of the earthly plane is here to sustain and nurture her children. Give thanks to the Mother earth Herself, her ground and her waters. What new projects do you want to nurture nourish and  give birth to? All creativity is a Feminine  metaphor. Enjoy being in the EARTHLY PARADISE. Be thankful for  what you have, and always share your abundance with others.



The song by Laura Nyro is one of my all time favorite songs and probably one of the most incredible song’s ever written   “LOVE MY LOVE THING, love is surely Gospel”


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