Inspirational card of the Day July 4 -8 of wands

JULY 4 Inspirational Card of the Day is

the 8 of wands

8 0f wands Tara Greene Tarot

Legacy of the Divine Tarot deck by Ciro Marchetti

The traditional 8 of wands or batons usually shows them being thrown like javelins in the air.

WANDS are FIRE, action, spirit, spontaneous, combustion, passion,

The Legacy of the Divine Tarot shows the 8 wands as magical illuminating orbs of power atop sceptres which I love.

They invoke the magic mystery pageantry history that this card is associated with in Astrology.

In the Thoth Tarot 8 of wands is called SWIFTNESS and is associated with MERCURY in SAGITTARIUS.

Mercury is the planet of thought, communications, consciousness itself. The nature of the conscious Universe.

Sagittarius is the Sign that the Galactic Center resides in both Sidereal at around 3 degrees and Tropical at around 27 degrees.

Sagittarius is the Soul of Earth, the sign of TRUTH, higher sacred law, the Master teachers, Justice.

The THOTH card also shows a beautiful rainbow surmounting the 8 wands moving out from a central source , in all 8 directions, The rainbow is always a  symbol of prayers answered by Heaven.

8 is a karmic number turned on its side its INFINITY.


Have faith, believe in HIGHER TRUTH And JUSTICE. You are the spark, the karmic key, your speech and actions, reverberate in all 8 directions, in all dimensions through time and timelessness.  Pay attention to where you put your energy. Each one of us leaves a karmic imprint which hovers in INFINITY.  All time is now. Aim higher, tell YOUR truth. Inspire others, teach what you know. Your spiritual knowledge helps others to grow. Take it higher.


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