Card of the Day,Fearless Fire, Egypt Revolution & Astrology with Tara Greene


and Pluto is still in that T- square at 10 degrees Retro

time is up in Egypt for President Morsy the democratically elected President of only 1 year

there is an “end date” of 4:00 pm Local Cairo time 10:00 am EDT issued from the Egyptian army which plans to suspend Egypt’s constitution, dissolve the Islamist-led Parliament and sideline the President, if he doesn’t find a way to end the unrest. Millions of Egyptian people have protested that the government is corrupt and doesn’t represent their wills.

There will likely come to a bigger bloody clash under this astrology aspect which has already begun as I am writing this at 3;30 am EDT.

CARD OF THE DAY is the PRINCESS OF WANDS from the Ancient Egyptian Tarot

Egyptian Tarot tara Greene


She is the Earth of Fire, the grounding practical earthy fire, earth in spirited in action,

She stands on an active volcanowith a Tiger as her companion animal,

Tiger represents Strength and fear, passion, anger, fearlessness,wildness

She wears the Goddess Ma’at’s headress, of Justice and karma

She holds a flower in one hand and a wand of power with a Solar Disk in the other

these are feminine and Masculine symbols, she carries both and is balanced

She stands beside an ancient stone altar carved with hieroglyphs

the altar represents ancient wisdom, carved in stone,to be remembered,

she seems to be a symbol of fearlessness hope and Feminine strength and power

Ma’at’s wisdom was great and revered. She symbolizes the purity of the soul unfettered,

with her scales of justice, Ma’at weighed the heart of a deceased person against her ostrich feather.

If the heart was heavier than her sacred ostrich/ibis feather then the person had to circle back to the physical plane again to enlighten their heart before they could be free of the wheel of Karma.

this is such a fitting image for the events unfolding today.

May the Goddess Ma’at wisdom be with the people of Egypt and with all struggling against oppression in every country of the world today. the U.S. Canada, Africa, China.

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