Jupiter in Gemini goodbye; Capricorn Lunacy,Astrology with Tara Greene

June 23 inspirational QUOTE of the day

SUPER MOON in  Capricorn @ 1:08 am PDT Yes PANic. Capricorn is Pan the cloven footed Goat man horny as hell.

A quote  from a famous GOAT BOOK  “Self knowledge is always bad news.”
John Barth, Giles Goat-Boy


SUPER MOON at 2 degrees GOATFISH @ 4:32 am PDT

This is the SO very very sexy super moon pagan romping timeSUPER SUN CONJUNCT LILITH Full Moon bringing the Goddess down to earth

Yes the WOMAN clothed with the SUN from Revelations

very very sexy Lilith and Pan mixture….Lilith has deer legs

LAter  sextiles moon to Saturn and Neptune- a little fantasy sex romp?


make sure you have your seat belts fastened

MOON Does the bump and grind with URANUS @ 8:27 pm 

June 24 Cappy Moon  Quincunx to MARS in GEMINI in the wee wee hours dreaming about nazi’s and fleeing

Moon is opposed Mercury and VENUS in CANCER @ 1:20 pm PDT & 7:24 pm PDT

family vs career love or money?

The last day to whoop it up with JUPITER in GEMINI fashion

one last bungee jump ride, YIPEE! Its been a hoot

My mind needs to settle down. As a Sagittarian Jupiter my ruling planet the CEO of my SUN, MOON AND MERCURY

makes a huge difference which sign he travels through each year. Opposite his ruling sign of the Centaur he is way too fast,

too reckless, too immature. too speedy.

I am really looking forward to being on GOLDEN POND with Jupiter in CANCER, ahhhh.

Which part of your natal chart has Jupiter been trampling though? How has it been for you the past year?

For me Jupiter has been mucking about in 7-8th houses. Relationships commitment and changes of the deep kind.

SO Wed, JUNE 25 JUPITER ENTERS THE BIG WAVES @ 6:40 pm PDT for an entire year

I am working on your yearly forecast for each sign dear devoted readers.

and I can already feel the hellishly complicated frustrations of Mercury’s pre-nuptial RETRO phase, I couldn’t post anything the other day

my computer is acting up. Etc. the usual

VENUS also enters LEO June 27 for a complete change of colours and moods

forget YOU dahling, it’s all about MOI!!!!

PLEASE NOTE: I am getting ready to go to the beautiful GRAIL SPRINGS SPA June 23 to set up

for the GRAIL LADY FAIRE where I will be displaying my wares, astrology readings, Tarot, a special Goddess songbook compilation,

and ARTWORKS-special rare tarot decks etc. And MOst IMPORTANTLY

LEADING a QUINTESSENTIAL GODDESS WORKSHOP where I will initiate all women who arrive into the mysteries and magic of Lilith, Ceres, Vesta, Pallas Athena and Juno. Goddesses for which Asteroids were named after, and of course Lilith in a class of her own, as the BLACK MOON,

I will be producing MP3’s and more exciting works soon. I have been so busy and juggling so many things

I WILL HAVE LIMITED INTERNET ACCESS so I will try and post small things so please be patient while I am away all week

I am Under the influence of a Number 9 year when I am supposed to be a HERMIT and Saturn transiting my 12th house 

so I am feeling a lot like I’m rolling that rock up the hill every day  but I know it will pass, Oh and did I mention Neptune on my North Node and Squaring my Sagittarius sun?

ARE you aware of the complex Transits that are affecting you right now?

Well knowledge is power

Get empowered, get a reading http://www.taratarot.com



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