Magic Carpet Ride Symbol of the Day

June 22 – a MASTER NUMBER DAY As the Sun moves into the 2nd degree of Cancer

The inspirational symbol image of the day is the SABIAN one


Grab your Aladdin’s lamp in whatever shape or form its in. and rub it and your magical djinn or genie will appear

I dream of Jeannie tarot

Hop on your magic carpet and fly wherever you want.

Magic Carpet Ride astrology

I was always fascinated with Aladdin and the Magic flying carpet.

With Moon in Sagittarius its fly me to the Moon 

Moon opposite Mars in Gemini in early a.m. so a fiery, inspired metaphysical flight of the mind and skilled tongue twisters.

ENERGY will be lighter than air,  fun, a good-humoured high-spirited day

Moon then brings down those oh so HIGH expectations later

as Sag Moon and Mercury and Venus fire and water don’t mix. QUINCUNX.

Don’t let it get you down. In true Sagittarius inspired fashion hop back on your carpet, horse, etc

because MOON and Jupiter oppose each other June 23  after midnight. 

KEEP flying high, riding high

MOON ENTERS CAPRICORN @ 1:08 a.m.  Sunday June 23

Full SUPER Moon at 2 degrees Capricorn is at 4:32 am PDT 

opposite LILITH conjunct the SUN. 

The Woman clothed in the Sun is a famous Revelations image of John of Patmos. 

Not the Whore of Babylon, she is the GODDESS restored from black to white from dark to Light

from emblackened and treated like a whore to becoming whole and complete.

Don’t let the Pre Mercury Retrograde get you down too much. I felt it its pretty wicked. Wait till Jupiter enters Cancer the entire mood will shift.


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Magic Carpet Ride STEPPENWOLF John Kay 

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