Inspirational Card of the Day Triple Earth

June 20 Summer solstice,
Card of the Day to inspire you is

3 of Disks


The Triple Earth Goddesses 

Durga Lakshmi Saraswati


The 3 of discs or coins usually shows what else 3 coins.

Sometimes called in German Arbeit, or in French labour, or in Spanish Trabahar

Three’s are always  FEMININE. # 3 is the Empress or VENUS in the Tarot Trumps.

The Trinity was traditionally the 3 phases of the Goddess, Maiden, Mother Crone, which was copied in Christianity to bring the ancient religion into the new Patriarchal one.

There are always 3 wishes in a fairy tale, the crossroads were always in three’s and ruled over by Goddess Hekate.

The three fates, norns, etc. The three faces of Janus- past present and future.

Discs are earth and reminded me of the Triple Hindu Goddesses Durga – warrior and protector  Queen, Lakshmi Goddess of wealth and Saraswati – Goddess of the arts.

This card has the planet MARS in CAPRICORN as its symbol

Mars in Capricorn is hard work action, serious competition, dedication, focus on long-term goals,

Mastering the martial arts of bis business, corporate authority, robber barons, aggressive corporatism.

Corporations as war machines.


Must be a timely reminder to stay grounded, 

that Jupiter conjunct the Sun as beautiful as it feels can always be overly optimistic,

In GEMINI the mind is racing, is uber ambiguous,

Nothing like serious hard work to keep you grounded.

Is your passion in your work? Why are you so competitive? 

Are you a corporate robot?   Want to fight the system?


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