Lilith SUPER Black Full Moon Galactic DOWNLOAD now

Did you know that the GALACTIC ALIGNMENT with Jupiter and the Sun 18 JUNE 2013 created one of the hottest days of the year in many places, UK, Germany etc. The Sun is still aligning with North STAR POLARIS,and opposing the Galactic Center. This is a hUGE GALACTIC download and I can certainly feel were also Volcanic eruptions in unusual spots, and heated up revolutionary humans in Turkey, Brazil and Greece.

The next unusual thing is LILITH the BLACK MOON or dark side of the moon, KALI, the BLACK MADONNA, dark matter= DARK MATER= DARK MOTHER is at 1 degree of CANCER very close to the SUN JUPITER NORTH NODE TRIO but LILITH always sings another song. In CANCER we need to bring LILITH HOME, into our bellies, our family. She can give great courage, she was the first woman, the lone star, the woman who refused to compromise, the archetypal great shadow of all men’s fear of women.
the FUll Moon is all white full fertile moon.
Lilith is dark, shadowy, seductive, fully sexual,she is in her red phase, that is she is the Dark of the moon, women’s menstrual period,her most psychic, tantric phase, when she is the most powerful. Great magic would occur when making love to  a sacred priestess on her moon.
Moon is in Scorpio on June 20th when SUMMER SOLSTICE begins for WESTERN countries. Solstice is on the 21st in EDT.
 Scorpio is ruled by PLUTO the dark Lord himself, he is the symbol of the deep dark depth of the soul the unconscious. Pluto transforms whatever he touches and Lilith is opposite Pluto by a wide margin but still there. The FUll Moon is all white full fertile moon this is a SUPER MOON and LILITH’s shadow is black. she is the screech owl.

it is a Dark/light feminine transformation alchemy.

Then there is the SUPER MOON on June 23 at 2 degrees Capricorn directly opposite to LILITH.
 This is heavy powerful potent. LILITH was considered to be SATURN’S wife, that is SATAN, implying wicked sexuality. Satan was created by the church, he was the old hoofed and horny god PAN to the wiccans.

Lilith belongs to no man, She is nature herself, who cant be compromised, cajoled, or domineered in any way shape or form. She refused to allow Adam to dominate her sexually and left the garden of Eden.
 Her dark shadow that women have the power to dismiss men because she is the immortal divine GODDESS who created everything is men’s greatest fear, also her sexuality is infinite and his short lived.
 Men have projected their fear and hatred onto Lilith and women for the last 5,200 years. The last 2 ages Zodiacally. The Age of Aries began that fall from Grace. Now the DIVINE FEMININE has returned, LILITH is the 1st and will be the Last.
 LILITH lives, unacknowledged one every magazine cover, every Victoria’s secret angel, every Hollywood starlet she is twisted in porn, she is denied in Twilight.
Lilith, Victoria's secret
 She is rising as women protest Rape of women and girls world wide. Eve Esler’s V campaign honors women and LILITH.

Lilith has great restorative powers.She must be honored as equal to man in her own FEMININE splendour.
All the planets aligning in Cancer are here to heal the FEMININE,
 Mercury in CANCER is going RETROGRADE  June 26 and will Trine CHIRON July 20 as Mercury Turns Direct.
 ‘This is a huge time for healing the shadow FEMININE in CANCER the sign of the MOTHER. WOMEN Are inferior, put down, blamed, shamed, defames in every way since the patriarchal take over.  It is so entrenched  in our culture, despite the West’s Feminist advances in education, health, career. In most cultures and religions, everywhere, women are still inferior 2nd class citizen, chattel, objects. We think the stereotypical roles for women are natural but they have been mad made.

Healing in general is truly supported especially through Art as NEPTUNE SATURN JUPITER TRINE JULY 17. Create sound, make art,poetry..
 THE NEPTUNE JUPITER SATURN trine make psychic Neptune, Expansion Jupiter a REALITY – SATURN. so the veils between the worlds are dropping as fast as the poor bee’s these days. It will be very alarming for a lot of people to suddenly be a psychic sponge, empathetic and feel everyone else’s feelings.
PSYCHIC protection is necessary.

Get to know LILITH
 Work with Lilith, get to know her, she is your most rejected scorned self, in men and women.  She is not evil, as sucubus, incubus, vampire or anything like that, although vampires have a “better” rep these days.
 Dig in to the shit in your own shadow, it is the compost of the soul. Reclaiming Lilith allows for a beautiful new way of life for men and women and children. So much power is tied up in order to  deny her.

Do you know where and how your LILITH operates in you?
Besides being the most hidden repressed and powerful shadow figure in the entire world she lives in you psychically and
 She is a place in your Astrology chart-
I am leading a workshop on June 25 about Lilith and 4 other goddesses.

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2 thoughts on “Lilith SUPER Black Full Moon Galactic DOWNLOAD now

  1. THE FULL MOON DARK MOON ….No. Lilith is MARY and ONLY GOOD COMES FROM MARY. OH MARY CONCEIVED WITHOUT SIN, PRAY FOR US WHO HAVE RECOURSE TO THEE. THERE IS NO DARK THERE IS ONLY LIGHT People choose to make things dark. That’s where the Illuminati comes in. I am writing about them in my new book under the name, “Able Danger”. I don’t agree with your interpretation. Can we PLEASE agree to DISAGREE??? I think we could HELP each other. Namaste. Blessings to you, Soul Sister. Did you hear about what happened to Barbara Fitchette? THAT was BARBARA choosing to go to the DARK side of her own volition and her brain damage when she fell off a very high ladder. Barbara has had a tough life. I send her LOVE and HEALING PRAYERS every day. I send them to the UNIVERSE. I shed LIGHT not darkness. I am spreading the word of the DIVINE ONE, whether he /she be Allah, Budda, GOD, Krishna, Shiva, Paravati, Ganesh, Saraswati, Kali, Radda, etc. S’HEMA YISROEL ADONAI ELOHEINU ADONAI ECHAD. AHAVA = Love and Knowledge in Hebrew language? Do you know the Kabbalah? The Mishnah? The Talmud? The Gemorah? Let me know. That is why I use the HAINDEL DECK. I need the Kabbalistic interpretation along with the RUNES, THE I-CHING and the THE CARD ITSELF. Haindel uses TWO large BOOKS. ONE IS FOR THE MAJOR ARCANA and the OTHER BOOK IS FOR THE MINOR ARCANA. I pulled a card for you today and I got THE EIGHT OF WANDS. Let me know if you want this interpreted? Let me know your details re: time, place, etc so I can look at your chart to see if we are compatible, Soul Sister Tara (or in Hebrew could be “TALIA” or could be TAMARA or could be TEVA or ???). NAMASTE. GOD / GODDESS BLESS YOU Adele Rosenbloom(like a flower in bloom…..I smell roses everywhere. You should see my back garden). Date: Wed, 19 Jun 2013 09:57:01 +0000 To:

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    • Adele is wonderful. She is one of my angels. When she writes about me, Barbara, she does it from her spirit to love. I love Adele so much. I make her laugh. She makes me laugh just by Adele being Adele.


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