GRAND Trines and how to use them to build those dreams

The Saturn Neptune TRINE in SCORPIO PISCES was exact June 11 with both planets RETROGRADE but its far from over. The aspect is ongoing, as the two have more exact Trines with JUPITER in CANCER joining in the magic making creating  a VERY GRAND TRINE on July 17 and then another SUPER HOT GRAND TRINE with MARS in CANCER too, on July 20 one degree earlier at 4+ PISCES/SCORPIO.

Grand Water Trine 2013


So this dream building  energy will change at the next TRINE, EXPAND monumentally with JUPITER and Saturn going direct and then MARS firing it all up. 

Now its time to do all the RETROGRADE dream building stuff,what I call the RE- thing. Review, rebuild, rewind, reflect, refinance, relegate, etc.

Grand WATER trines on this scale are really awesome, unleashing

MUCH emotions, tsunami’s of feelings, Fabulously FEMININE, home, security, children, Mothering,FOOD, water, security and lots of tears of joys and sadness. Th eworld will be a different place after this COSMIC BAPTISM.

It’s a world cleans and the mother earth needs it. Mars and Jupiter entering the womb means the Masculine sky God- Jupiter/Zeus/Yahweh will be immersed in the cauldron of the Great Mother. 

We will see a more feminine, feeling based masculine being born now.

Ed SHEERAN is my new young male role model of a sensitive yet masculine man with deep feelings, and he’s only 22 years young.

YOUR NIGHT DREAMS will be lucid, technicolor and full of emotion. Your psychic energy will increase like wild fire. You will need to know how to psychically protect yourself.

A word of caution about GRAND TRINES

The astrology cookbook on Grand Trines is that they are an easy  beneficial blending of two or more planets. They can’t be taken for granted though. You have to help make ’em work. Midwife them. It depends on which planets, what signs they occupy and how they are affecting you in your personal chart. Too much of a good thing may not be that great either. For example JUPITER in a water sign makes people put on weight.

WATER SIGNS are naturally Cancer -4th house, Scorpio 8th house  Pisces 12th house. These are all houses of beginnings and endings.

4th house is home, womb, mom, unconscious, instincts, emotional security, the stomach, endings, roots, real estate, birth, nurturing,nourishment

8th house- death, rebirth, taxes, inheritance, power, control, secrets, ruthlessness, spite, revenge, obsession, sex, s& m, atomic energy

12th house- spirituality, endings dreams, illusions, creativity, gurus, addictions, Hollywoood, glamour, compassion, Bliss, karma, institutions

So where do the GRAND TRINES waterfall in your chart?


they are fairly common. Do they really help you or do they make you lazy?

Your feedback on this is most welcome.

So we are dealing with INTENSE TERRITORY- 

The caution/down side of these TRINES can also DROWN US IN PISCES addictions, self-pity, SCORPIO obsessions, defensive control mechanisms, failing for spite, avoiding the pain, refusing rehab, overly optimistic, numbing out with eating CANCER/JUPITER.

It is excellent for artists, musicians, actors, addictions counsellors, depth psychology,therapists, shamans, spiritual revelations, traveling on water, gambling, investing in water based products, shipping, clean water, food, farming, charity work, dream groups.- see below, learning psychic tools, spiritual journeys, grand house parties, children, gourmet cooking, the housing industry,women’s rights, food, water  and nature laws being upheld, ashrams, yoga, sex therapists, tantric yoga, sound healers, 


feels like it can unleash the GAP between your Saturn in SCORPIO depressing REALITY and your NEPTUNE in PISCES sweet dream. YOU may be feeling very sad, or angry- this is still SCORPIO involved, resentments, depression, feeling like giving up and escaping can all come up. This is the RETRO phase. We are still REVIEWING REWINDING. Dont feel bad if the GRAND TRINE magic doesn’t seem to be working for you YET.

I can certainly testify to this. 

As the aspect continues, daily and when SATURN goes DIRECT July 7 a day before NEW MOON in CANCER

that’s when you will start to feel that those dreams can be built. Slowly- this is SATURN in SCORPIO- being easy on you, giving you patience with purpose. JUPITER AND MARS are the whiz-bang optimizers. 

The raft, rug or boat you build now will be the one you magically float, fly or sail over the GRAND TRINE WATERFALLS with later.


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Give Me Love – Ed Sheeran 

8 thoughts on “GRAND Trines and how to use them to build those dreams

  1. would you like Grand water trine feedback? I have an exact grand water trine composite involving water houses, water signs AND water planets. The composite ‘baby’ went through the most severe, demonic potential of this placement for ten years until we learnt our lessons. Now we are running the higher aspects of its potential and the results are truly beautiful. Moon in 12th in cancer; exact trine neptune in 4th in scorpio; exact trine chiron in 8th in pisces.


    • Thank you for your Grand Trine water feedback L. I am glad to hear that you have learned through all the tests are now connecting to the higher aspects. Interesting that you mentions “demonic” potential. You are the big psychic sponge of the world’s unconscious I would say. Moon in the 12th in Cancer, you are a very spiritual person, your dreams must be awesomely vivid. Boundary issues. Your mother’s influence on your unconscious. Neptune in the 4th in Scorpio – yes picking up all those demons, addictions, illusions, projections. Your Mom. Your relationship with your mother again, receiving love, martyrdom, self- esteem are huge issues. Are you an artist? a creative? You are a born healer with Chiron in the 8th in Pisces, Sexual healing, abuse. You’d make an awesome counsellor if you have very strong boundaries in place. Thank you so much for contributing.


  2. Hello Tara.

    I am very interested in the alchemy of potentially negative astrological configurations.

    I have a grand water trine myself, as well as a water themed chart. If you drew a painting of me it would be sparkling sunlight dancing along the waves of a deep ocean.

    I met a man ten years ago and he became my husband and nemesis. A cursery look at our synastry reveals a grand fire trine involving our venus’s and mars. I asumed this was the aspect configuration that had woke me up out of the watery grave that had been my life. Our relationship has been incredibly powerful but has been marred by severe substance AND domestic abuse. Part of my healing has been to turn away from obsession on my relationship and so I have only just looked at our composite chart. And voila !

    We share a Grand Water Trine involving water planets in water signs in water houses.
    An exact double sextile to pluto (conjunct a sun uranus mercury stellium) opposite 8th house Chiron, creates a kite. The list of exact, meaningful contacts in the chart is enormous (Venus Mars Conjunction 3 degrees from 12th house cancer Moon) but I would like to explore this Grand Trine further.

    The chart is so compelling (The Descendant conjuncts my Sun straddling two yods; The vertex conjuncts the south node on the star, Acumen, the scorpios sting. The composite Jupiter exactly conjuncts, and so magnifies, his North Node conjunction with Caput Algol, the Devil’s Head) that we’ve been forced through a cosmic mangle and I have emerged out of the other side as one totally yummy human, hotly pursued by my partner, who is in recovery. We are most gracious, loving and respectful to each other now.

    I have kept a dream diary throughout my transformation. Archetypes abound such as man eating Salamanders emerging from swamps and Neptune himself materialising inside my ocean liner cabin.



    • HI Lyon
      WOW, Sun Mercury Uranus Stellium opposite an 8th house CHIRON- enuf said right there about your connected roller coaster healing ride. That’s one helluva healing, obsessive, dark aspect right there. VENUS MARS conjunct 12th house Moon indicates a past life love relationship. You’ve been each others lovers, mother and child in past lives and you know it, you feel it unconsciously in your cells. It gets complicated just with that. Who’s mothering who? If its also sexual then it feels like incest unconsciously, guilt, martyrdom, addictions, all those 12th house contents.
      Glad to hear that you two have made it through the mayhem and maze, addictions, obsessions and all the great drama the life is. Glad to hear you call yourself a yummy human and that you two have grown in Grace, love and respect for each other.
      I’d love to see more about the dreams, Salamanders are Fire, swamps Neptune- water. Its perfect symbology. I love it all.
      Thanks for conveying this to me. I am going to start online relationship astrology dreamwork archetypes classes soon.
      Blessings to you and yours


  3. Just read ur previous answer….artistic, yes? He is a briiliant guitarist with a voice to die for. When I met him I was painfully shy, couldnt sing, dance or speak in public. His hareem didnt like me! He had me by the short and curlies. Its been women’s stuff all the way. Then one day I came out of my box, learnt the cello and now we play the most seductive, passionate music together. It touches a chord and makes people cry. I’ve transformed the jealousy thing into my own women’s creative (witch) arts group. And yes, boundaries were the key. I’ve learnt the word ‘No’ and all he has to do now is keep demanding payment, in something other than alcohol for his talents, and we’ll be home and dry. We’ve turned the obsessive nature of our relationship into deep intimacy and we now have a beautiful friendship where we give each other total freedom (aquarius and aries suns).


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