Inspirational Card of the Day,love is in the air

May 28 Inspirational Card of the Day 

Court card

The Princess of Swords

fantasy warrior princess

This is a non-traditional Fantasy Warrior Princess

THE PRINCESSES in the Tarot are also called Pages traditionally

they represent the EARTHY most material part of the Element or suit,

swords are thoughts, mind, communication Air.

This is the Earth of Air. The grounding and embodying of the mind. She is a mixture of MINERVA/Athena Goddess of wisdom, whose totem is an owl. She is also like Medusa, the serpent headed Goddess. Her mind can turn and spin faster than any wind. She embodies a tornado of wisdom. She is the energy that makes thoughts into Physical reality. Martial arts teach how to control the mind and thus the body. If you don’t harness her energy, you go out of your head, become a space cadet. All talk no action.


Get your mind  into your body.  Yoga is good for this process as it teaches you how to stop the mind.


Visualize that your thoughts slowly drift down from your head, into your neck and down into your heart, then your will -3rd chakra and into your root chakra at the base of your spine. Then grow roots out of your spine using your intention- the sword- and go deep deep down into the ground, into Mother Earth’s physical realm. Your mind needs to be grounded to accomplish anything in the 3D real world. Bring the earth, air connection into center in your heart. Do this daily or more often as needed. Also tapping lightly on the sternum, the breast bone also balances the mind body connection. 

PLEASE SHARE WIDELY So that more can benefit.

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WATCH GET YOUR MIND TOGETHER- Beautiful People/Jimi Hendrix

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